GUYS custom interactive tour: if having, please play deep, light luxury travel O2O platform

(text/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: some time ago, a letter of resignation in micro letter friends crazy, “the world so big, I want to see” has become the common demands a lot of young people heart. Ten million kinds of travel way, “Internet +” prefix nature cannot little, GUYS custom interactive tour is such a flagship luxury travel O2O platform.

in August 2014 GUYS custom interactive tour of the founder Tang Yu winter and his friends came up with an idea, to build a platform for travelers to provide a full range of services, make travel is no longer limited to the scenery but go deep into the local culture. After a period of preparation and research, in November 2014 GUYS custom interactive tour WeChat platform is launched, the main light luxury travel abroad, to provide customers with the depth of the local culture and local opportunities for interaction.

graduated from the university of Cardiff Tang Yu winter before returning entrepreneurship study served as a British investment company project manager, had led the tour group of 50 +, have experience in private line custom. He thinks that the domestic travel market relative to foreign too seek low prices, a lot of travel route while prices are low but don’t play anything at all tourists in the scenic spot after took photos in front of the same can leave.

“in fact you spend money to a strange place, the most important thing is to experience the local culture, landscape pictures who take about the same, but cultural atmosphere will leave deep impression in your mind.” GUYS custom interactive tour through the Internet online recruiting team, for the custom the exclusive high-quality goods route, at the same time in the whole journey into GUYS elements, let visitors in the game to complete a trip.

flagship boutique route and the depth of the local cultural fusion, GUYS team to use its own resources around the world, do each route has a local accompanied, make sure visitors can truly integrated into the local culture. At the same time equipped with the machine with all the way, for the user complete travel memories.

Tang Yu winter told cloud network hunting, March 26, 2015 GUYS custom interactive tour of the first private island officially launched, 13 people, including staff team in Taiwan for the depth of the 8 days and seven nights. “We brought together through the network, after 70, 70 after 60, 70 members of all ages to try, after we found after 60 can into the game more than we have imagined the atmosphere of the route.”

GUYS custom interactive tour will be the main customers to locate at the age of 18 to 40 have certain economic conditions, to the depth of the tourism and comfort have certain requirements of customers, this type of customers are more likely to accept light with the price of luxury travel, at the same time would also like to know new playmates via the Internet. Tang Yu winter told hunting cloud network, in the future they will be targeted strong push, mainly oriented to the three colleges and universities students, freelancers and young husband and wife, at the same time will be graduation tour route, leave the image of precious memory for graduates.

the current direction of domestic tourism, Internet products stand out in terms of custom route of two custom tour of the main high-end course, for visitors to make a full range of prepared, but because the cause of the price limited to a certain level of customer base. Tang Yu winter think GUYS custom interactive tour of the positioning in the high-end XiaoFeiCeng, and accompanied the visitors around, not just for tourists custom route, will set the game in the travel link, make travel more interesting.

Tang Yu winter that travel can’t make it completely online, online social function is used to match users, user-friendly, eventually to user to offline, retain users with offline the conscience of the service. In February 2015, the universal experience GUYS cafe opened in the east suburb of chengdu memory, for new users online offline base of sharing.

main national rally travel products because of its clients is located will appear on time matching problems, GUYS custom interactive tour are not immune. So the team is to solve the problem of user time matching, and strive to develop boutique travel route. It is reported, in August 2015, open New Zealand ecological line, in December 2015, Iceland “alien” program.

“in the world so big, I want to see” the idea of anyone, since chose to travel and depth of experience is really should consider factors, but the tips ethos prevalent in China, many students party is willing to spend energy to do their own travel guide. Main light depth of cultural interaction and luxury swimming GUYS custom interactive tour on the occupation of the market share is still a long way to go, the user’s precise positioning can not underestimate, after all, there are a lot of people “purse is so small, can’t go anywhere”.