Have I post: wage advances can go ahead, the breakthrough college students part-time inertia

with the influx of a large number of entrepreneurs and capital, part-time college students become a hot market nuggets. Under the vertical segment of the industry trend, has 58 city and there are few students go to market looking for a part-time job, also began to emerge, such as part-time cat, to run a part-time job, the snail tree, part-time more entrepreneurial projects, such as one meter in the industry as a whole, the current development situation is good, but there is no a part-time market leading companies, is in a stage of melee.


“I” APP also cut into students’ part-time, and announced in February 1.5 million the angel financing. Cloud network understanding, hunting job I set off from traditional industries, from earlier, renamed the “orange tribe” that is a information for college students part-time college students part-time alliance, set up six years accumulated 400000 members, 4500 long-term cooperation, 600000 inauguration. In October 2014, as I have a part-time business development to the Internet, with its own capital to build “job with my national college students part-time free APP”.

from college students part-time demand, touch the Internet to meet transition opportunity

why have the entrepreneurial ideas, but also from the founders Liu Zhanyu early experiences. In fact, as early as 2008 Liu Zhanyu began to contact college students part-time job market. In his view, some students are greatly is problematic: in order to obtain employment and employment, seldom go to consider whether they work for their growth. When Liu Zhanyu want to change the concept of college students, from college students to enter society before the face of part-time and practice problems, so in entrepreneurship in February 2009, his own company, called orange tribe.

company from at the beginning of the creation to the present, the development is also runs smooth, for orange tribal greatest success a successful transformation of Internet companies. The question comes, what makes a company in this industry for six years, and have the courage to the burn area transformation?

in Liu Zhanyu point of view, the traditional part-time industry have too original propaganda methods, too single business content and services in depth is too shallow, unable to meet the company’s development and user demand. Due to geographical limitations, the enterprise employment coverage has also been containment, enterprise post exposure is low, cannot find the satisfied talent.

on the other hand, after 90 in today’s college students have been unable to stop to meet their own needs and social needs, they are more yearning level person-organization fit, and spiritual guides, at the same time, need stronger group identity. Were also more likely to influence each other in the consumer behavior, based on these problems, will be offline single part-time service into a diversified professional online platform, it is needed now.

so in the second half of 2014, and began a transformation, mine Internet talents, and the name of the company to “as I have.” Liu Zhanyu convective cloud network, when the traditional Internet, part-time industry, one of the biggest problems is the Internet as a business channels and propaganda way, means of heavy and complicated, there is no innovation, the Internet has become a drag on for the development of the company, so take advantage of existing lines in the industry of driving the development of online is the most important.

to redefine the part-time mode, the unique function of leading advancements

the cause of part-time market disorder: a, enterprise credit problems: the credibility of enterprises on the one hand, refers to the part-time job intermediary institution is honest and reliable; On the other hand is the actual hiring part-time can be said to do it. 2, students integrity problem: can students taking a part-time job seriously, enterprise task as required. Three, part-time security issues: how to avoid wet behind not deep of college students in part-time security hidden danger, it is also the students themselves, students, parents and the school’s most concerned about.

in view of the above problem, as I have the APP offers the following solutions:

a position, auditing system: continue job I offline system, every position after review the commissioner’s strict audit, to ensure the safety of the students see each position is assured, utmost safeguard the interests of the students.

2, credit evaluation system, credit evaluation system can be used as students for enterprise selecting effective real. Students can mutual and enterprises, to evaluate enterprise after students to participate in work, other students can understand the work according to the content, and determine whether to suit oneself. Enterprise can through the students’ credit record to determine whether students for jobs. At the same time have I can record the student’s work process, and generate a resume, in the background in college students prepared to enter society, the key of this resume will become students workplace. And the enterprise established by record talent pool.

three, first advances function: as I have to break the original thinking inertia, to redefine the part-time mode, take the lead in provides advance paid service for college students. Students can get money first before work, enhance the students’ confidence and trust in the enterprise, for college students the opportunity to exercise myself at the same time protect the interests of the students. Job with my APP in catering to the properties of the college students fast rhythm, fragmentation, to simplify the part-time process. The maximum speeds and corporate recruitment costs, and on this basis to give college students a good user experience, for students to bring real “part-time fun”.

in the aspect of the business at the same time, the job I have continue to dig after meet the demand of basic part-time students, for college students “employment” part-time internship – one-stop services, and for college students career course, career planning and employment guidance. At all stages of college students’ career for college students with comprehensive services, and let the students can communicate on the platform, college students’ independent thinking, in order to help more students learn to work methods, not just to teach fishing.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, after half a year of adjustment, as I have already has a team of nearly 40. Including the experienced service team, and the campus channel team, manager of Beijing has 500 campus only, one day will drop to 100 colleges and universities, to promote information completed Beijing campus covered no dead Angle, the enterprise needs perfect landing; Now new product research and development team, provide efficient support for the job with my APP rapid iteration.

Liu Zhanyu speaking, “I am in the position” will be launched next stage more features, and create a perpendicular to the recruitment of community college students groups. Based on the mobile platform, let college students part-time have I can get at any time in the circle of ecological industry trends, absorbing experience, to explore career planning, and even produce professional crowdsourcing. Position in the future I will slowly from a job search tools, grow up to be a step by step and stripping the interactive community of university life; At the same time expand the communication between the user, to form a special “media” recruitment community.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the team has completed the angel round, as I was prepared for the next round of financing, money will be used to improve the position of my products, expand market share of job I have.