Having food syndrome: a group of “version” custom food for high-end crowd

on June 5th (word/xiao-ping wang)

as the saying goes, the food, the people of the importance of self-evident. Have interest, however, how to eat more, eat out quality, but not so easy to do. Catches the hou’s aim is to solve the problem, let people eat out quality, have the character, let people eat delicate life. Having food is not only a limited food recommendation, hou do behind it is more modern is the pursuit of quality life. So open a food syndrome of web and app, both text and images, is a kind of delicate flowing out.

Du Wenyuan, having food waiting CEO and CTO, global top 30 university at university college London (UCL) master degree, with a cavity love of food, and a group of friends “version” started with food. Catches the syndrome is the first time he returned home after startup attempt, a group of senior version serve more version and platform.

Du Wenyuan convective cloud network said, and the group network, public comments on web sites such as compared to provide vast restaurant information, having food syndrome through selection of gourmet recommended to reduce the choice cost of users, to help users quickly find truly distinctive restaurant, meet those who want to eat especially, people who eat a pretend bility of demand. Have recommended the menu and food are designed by famous gourmet editor and select restaurants, according to the characteristics of dining-room, the chef’s background and seasonal, ingredients and tailored, each menu set limit to 30, designed to meet the most critical of the tongue. Have food syndrome and well-known food editors, photographers and cooperation, hope the beauty of the reduction of food from the perspective of a more professional, as one of the bright. Let a person see the eyes.

catches the wait will be located in the target population in the high-end consumer groups, these groups tend to be the quality of life have higher pursuit, can move more unique things to them. Therefore, it is food wait for screening of dining-room also has a higher standard, the team will be comprehensive consideration characteristics, atmosphere and environment of the restaurant, and after the experience recognition, will recommend on the platform, in order to guarantee the quality of the recommendation menu and uniqueness. Catches the hou plans to cooperate with 300 restaurants, but the restaurant is not fixed, depending on the user feedback eliminated, at the end of a replacement a new kind of restaurant. Team wants to let users to have food wait the platform to form brand recognition and brand trust, constant pursuit of high quality is team. Number to dining-room the incremental cost can lead to the user to select this problem, the founder of Du Wenyuan said, later will be based on user history, collect data, analyze the user’s dietary needs, targeted recommendations, to help users find the most suitable restaurant.

when it comes to the same do enjoy cate, selected limited food recommendation Du Wenyuan told cloud network: hunting “and enjoy mainly different discounts to attract customers, we will and restaurant planning some fun activities to attract customers, such as night of whisky. We hope to establish an emotional connection, help restaurants and users to find each other, in mining personality and cultivate loyal customers for restaurants. Customer’s questions will be timely feedback to the restaurant, restaurant service quality to enhance the quality of is also a platform to us.” Current food recommendation APP also has a lot of, of course, such as guangdong food and pig, nanjing punctuation.

there are food syndrome is the development direction of the future will be and enjoy different, basically has the following three aspects: 1, promoting Chinese culture, to do some localization, how will such as hangzhou small steamed bun ubiquitous local cuisine to pretend bility, full test team’s time imagination; 2, gradually open to the user UGC, there are food waiting user cannot remember to display on the platform, later will be partially open, of course, these food will remember after audit team, to ensure quality; In addition, the restaurant boss also recommend can publish content, of course, the only constant standard, good quality; 3, in terms of content, will introduce some special collections on restaurant food, let users have more room for selection, and reduce the time cost choice.

team in seeking angel round now.