Grilled old fun: integration of online C2C safety information service platform

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

hefei old adoring cheung chi founded this APP is fun at university before some idea, “I often of second-hand digital products since 2009. But the C2C second-hand goods trading, just picture is unable to guarantee the quality of items and colour, at that time I was cheated several times. Which is the original idea of old fun products. Future positioning of the company is focused on the secondary market, bring a new play Internet second-hand market.”

gathers up old fun APP’s purpose is to provide users with a safe trading second-hand goods in trading environment; Business involves in the process of second-hand transactions provide detection, assessment, maintenance, security and other services. Zhang want to registered in April last year hefei gathers up old fun network technology co., LTD., the team currently has nine people, after all 90 young people, including four technical personnel.

according to China’s online shopping market in 2014, according to China’s online shopping market size of 2.8 trillion, 2014, 2014 online transactions is roughly equivalent to 10.7% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, among them, the mobile terminal shopping market size to 929.71 billion yuan. Analysis thinks, from the point of development of C2C market, C2C largest market size, product variety is complete, has certain advantages, in meet differentiation online users will continue to be a steady growth in the future.

secondhand goods C2C site do more mature, there are 58 network, market network, as an information gateway has as a trading platform taobao salted fish. But a single dispersed information platform and trading platform, has already can’t satisfy people’s demand for second-hand shopping; The competition gradually in the C2C second-hand goods trading platform between products and services for the center; Safety and reliability in C2C transactions has become the most important factor. Cheung chi think “safe” or old fun trying to solve – perfect transaction security model based on the market, to provide one-stop services, online trading offline security services.

“second-hand trading platform and information platform and service platform to integrate together, our products can give existing market a new pattern. Users to worry about in the process of solution to the existing market transactions of second-hand goods quality problem and transaction security problem.” Cheung chi convective cloud network is introduced.

so how to achieve safe one-stop services?

steak old fun through consolidation services, one-stop service from four aspects to achieve security. First, the transaction security requirements on safety through the official transaction form to implement; Second, information platform requirements on information gathered a large number of items; Third, the quality assurance requirements will be identified by offline quality inspection; Finally, mainly real-time transactions online trading platform requirements.

about this new product users, cheung chi convective cloud network said, “the product android version launched a week, already has more than 400 people download first, more than 50 users registered accounts, it is under no promotion data. Users to download regional distribution throughout the country.” In addition, according to understand, the company is seeking an angel in the round.