Have “chivalry” and “little girl” culture of the company, how to do a result oriented universal personal assistant APP

(text/Tang Yaqin)

when daily life problems can be easily solved, people can spend more time on interesting things .

YC incubation project Magic won $12 million sequoia capital, A round of funding, is A private secretary services based on SMS. Uber co-founder established Operator, the different is that it is in the native APP private secretary to provide users with services. Market lit “Mgic model”, the domestic hangzhou startup Ann skin technology development pig smart APP also the god of tuyere is pushed to the media attention.

god pig APP is a “lazy” artifact, the initial target users are the work of the crowd, the high-end crowd’s personal assistant civilian, let more people can enjoy the benefits to the user more time to input on what you want to do, to achieve real busy in steal “lazy”, “big ye” life experience.

to return to the product side, the working process of the pig is roughly such god, there is demand of the users with voice or text form in pig ask god, confirm that the user requirements to ensure that service background engine, and then according to the position will provide nearby with optimal matching the user’s choice. Morning tell hunting cloud network, to the user, they are the essence of is the result of the high quality .

is a former artificial cut to change in web page, or point to point to in a search engine, the pig god essence is to use technology to reduce the cost of the user’s search results, is the process of the users to find information on the “engine”.

lock users want to change, for example, as long as the pig is put forward to god in lock core requirements, pigs will ask the user about the address, and the door god of time, and then the user can sit back and wait for merchants to provide services, finally complete the payment. The god in the category of services in addition to the pig with alipay, domestic help, e bag wash, such as cooperation in the field of individual, such as to buy the ticket link, pig selection of god is with the ticket, the most stable traditional suppliers. Morning tell hunting cloud network, in the tickets category, pig can’t let god platform “user knowledge, will be forced to cancel the ticket phenomenon”. That is too bad to product reputation, to guarantee the most reliable first votes, followed by the cost-effective price . And in the refund link, the ticket vendors charge 5% commission, god pig all services provided by the user is free .

leaf morning tell hunting cloud network, god pig the current service is not go through all the process can use technology, also can appear in services to provide users with fast knot, to solve the problem of fast knot, god pigs with artificial intervention to solve . The refund link, for example, requires human intervention to service. Dawn is introduced, the user to enter a pig god as long as the personal information, this information will be stored encrypted in the cloud side, when the user to pay link encounter that will not to fill out personal information input, personal information is strictly encryption protection, of course, god pig team is pretty confident about data security.

leaf dawn to hunt cloud network said that at present, the god pigs mainly realize the app, they recently in hot wearable equipment development, relative to the cell phone use pig god, wearable device usage scenario will become more fit .

, on average, the future development direction of pig god is a “result oriented intelligent search engine. Core lies in its recommendation algorithm of similar “deep sea fish” . God pigs late in responding to the users on the problem of increased number of increment and service project, USES a deep-sea fish type recommended method, when the fish (demand) have come in, will instantly be integrated, the recommendation engine will self learning, service users, the more the more intelligent.

although looks very smart, out of ten of the recommendation algorithm, dawn only call them seven points. 3 points, the heaviest if difference from “demand to the final result” information lag. But this is just the individual demand category . Morning tell hunting cloud network, the fastest time is his own god pig cleaning computer into ash demand, from requirements to eventually master response, is available for three minutes. We actually can also quickly, need time to optimize.

at the end of this year, leaves dawn hope god pig can achieve 1.5 million users. god pigs late be exclusive merchants APP development platform, the user will also consider adding evaluation APP end, but the evaluation is not released, the purpose is for businesses to know the needs of users, provide optimal simple solution .

although business logic can walk through, but there are a few small problems need to solve, the user memory capacity and operating speed is god pigs at present the main problems, thus in the back-end talent need intelligent algorithm engineer and interactive experience to try to improve.

of course, if the dry reports a company’s products are not much meaning, about the company culture, hunting cloud network also are very concerned about. Pig’s company culture is very unique, god morning tell hunting cloud network, knights and the little girl is a representative of the company culture symbol . Knight on behalf of the humble, pity, zhong cheng; Little girl on behalf of the innocent, fearless, company team members also has a unique experience, have to contribute youth in Africa after capitulations walker, a product manager for three days and three nights playing LOL, and overseas students who worked as a mercenary in South America.

about the background of god pig CEO leaves dawn, also is a very interesting story. Entrepreneurs in 92, but has had five business, but the talk words revealed in the interview conversation and age discrepancy of stable. Start a business 6 years, god the pig is the fifth time, midway also experienced defeat, then there is also a success.

bright little girl ran to the poppy flowers

leaf dawn describe themselves to hunt cloud network, aggressive and good at 20 and even failure is its characteristics. 5 years old started to play guzheng, which was the highest prize in national instrumental music competition, and both the gold medal winner. When asked about 90 startup entrepreneurs after heat and campus, leaf dawn said age not entrepreneurs line, as long as there is the idea of entrepreneurship, not follow, don’t compete, the important thing is to practice, even after 60, you can. Entrepreneurs don’t have to play CARDS after 90.

at present, the pig god angel rounds from angels bay and chain with a telescope, the financing is not urgent, grinding internal work is critical. Leaves the dawn to consider hiring a team of algorithm to improve engine in Beijing, BAT is the key of the poaching .

on the product strategy, pig god is still invite code system, open the download will not be adopted to activate the user. Want to use the user need to apply for random lottery becomes closed the user. Leaf dawn, products speak word of mouth, technology under the condition of not fully open the download is in s brand.

so, for those waiting users, you can let the leaf dawn by playing guzheng apology to you. (so that the cloud network also said not hunting)