He voted for the 27 companies, make money are women entrepreneurs

“Shark” (Shark Tank “) investment reality show star Kevin O ‘Leary says, his investment company earnings management by women is considerable.

O ‘Leary is one of the investors of Honeyfund, he in Honeyfound start ceremony, said: “over the past two quarters, and all the cash dividends from the company is managed by women; At present, in terms of the company I investment, I have not seen a company is managed by male performance over the management of the company’s performance by women.”

at present, O ‘Leary has invested 27 companies, 55% of the company’s CEO are female. He expressed his views in the past, he is very bullish on the company by women as chief executive officer, but he was only recently discovered how should according to the sex ratio to allocate their portfolio companies.

he also mentioned that not all will profit the company led by women, the same is true for the company led by men. He asked one of the chief executive, why she will lead the company that women can do better than men.

replied she is O ‘Leary, “you know, if you want to do something, it is best to give it to a busy mother.” He felt that what she said is very reasonable, female management company, the company when viewed their own children.

we can imagine, why these companies can succeed? The reason should be when dealing with multiple tasks, women than men more careful.

“it may be so,” O ‘Leary says, “these are some medium-sized companies, sales between five million and ten million, as a result, handle multiple tasks is particularly important, but if big companies it was completely different. If you like me to do risk investment, so you’d better start investment medium-sized company. Because those companies are usually some can just move on, working day and night of the tiger.

O ‘Leary is between accidentally discovered the law of investment. At that time, he let his staff to summarize all can bring what is his in common, return on equity of the company, according to the results of companies that make his return on equity are run by women.

he said in the interview: “I found it is also interesting, I dabble in investment company is very wide, including all walks of life. One do business of food, another is a consumer goods company, and there’s a manufacturing company, in addition, also includes a biotechnology company. And there is no contact between the companies, but so far, they bring investment returns are more and more.”

in six years, his portfolio to the managers in the company of the sex ratio is 1:1, he said he had to do so is not in accordance with gender but simply according to their own ideas.

“I only care about my business,” he said in an interview, “I never pay attention to gender, I do not have the concept of gender discrimination. I just want to make money, I am trying to find a is the easy way, I hope on this road, encountered the best people, and together they reached the shore of success. I don’t mind where they come from, as long as they are good enough, I will cherish.”

before he came across the law of the recently concluded, O ‘Leary never attributed the rise and fall of the performance of a company to the sex of the managers. He thought now, just a review in the last few years investment in career, and deliberated on whether the trend will change with the passage of time.

when we Tommy Bahama Marlin bar with O ‘Leary. He just for Honeyfund website made to start the ceremony speech. He was highly praised the chief executive of Honeyfuny Sara Margulis, she is for O ‘Leary investment benefits of one of the female chief executive.

Honeyfund is a start-up company, at this website Honeyfund, a honeymoon couples can register account, to let others provide cash donation ways for their wedding gift, that is, provide the relevant expenses for donors for their honeymoon. Recently, the company set up a website called Plumfund again, on this site, people can by all sorts of other form to raise funds.

O ‘Leary of Honeyfund evaluation is “the company recently very red,” Honeyfund is controversial winner emerge from the reality TV show. The company also claims to be establishing Plumfund this site to work with it, it’s proved that the cooperation of the two complement each other, indeed achieved good results.”

“one thing is clear: that’s what we should strive to put women lifted up to the top of chief executive, because they can bring us more lucrative investment returns,” he said in an interview, “market like battlefield, you don’t have any excuse. In terms of my personal point of view, the data is king.”