[] headquarters activities: very m CEO Zhong Bo chat intelligent hardware

very m is domestic first involves smartmovie products company, founded in May 2012. In August 2014, a rice announced 100 million investment , the investor is the east, chengdu institutions such as technology transfer group, become the domestic intelligent hardware industry’s biggest event investment financing.

very m science and technology is also the cloud network investment and financing platform of the earliest hunting for start-ups. (financing startups seek, to find, please add WeChat: jinjilei)

19 hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses, we invited to rice science and technology, founder and CEO Zhong Bo, chat startup dry! cloud network substation in chengdu also announced formally established, hunting all matters concerning the contact please email lieyunwang@gmail.com.

Zhong Bo from mstar, has more than 10 years in the field of TV chip technology accumulation, the core team has deep understanding in image processing. In April 2014, rice has released the first cinema products, built-in Android4.2 system, carrying mstar chip, main product 180 inch high-definition screen, 3 d function, and lightweight portable, multi-screen interaction, long service life, etc.

host: hunting cloud network co-host: solo business club gift sponsorship: gather beauty is superior

this guests: very m science and technology, founder and CEO Zhong Bo

this theme: the future of intelligent hardware


March 14 (Saturday)

location: wuhou district of chengdu high-tech zone tianfu software park area A layer 1 love sugar coffee (near construction bank) century city (subway station exit C)


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