Have no sense of direction of the last mile, “random walk” to live navigation

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

hunting cloud network (note: the right delusion, is likely to be suffering from planar maps, destination the last mile of dazzling, sometimes crowded street view is also a huge obstacle. A walk will AR technology combined with a map, at the end of the destination within one kilometer navigation. Open camera walking in a real-world scenario, is a kind of convenient, but also face the problem of software to burn flow rate, power consumption, a walk team has said the software no map pack, brush flow than a small circle of friends once only 15 KB about. Electricity is the technology optimization problem.

a walk is perceptive networks in shenzhen co., LTD., the development of an App, is designed to help road chi within the last one kilometer, to live navigation city life. And general navigation map different is that it is a blend of AR technology, the user can’t find north, open the software and the upper right corner of the phone screen compass, in a limited range, km can scan out of all the relevant destination, and appeared in the form of a label on the screen.

in addition to the real navigation, it still has several main functions: the 3 d arrow – used in 3 d route planning, display, Footprint share – photo tag is located and Shared with friends, to a straight line between the two position navigation; Merchant details – within a kilometers merchants can view the details, comments, and group purchase information.

traditional online mapping applications tend to pursue more and complete, functional trival, have not intuitive navigation problems; And offline retail industry suffered from huge impact electric business platform, is faced with the bottleneck of its own business model. “We will map of AR and fusion, lightweight pedestrian navigation application. The value of a random walk is to solve the last kilometer range direction recognition, strange social position, offline consumption, label, and precise marketing.” May take the product owner to hunt said cloud network.

a walk App founder hong-lei sun at dawn network for 8 years, led the team to complete China’s major scenic spots Internet products and services, so have been familiar with online travel customer experience habit. Co-founder package Wei Dongceng as dawn network many Internet companies such as design director and chief operating officer, currently responsible for mobile product development team. Now go casually team from technology, design, product and operation of 10 members of the team.

team plans in the near future to complete the construction of the O2O platform, in addition to social function, the merchant service scale, also wants to establish the Internet of things and one kilometer precision marketing platform – “merchants to manage products and goods, more can bring more benefit for the user information.” Hong-lei sun said.

according to introducing, since launched in June 2014, casually go downloaded over 5 million times. Before an angel round once get from shenzhen calyon rich’s foshan calyon silver led, faith and guangdong development bank, 5 million yuan; The project has launched A round of funding plan.

(the data and the financing amount is provided by the founding team, hunting cloud network do not make any endorsement)