Hall: silicon valley in interesting and practical guidance, online learning and knowledge management into enterprise

(text/Tang Yaqin)

silicon valley don want to build a corporate learning platform of the Internet era, through the integration of high value business knowledge, pass in efficient and interesting way, to enhance the competitiveness of the employees and managers, and high efficiency, make its and grow faster and more efficient to solve the problem. Website was launched in January 2015, at present there are WeChat side hall in silicon valley online learning and the PC community interaction. Online is given priority to with graphic, and recommend related tools, and offline learning mainly activity, Monday will be launched in WeChat end north hangzhou entrepreneurship and management activities.

hall CEO Chen Zhongcai in silicon valley, a career in education for many years, began to do biology research in nano institute of zhejiang university, and in zhejiang university as entrepreneurs and cadres training, as well as in zhejiang university network new IT training for 2 years, then went to Stanford university’s business school, more exposed to further understand the silicon valley, and thus the hall’s name is also in silicon valley. Chen Zhongcai tell hunting cloud network, from the American experience and are engaged in before their own industry itself, plus interest let he sprouted a silicon valley startup ideas, planning since November 2013 they launched a total of more than 20 lectures on commonweal salon.

Chen Zhongcai tell hunting cloud network, they mainly focus on the micro letter, as a test platform, the preliminary idea on micro letter, to improve product features and experience, the accumulation of users, mainly complementary role for offline activities. WeChat end cable Internet thinking on the journey to the west, the deep observation and professional tools, send offline hall BBS in silicon valley and weekly activities. The deep observation is written by Chen Zhongcai himself. Interesting is their team will journey to the west and the Internet combination of thinking, and USES the comic form, combining Chinese localization and Internet business, help the user to the idea of deepening and the construction of knowledge system. Offline salon activity frequency decreases, usually 1, 2 months .

usually offline will organize salon activities, to hunt Chen Zhongcai cloud network, said they founded, unlike other, hall more focus on some skills in silicon valley, convey more practical things, and the core of knowledge and experience sharing, rather than simply tells the story CEO itself. Please of the speaker may not be entrepreneurs, the likelihood is B or C chakras above in view of the three core post knowledge skills to share . The theme of each lecture hall proposed by silicon valley, will be prior to the lecture topics and subtopics speaker every time (about 3 people), online will also collect the user’s problem. Users can sign up through WeChat end free activities, can be in interaction WeChat backstage.

Chen Zhongcai tell hunting cloud network, community in the adjustment phase, the current site will release a new version at the end of may, adjust the content mainly cooling UGC module, but along with the development of late will join again. Now the whole product will be the main crowd for positioning: CEO, product managers and operation promotion, dedicated to the three core position to provide customized service. Chen Zhongcai said at the same time, the community site and is not explicitly defined as 2 b and 2 c model, is now completely free of charge. In operating ability remains to be further improved, and the silicon valley of charging methods had some considerations, but the future will dig charging mode, some service charge, mostly toward B side, the future will also launch the app.

Chen Zhongcai tell hunting cloud network, hall in silicon valley is not a level platform of the product, the future is the development direction of artificial intelligence to learn , want to use big data analysis to get accurate user demand characteristics, will, from the perspective of the Internet post, expand for integrated post knowledge learning intelligence service assistant. Goal is to become the leader of online learning and knowledge management.

Chen Zhongcai said, silicon valley hall were yet to start.