GSR ventures XiaoHu zhu: economic O2O on the door, just watch the business platform

cloud network hunting note: ever investment shake handshandle nets, drops a taxi, hungry, known as the “gold master” in the field of O2O, managing director of GSR ventures said zhu XiaoHu recently published an article economic O2O “” not very bullish on the door.

here is zhu XiaoHu full text articles:

for O2O sector, we do have a preference, because this is just to industry. Now situation already very clear, O2O market is very big, but need to find some vertical O2O market, how to cut in?

O2O just need to do the high frequency

I think, must rely on just need to cut in. Is China’s Internet traffic is king, whoever master flow entrance is king, tencent why worth? Because WeChat is mobile phone flow entrance, QQ also flow entrance.

O2O sector must rely on just need to entry. Now verify industry, one is taking a taxi, a takeout. Jinsha river threw drops a taxi, take-away field also went hungry. Next, if just need to see what is the high frequency of the entrance, there are two, one is the movie tickets, one is washing the car.

in the past, O2O sector began to sprout from the market to the development process is quite long, watch won’t be long now, half a year to rise up, not to have not coming up.

any O2O as long as the business model, implementation in place, just half a year. Group purchase is the same, take a taxi, and delivery are the same. Maintain a little is our last summer to vote, now every day, tens of thousands of single, already has millions of users. If the period, measure the don’t come, or is this pattern has a problem, either team execution has a problem. Will soon be up to the point.

Travel O2O

have the scale

before investment drops a taxi, we also saw a few travel O2O direction. Seen at that time generation of driving mode, but the generation before the market is too small, so no meaning generation of driving. P2P car rental at that time not yet, but almost now have to use the three peak is 51, 11, and Spring Festival holiday, at ordinary times is very low, the user retention rate is very low, almost every holiday to get the user, so a to vacation before everyone crazy make subsidies, this is very unhealthy.

carpooling, not quantity is not enough, carpool must rely on car this first volume rise up again. Can see from Uber, Uber is done very successful in San Francisco, carpooling don’t do it in China. Carpooling entrepreneurial teams, China now is still in the early days, unless the team is very good, also have certain level just want to do, there is no scale doesn’t make any sense.

not too bullish on the door economic

for economic door, we don’t look good, we first look good platform for business. The door maintenance may be better than the door car wash, does the user demand or some, but can’t do too much, because is limited by the number of technicians, because the technician to do every day list number is limited, do each day two SanChan support dead, three thousand a day, ten thousand single technician. It is very difficult.

platform business, we will first look at the team, vertical industry all our basic O2O company met. In comparison, we certainly must cast first-class team, A round price again what you are, there is no difference to the back.

3-6 in advance months found potential companies

for GSR ventures, a result is that we can be in before the outbreak of the industry, found potential good company for three to six months in advance.

when, we are the first group, group purchase before all didn’t look good. Drops a taxi is, we are ahead of the industry for almost two or three months time, delivery, too.

drops chengwei before accepting we invest in the taxi, see 20 VC finally have no investment, but we threw A wheel. So as long as unsuccessful, think they can change the world, or people who want to do big business, can find us.

this article source: tencent technology

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