He rolls out of youku joint ai IUNI i1, market positioning women

on April 1, 2015, ai optimal conference was held in Beijing in product launches, youku and moxa optimal jointly issued ai optimal manes puffs, miss phone IUNI i1. It was revealed that IUNI i1 will at 10 a.m. tomorrow in the day the cat electric city IUNI flagship store with IUNI website, standard price 1999 yuan, hardcover edition priced at 2399 yuan.

ai optimal frost’s CEO may explain to everybody the do women mobile phone in the first place. In most men, she said, “the engineer leading mobile phone design mode, and not from the perspective of women, whether feel or UI design, have not been very consistent with the habit of women. Ai optimization, from the perspective of women, a mobile phone for women.

from the outside, in addition to the feminine pink color, the front of the mobile phone using 2.5 D arc lake water screen design, the same as the apple of the lake water craft surface glass edge and aerospace grade aluminum magnesium alloy shell before. The bottom of the screen is equipped with three touch key, support the backlighting. The screen size is 5.2 inches, has accounted for 81% of the screen. At the same time, the random bring much money with puff image after the profusion of mobile phone shell.

on the hardware configuration, the hardware configuration, carrying Xiao dragon 801 processor, with 2 gb of memory, the 32 gb storage space. Adopted a 1080 p resolution screens, rear 13 million megapixel camera. Ann rabbit rabbit run v5.6.2 points score in 40000, up and down running on Android 4.4.4 custom IUNI OS.

in terms of network support, INUI i1 support 4 g mobile unicom, double card double stay function. Using DST sound technology, configured with a large capacity battery 3000 mah.

there are more and more mobile phone manufacturer in the development of mobile phone function at the same time beginning to divide markets targeted on the phone. And women users has been brought to the attention of the manufacturers, both before rumors say apple will launch this year for female users of mobile phones, the goddess of millet millet NOTE released yesterday, and the beauty of the upcoming phone picture show, and have the target users to the female consumers.

ai optimization, and other main female consumers of mobile phone, function window or its intelligent mode, watched the women’s mobile phone market has turned into a cell phone ring a battlefield, each big manufacturer still need to find more bright spot to attract women consumers. However, who can really into women’s consumer market was small, depends on the preferences of consumers.

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