Group-buying undead: “Meituan” history of India

hunting cloud network reported on April 8th

cloud network hunting note: the s, which is what woman is inferior to men. The chief executive of India “and” MaDala Singh when in the company, wit and focus to mobile market, the company moment will be the company back from the brink of failure. It heavily for the customer service, won the hearts of hundreds of millions of users, even the company India candidly admit defeat.

the company was founded in November 2008 the earliest, in group-buying business selling point. The fiasco of the company is in 2011, the former Internet star fall quietly. The company is mainly due to the unique daily trading patterns (just pushing a discount product, each person every day limit taken once a day, discount product must be a type of service, service has a regional), but it is now engaged in commercial activities, but not the coupons (harmonics Coupon). At present, investors have stopped for the once crazy fans salivating at the company.

in 2011, another group company for India MyDala founder and CEO of Anisha Singh, her condition is also very poor. This just “two” of a start-up company is in the bottleneck of development period, the edge of failure. She must be a quick victory, will it rescued. “For me, do it cost too much; Now I am home and have a child who just a few weeks of waiting for me, the home of the eldest brother is just a few years old children, but I can’t give up pour me much effort of the company.” She said in an interview, sighing, “I am not a good mother, I’m not a qualified chief executive.”

in the crisis, she decided to switch to the mobile market the company’s objectives. The decision seems in seasoned road, because at that time, does not favor the prospects of smart phones, India only 5% share of the smartphone market. However, it was she who in 2011 this seemingly crazy decision saved her company. MyDala now, more than 50 million visitors each month, the transaction volume of 6.6 million, the 85% of the user login is from mobile terminal. Every day, mobile users downloaded from MyDala certificates as many as 150000, the company can be said to be India’s Delhi “Meituan”.

group-buying websites with spinning advertising model already can’t attract a large number of customers, after the rapid rise of the company, most customers with the types of company and it is no longer allergic. But in populous China and India, the group is still necessary to exist. A few months ago, the group received a $700 million investment, now its valuation is $7 billion, the $300 million from sequoia and alibaba last time C round of financing for less than a year.

“loyal users can buy 50 in America every month about coupons, and advanced users can buy only on MyDala around 15 pieces. We are thinking how to solve this problem, and finally we are going to the number of coupons per month this year from previous 15 pieces of 50.” Singh in Delhi office an interview her. Why she dare to do it? After all MyDala and group still has certain gap. Her confidence comes from a very special place, that is MyDala volume of small cities in India.

“second-tier cities and third line cities is a block of land for many businesses, but so far no one has been able to complete them. Don’t lose heart, however, in the past few years, we build the business network is extremely beneficial to our development, we have 50% of the turnover is from the second and third tier cities in India. And this number will also be rising. Where there is no completely commercial competition.” Singh said in an interview.

the Gospel: research in guri cup of (northeast of India on the plains of the ancient city of) cappuccino f

the cilicia guri in India’s hanun darjeeling on the riverbank. It is a portal to Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh, but unfortunately it hasn’t been able to succeeding in business. Singh an eye, took a fancy to this place, MyDala is a breakthrough in their second here.

if you want to know why it is very important for MyDala, we are going to have to start with the company at the beginning of the establishment of the. Singh MyDala is established in 2009, when she just gave birth to her first child in the United States, then established the company back to India. A founder and a starving children in the home, which is not most people can imagine to the image of successful people. In fact, Singh’s experience already very rich at that time. She Kinis Software Solutions, the company is established in 2004, the company’s business is home to more than 500 real estate and electronic learning company provide the data content marketing Solutions. Five years later, she went home, the company also no follow-up. Before her, she is a master of information systems professional, engaged in the work about center software in Boston.

MyDala in December 2009 to enter the Indian market, it focus on the users who like discount, then it is the company India’s heyday. “I have found that if I chat with merchants, the more I feel even more what they need is a network platform to sell their products. Restaurants, tattoo studio, salon is merchant’s potential customers.” Singh said. Seize the opportunity, Singh laid hands on him, and soon she set up the large companies or small shops need to be online marketing platform.

in February 2010, graduated from the university of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school of the access Bahl and Rohit Bansal is encouraged by the company named Snapdeal daily trading platform is established. After a year and a half, Snapdeal turned to online sales.

MyDala and Snapdeal differ, the former turned its focus to the mobile market, and in 2011, has successfully launched its first mobile application. “To be honest, we bet, bet on the future of the mobile market must be very good. But we realized that no matter how their efforts to reach the desired effect, we need the radiation range of big company as a partner, only in this way, to have more chance.” Singh said in a interview.

is probably at that time, Anisha Singh in Delhi to attend the meeting, I met a senior official of Vodafone (Vodafone). “We know that vodafone now is one of the world’s largest communications network company, and the company highly innovative consciousness. I asked them to provide mobile coupons for their company, as long as the customer sends the appropriate information to use. Soon, we started the business in 2012, we who also did not expect, demolishes customers.” Singh said in an interview.

soon, MyDala and India’s major telecom companies have established a partnership. The relationship is really help MyDala solved a big problem, that is to make the company contact no smartphone users has found a way. Users only need can get MaDala clockwork SMS mobile coupons, SMS fee will charge by moving the credit account.

but it was not long before, there is customer complaints in MaDala coupons have a problem. Use the coupons for buying a cup of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD: Coffee chains are very popular in India) cappuccino Coffee, but delayed delivery. MyDal staff will soon get in touch with the coffee shop, ask them why the customer can’t place an order. This question Singh didn’t know why, that’s because the customer from the kiosk/call from the old. Never thought to be honest, MaDala company kiosk guri so the edge of the old city and some will use their company’s coupons. Then CCD has just opened in India, the staff thought only in big cities people can go to their consumption there, so I didn’t care for the order. MyDala is from the customer complain about things, see in the second line, three line city business development opportunities.

why MyDala can build customer oriented mobile applications?

India is an economical market economy, a lot of Indian middle-class people always like to buy discount products. Founded in 2010, FreeCharge, is an Indian online top-up portal, it is to grab the people of this kind of psychological slowly built up. Who on the FreeCharge for his phone, home satellite TV fee, or buy phone card customers, can get the site to provide gifts. So far, FreeCharge has 10 million registered users, based on existing prize top-up mode, it is setting up a new market product.

Motilal Oswal according to the commodity research institutions in a 2014 report, a total of 2014 Indian retailers and customer service industry provides $53 billion worth of coupons. Given the wide prospect of market, more and more companies to join the ranks, they provide customers with daily deals and coupons to use services, such as DesiDime, Cashkaro and Coupondunia these companies.

in this increasingly competitive industry, MyDala adopt the method of data analysis for accurate positioning, find yourself and others are different. “For us, the problem is not that we don’t have enough of the target user, but rather in our consumption coupons and customers have not reached the same direction. In view of this, we have formulated a set of mature analysis method. I don’t think the influx of a large number of companies, will pose a huge threat to us.” Singh said in an interview.

take food purchase behavior of customers. Assumes that the first day, the customer would like to eat Chinese food, so they will open the trade application due to a Chinese food; This only shows that customer prefer Chinese food, trading application can’t always recommend Chinese food; For the second day, one thousand customers would like to eat pizza, the application in the customer heart will greatly discount. But if customer open the second day trading application, it is recommended by pizza, so if they feel a little bit of magic and little sweet? Then the application how to understand the customer’s heart? Mydala is based on the customer’s consumption and consumption data analysis, and then make a prediction. “In the last four years, we established the library data analysis. I want to do is to make sure that every customer can get their favorite recommended, choose their favorite products. Let customers think of our every time is for their recommended “MyDala founder said.
Singh said, according to the profit of MyDala toward, we can see the customer on a specific day of propensity to consume and what is the price for what kind of customers. From microscopic perspective, we can through these data information analysis of customers’ spending power and a region to predict when to do deals is more appropriate. “For there is not enough money to do market research and marketing strategy for a small company, we can use this insight to help them. If they say to us, they want a certain type of customer, our analysis can find this type of customer for them.” Singh said in an interview.

from the point of view of customers, Singh is according to their position, before buying behavior, and their interests have been screened for them in advance a part of the product, which greatly saves the time of the customer.

MaDala just announced it and India Airtel cooperation, their common manipulation of the telecom business applications, for customers to provide convenient used this app. If you are now in use My Airtel application to phone, pay postage bill or change data network package, you will find that the page will jump straight to Airtel, consumption in addition to advice here and MyDala offer coupons.

in the Clinton administration, Singh has close relationship and women entrepreneurs this noun

before crush on entrepreneurship, Singh majored in art and communication university in the United States, the professional and business. When she was working for the Clinton administration in the United States congress (help women entrepreneurs financing), it is destined to and the next day.

if the business is very difficult for men and for women entrepreneurs, this kind of hardship is self-evident. Massachusetts institute of technology, according to a research report on entrepreneurs founded the company of women in science and technology industry, only less than 7% of start-ups access to venture capital.

is the specific content of the report: “investors in the investment, he always prefer to male entrepreneurs founded the company, even if sometimes women entrepreneur’s company and its strength. This is because the male physical attraction: attractive man always has a strong persuasive. The physical attraction is hard to reflect on women entrepreneurs.”

Singh wants to change the status quo, because she believes that: “can let a woman throw in the towel only themselves, a successful women should take on responsibility, it can also encourage other business women, produce more successful women entrepreneurs. If there are more and more women work in the network, that would be great.” Singh should be more active in the network of women entrepreneurs in India.

Singh admitted in her struggle over the years a lot has changed. “I always feel is not a qualified mother, not a qualified chief executive. Not only that, but I’m sorry my health, the busy work let me sleep is not very enough.” She said with a smile. MyDala finally turn into profit last year, despite a growing number of large commercial companies in India continue to develop unceasingly, but these are not things for Mr Singh.

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