H5 creation platform MAKA jinwei tens of millions of yuan, the Pre – A round of funding

enterprise social media, digital marketing platform MAKA team recently announced to obtain the count of tens of millions of yuan, the Pre – A round of funding. The team completed hundreds of millions of yuan angel round last November.

in September 2014, MAKA team launched online writing HTML editing tools, operation is simple and intuitive, let the user “one minute to fit in five points to complete creation”. By template or custom mode editing text, images, animation, and page switching mode, users can create event invitations, product introduction, recruitment information, such as travel travel writing HTML 5 page and by the rapid release of qr code to their own social network.

in MAKA platform, users can realize the following functions:

1. The template can choose a variety of combination, MAKA platform will be more than 15000 kinds of template combination;

2. Can access third-party resources, on the platform can access business image element, templates, purchase and designers together, help to realize the enterprise product production;

3. Besides can precipitate user data and material, but also external like CRM software, and other functional platform of data;

4. Cover the current mainstream of the invitation demand, such as registration, payment, forms, interactive, and other functions.

MAKA team is also the earliest to start card H5 team interaction effect, the interaction effect has become the mainstream trend of mobile terminal H5 design. After rectified products grinding, MAKA positioning themselves as “digital enterprise social media marketing platform”, by providing simple powerful rich media creation tools, strengthen the ability of individuals in the social media express story.

the MAKA user groups, enterprise users accounted for about 80%, including amway, ogilvy & mather, BMW, p&g brands, its founder Ma Yanfei is introduced: “many companies have already put MAKA into their brand Marketing Department’s training program.”

last week MAKA new enterprise users against the data visualization function. Users can choose the chart type in the editor input data, dynamic graph can be generated automatically, and share to the mobile phone to browse it charts.

MAKA team said it plans to launch to the end of June the international version, and the first promotion in North America. Abroad at present, there are a lot of Chinese in the use of its products, especially overseas Chinese students and scholars association of colleges and universities, such as Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon university. Although the habits of the Chinese and foreign social software varied, but the demand for rich media also exist. Ma Yanfei think “before MAKA in WeChat ecological accumulated many successful experiences, these experiences can be with copying to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.”