Handicraft electricity Etsy will be listed to the financing of $100 million

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online handicraft electricity Etsy will log on nasdaq, quasi public financing of $100 million. Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley will take the company public distribution tasks.

Etsy, founded in 2005, because has gathered a large number of well-known designers and craftsmen and became popular. Although Etsy offline retailers such as amazon, alibaba and many antique shop, as their competitors, but Etsy listing shows the vertical segmentation electricity field still coruscate gives a huge money.

in addition to the vertical segmentation, Etsy adhere to the “must be manually customize work”, “electric business community”, such as characteristics, it is also an important factor Etsy grow very quickly.

the Etsy total revenue of $108.7 million last year, a net loss of year-on-year increase to $4.9 million. Sales gross profit margin of $1.93 billion, users of 54 million members, buyer for 1.4 million and the daily news article sent for 216 million users.

the company investors including Breyer Capital, Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Tiger Global, etc.

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