Green X Cloud, “Green Cloud” to build the next generation of Cloud computing platform of biological information

(word/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: Bioinformatics (Bioinformatics) is the study of biological information acquisition, processing, storage, dissemination, and analysis and interpretation and so on various aspects of the subject, through the comprehensive utilization of biology, computer science and information technology and reveal numerous and complicated biological data holds the biology of mystery. Green cloud founding team currently from genomic data analysis, attempts to construct a next generation of cloud computing platform of biological information.

green cloud founder Ceng Mingjiang graduated from chengdu university, worked in where nets as safety engineer, as a product safety engineer at Symantec Inc, data mining engineer, specializing in information security technology, he is interested in biotechnology, and bioinformatics as the breakthrough point of starting my own business. In November 2014, the team decided based on the cloud computing technology, build a provides users with biological information data storage, big data service platform, based on the analysis of the green cloud.

green cloud using high-performance computing solutions for the entire cloud computing platform to provide a steady stream of computing power, using the Apache Spark calculation engine, distributed data storage system, efficient processing biological information data, at the same time based on clustering, a bayesian classifier and SVM algorithm on the depth of biological information data for data mining.

Ceng Mingjiang tell hunting cloud network, currently specializing in bioinformatics research direction of scientific research units rely mostly on personal machine or a small server to solve the problem of scientific research, the efficiency is lower, at the same time to biological information associated with the literature data, therefore, there exist some disadvantages in the project analysis. And biological medicine and sequencing company exists in the mass data storage and analysis of biological information difficulties, low degree of visual data statements, bad user experience.

but the green cloud pain points for these market provides its own platform services. First, to provide users with high security and high availability of biological information cloud storage service, secondly to provide users with next-generation sequencing (NGS) big data analytics service, and visual report and analysis results are given. According to the amount of data analysis, to provide users with charge, at the same time also provides value-added services.

“we will also help construction enterprise private cloud, advanced users against the green cloud will provide the team collaboration and workflow management capabilities.” Ceng Mingjiang said, and the green cloud team is committed to provide customers with the high availability of AaaS analysis (services), and not just a SaaS (software services).

in order to ensure that the green cloud technology advantage in large data calculation and analysis, green cloud team on the members of the strict screening. Ceng Mingjiang to hunt cloud network said, the team’s chief scientist Dr Zhen-xin fan is sichuan university, UCLA (university of California, Los Angeles) bioinformatics exchange students, in the aspect of high-throughput sequencing and analysis has many years of experience, currently in charge of the whole analysis model and the architecture design of biological information cloud. Biological technology consultant Li Zhu, this people are studying at xiamen university, member of from han, mainly engaged in cell death, immune, single molecule technology, chemical biology and genetic biology research.

green cloud team will build your own data center, Ceng Mingjiang think in terms of technical barriers, depth of the team will develop their own products, from genome sequencing to develop business to protein group around other niche biological information such as data analysis, form their own features and brand effect.

Ceng Mingjiang tell hunting cloud network, the team now officially launched an angel round financing plan. In 2005, the sequencing of human genome project has been completed, the project has accumulated a lot of need for human beings in the biological information using computer technology and information technology content in the sense of discovery. Hunting cloud network learned early 2015 WuXi bought for $65 million in cash for genetic and biological information analysis of American companies NextCODE, and incorporating NextCODE and their genes center became a new company – WuXi NextCODE gene (WuXi NextCODE Genomics). From this we can see in the field of biological information calculation, not only need techniques and algorithms, professional ability of biological analysis is also such products need to improve and progress.