Handheld ecg: APP + smart hardware, constructs the localization of health services


according to the national center for cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease in China is about 290 million, about 3.5 million people die each year from cardiovascular disease, 1 in 5 adults suffer from cardiovascular disease. City health products “handheld ecg (SnapECG – RUN)” is an already obtained registration certificate of medical equipment products, through the connected to the mobile terminal, in the “handheld ecg” APP can timely, accurate, easy to monitor the human body heart health, coupled with the cloud interaction platform and the management of the large data analysis, can be sent to your doctor or health assistant consulting for confirmation. This will greatly reduce the emergency is disease of heart head blood-vessel, will also for patients with chronic diseases of their own health, disease control development support.

under the background of the domestic special medical market, the city health started its unique new ecological system, formed the service and endpoint, audience, platform, the four dimensions of closed-loop business model. City health through smart phones, personal terminals, smart TV, health web site and other port connections between, data center, service in patients with chronic diseases, heart disease, the elderly, the need of real-time monitoring condition, people such as family again through hospitals, government, insurance companies, financial institutions, drug stores, pension institutions and other social service platform to realize the city health service eventually fall to the ground effectively, complete closed loop connection.

founder Wang Changjin has been focus in the field of medical equipment development, at the beginning of the 2011 smartphone development, realize the popularity of intelligent terminal of change will have a far-reaching influence on medical and health services, so the positioning of city health company is to provide mobile health care services of mobile Internet company, is to through intelligent mobile applications and hardware devices to construct localized health services. The current through the heart disease, and the future will launch a variety of chronic disease health management services. The

Wang Changjin said: mobile medical and health products in the market, should be for the common people and doctors to solve demand is given priority to, rather than simply the number of users to evaluate, has the characteristics of the value of a single user is high, we offer is based on the movement of the mobile Internet medical and health services, in addition to the direct service to users, mostly to other mobile service providers to provide services, also ready to cooperate and each mobile health service platform, provide health services for the people.

according to public data show that in 2017 China mobile medical market is expected to reach 12.5 billion yuan. Welfare in this huge market, under the stimulus of giants will be how to create the sustainable development of the mobile health of ecological system and specific business model, to become the foundation of strengthen the developing mobile medical enterprises. Whether apple, Google, Microsoft and other high-tech companies in the world, or domestic BAT etc in a variety of patterns in the mobile Internet giant has appear on the health care industry, more traditional medical enterprises such as neusoft and nine Ann began to move into the medical field, such as city health nurse, sugar at the same time innovative mobile medical enterprises began to enter the market.

before follow abroad is relatively mature model, first of all have to face the domestic a core problem. at present our country public hospital doctors have not yet been the liberation of the fundamental, in policy and profit distribution way didn’t get the under the premise of limited to solve the problems such as the doctor (especially the 3 armour hospital doctor) it is difficult to through these mobile medical equipment and the App to provide adequate professional advice in detail. Therefore, enterprises need to focus on policy continuously, at the same time, more focus on niche specialization and sustainable development.