Hardware: the Gospel of entrepreneurs do hardware is no longer so difficult

cloud network hunting note: in the tech world, hardware is always a hard to chew bones. Hardware startups always rely on the website to raise funds, raise production process will appear all sorts of problems. Now, many incubators, supply chain and capital chain experts are beginning to help to solve these problems, a startup and sweep the hardware in silicon valley boom.

a mention in the production of hardware silicon valley startups (here said the tangible objects in hardware, of course, is not an application or web site) most people would first think of a specially designed for the new hardware on Kickstarter to raise funds the raise of sports. But the raise is not always a good choice.

over the years, the technology of hardware company is very not easy, partly because they have been shoehorned into a one-size-fits-all business model. The biggest obstacle to tend to the first arrival: any start-up companies to produce hardware must raise awareness, expand the scale, but also have plenty of money.

these are no problem now. Over the past two years, from the incubator to experts and consultants in the field of supply chain is to help small companies products stores.

this method has strong flexibility.” PCH Access vice President David Austin said. PCH Access is a focus on design and manufacturing company PCH International, start-up of the subsidiary. “At this time, the start-up companies can create beauty and extremely highly practical things.

a recent company is GoTenna, seek the help from Daniela and Jorge Perdomo siblings, has seven members. The New York company created a can establish personal wireless network devices anytime and anywhere, even if there is no signal can also send text messages.

products on the market, GoTenna decided not to use the the Kickstarter or Indiegogo raise website, also need not the so-called hardware incubators, anyway is a help to start-up laboratories in equity. They are not made in China products, because want to avoid communication barriers.

a can know very well the adviser of Mexican manufacturers found their embryo production equipment and eventually finished products manufacturers.

GoTenna CEO Daniela Perdomo says investors initially told her want under limited time and limited budget, make product is impossible. People tell them it’s not possible, but her advisers and manufacturer partners help GoTenna completed the prototype manufacturing and testing. The company plans this summer started selling products.

GoTenna seized the moment to good, now do the hardware is very popular in silicon valley, whether robots or smart watches, connected to the thermostat is connected to the computer coffee cup. Last year, according to market research firm PitchBook data, vc Internet related hardware equipment of up to $1.48 billion, compared with 2013 increased by 76%.

hardware startups find themselves don’t have to go to China to production product, also don’t have to walk over the years, Pebble and apple can’t avoid custom.

Elaine Chen said: “people gradually realize that offshore outsourcing is not suitable for all companies.” She used to be a Rethink of Robotics, engineering director, is also the MIT Sloan school of management of teachers.

regardless of company size, the hardware is nightmare

technology generally feel difficult to make the hardware, indeed, in the past few years have several well-known companies here touch nails, because they have not been able to overcome the difficulty of manufacturing and supply chain management.

in June 2013, Kreyos smart watches on the web site all Indiegogo raise raised $1.5 million, while its products far failed to meet expectations, soon it and Chinese manufacturers cooperation is yellow, and a year later the company collapsed.

“software is not good enough, you can update it.” Dragon Innovation CEO Scott Miller said that the company has helped some companies, including Pebble, management, and expand production. “But if it is hardware, it can’t do change, once you send the goods, you can only hope it works well, will not fail to burn the somebody else’s house.” That means you have to spend a lot of time to ensure that all parts can be normal operation.

a company called “learned from experience that. It plans to launch a can put a lot of bank CARDS for the integration of electronic credit card, released in November 2013, the products and announced that 10 months after sale. Order spouted came, but “just get it need how much time and money to sell products. In August 2014, the company will be put on sale product for nearly a year later for improvement.

now, when the product can release remains a question.

release new products not only is a challenge for small startups and raise project, large enterprises are often problems in terms of hardware products. At the beginning of 2014, some users in the use of the wearable equipment company Fitbit fitness wristbands Force after a rash, then large-scale recalled products.

Jawbone Fitbit competitors in terms of wearable devices were hit back for the first time in 2011, its wristband is a complete failure, has been discontinued release soon. Last fall, the latest products of Jawbone UP3 fitness bracelet delayed the release of more than four months, Jawbone need more time to strengthen its waterproof performance to meet the market demand. But didn’t do it, can only take the waterproof properties do now. UP3 sale this month.

supply chain consultancy Carriage Group International, CEO and founder Tom Dinges said, this is just of many problems that may occur in the process of producing a

he said: “there is a problem may only be a screw, but no matter which link out the problem, will cause the products to be eliminated.”

may sleep soundly and the resistance and long

there are more and more consultants, software and rapid prototyping tools and other technology, reduce the difficulty of hardware products, but to make a design sketch in front of the customer product is not so easy.

experts say part of the reason is that start-ups often forget one thing: if you want to quickly and low cost to mass production, it is very difficult, although manufacturing improved in the past ten years, but has not been able to keep up with the pace of the prototyping evolution.

Robert Brunner is Ammunition design company CEO and the industrial design department, the former head of apple, he thought, “if you want to make a things are relatively easy to”. For those who, in his view was not yet ready customers, he want to tell them: “a good idea is only the first step.”

“can make a run of prototypes, product demonstration, everyone cheers, this just finished 10%.” He said. There needs to be a lot of refinement, in the process of mass production of a little flaw could ruin the product.

a refinement of this kind is the iPhone 5 s of aluminum alloy and glass shell, they have to invent a technology to put these parts together together, error can have only a few microns.

“machine isn’t perfect.” The CTO GoTenna Jorge Perdomo says. Company invested tens of thousands of dollars in professional testing machine, similar to the manufacturer on the assembly line assembly, to ensure that their products can be mass-produced.

this is why so many advisers and big companies are helping startups, they tend to like Dragon Innovation that some charge, or in return for a small amount of equity in the company.

“I think this is the professional knowledge, you either understand on your own, or buy to others.” PCH Austin said.

PCH now has become a hotbed of this pattern. It has a department called Highway1, similar to that from the beginning to teach how to make a startup school, selling goods. PCH (Austin, I was responsible for the Access and Highway1 is similar, but more focused on preparing to expand production at the late stage of the product.)

as apple and Microsoft to produce products of Chipmaker Flextronics in 2013 began to provide Lab IX services, start-ups can be associated with manufacturers partners. In recent years, founded in San Francisco HAXLR8R and Wearable World and Bolt also provide similar services in Boston.

so, need a lot of experience, a lot of money, a lot of overseas cooperation to accomplish less far-fetched, silicon valley to blow a upsurge of hardware business.

with the Drop, for example, the company developed a can connect the kitchen scale, and the application of form a complete set, sells for $100, even without cooking experience can complete complex cooking, two Irish designer to set up the company in 2012. They are not on the Kickstarter publishing company, but after refining the prototype in 2013 joined the PCH Highway1 incubation project. Then they can set a timetable, release products, accept reservation then sale on time.

now you can in the apple store or iPhone manufacturer’s website to buy the Drop kitchen scale of the company.

Austin said: “it is enough to prove that startups in what conditions can do it now.”

Source: CNET

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