Grassroots discount do after 90 campus social platform V (Vgool) 600000 seeds enough investment

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the campus market recently delivered finance news, is favored by capital, entrepreneurs are active on campus, campus logistics, social 11:11 PM at the campus, build campus since the media platform, service platform curtilage meters do local life, eight days to do online campus convenience store, hunting cloud network recent concern V (Vgool) want to enough about alumni + discount merchants cut into the campus market, build the raw exclusive social consumption platform .

V enough (Vgool) is a focus service college application of social consumption, main function is about alumni + merchant discount information, membership card free , on the one hand, by the user Vgool “ whip-round ” function about alumni form the campus activities, enjoy a lower discount merchants, the number of different discounts, combining spending on social, expanding alumni group for students. Provides colleges and universities around the merchants VIP privilege on the other hand, by the user application to view the nearby businesses such as catering, entertainment, training learning membership discount information, book with V (Vgool) enough restaurant, KTV and other merchants rooms or to the shop to order, when consumer can enjoy more favorable, and provides a variety of membership card for free, merchants provide students with the discount without a bulk booking.

V (Vgool) enough (AnZhuoDuan, IOS side), launched in December 2014 , launched the first pilot operations in north China electric power university, only when the final exam at school, most students have finished the home and the surrounding consumption decreased by 70%, the team in December and January for three phase download to send $one thousand in foreign currency, lottery, gifts and other activities. Ultimately achieve vgool online for two weeks into the thousands of users, the early stages of the turnover of tens of thousands of yuan to push effect. During the team took part in an incubator of entrepreneurship Christmas big parties, in the roadshow for Qin Junhe Li Hansheng 600000 seed investment , also won the popularity award $100000 in cash on site.

said to V (Vgool) CEO Zou Guanghua enough, hunting cloud network believes that he is absolutely after 90 grassroots entrepreneurs on behalf of .

Zou Guanghua is a guangdong 93 boys, now is the north China electric power university college seniors. elementary school to pick up a scrap iron in snacks, secondary school selling instant noodles, hot bar, how embarrassed, not family conditions is the outstanding students want to own some pocket money. He really Ruth from the university of entrepreneurship. College has set up a marketing agency (huadian poly elite marketing club) inviting entrepreneurs to students to share their experiences, docking product resources for sales, but also in the school of business incubators. At the beginning of 13, copies the pattern to other schools, established the college students’ marketing alliance, alliance sponsored campaigns require merchants support, but no publicity, the merchant for the traditional model to sponsor.

then team think of merchants discounts to students the general membership card issuing mode to help merchants propaganda, students use the general membership card can enjoy member discount and privileges, business cooperation merchants pay fees. After the membership card use is not very convenient, merchants and students gradually give up use, after the team building sites include merchant discount website, online registration, student card, make a qr code card, to the shop with a credit card phone scan qr code, membership verification member discount. The project is formally entrepreneurial team projects, artist preferential mall. Enough (Vgool) of the predecessor is V .

Zou Guanghua raise money around, in 13 years on October 31st information technology co., LTD, registered in Beijing poly can creation , outsourcing website, erratic technology not hand over the site together with insufficient funds on schedule, the team personnel loss, let Zou Guanghua helpless and key Zou Guanghua receive support from the school professor, professor lead the graduate students, undergraduates form a small team specially developed homo habilis preferential mall website, Zou Guanghua every day to take pictures merchants, website backstage merchant data entry.

13 years December 25 online edition website, shaped human practice found that qr code validation caused by problems such as machine, speed time-consuming, inconvenient operation, the team decided to magnetic stripe CARDS with a magnetic stripe card slot, and merchants background mode. But due to technical team and money problems, merchant background has developed the losses on a project, the team decided to seize the trend of mobile Internet mode changing, decided to use micro letter first test, the development of app, do people app, and not to do shopping mall and repositioning the product for the campus peripheral member privileges platform, no entity card, directly using the app, a computer or a clerk mobile phone verified member.

14 years at the end of February when basic established product prototype, the technical team, however, has been looking for. Beginning March 14 years operation WeChat membership, 14 years WeChat membership card registration in April two thousand, merchants in 32, merchants in charge. Start again at the end of April, 2014 to form a team, the team came in a 88 product partners, have a professional UI experience, had to do online education O2O business, given the money situation background outsourced system programmer’s regiment, ios app development outsourced engineer.

product officially changed its name to V (Vgool) enough, but technology and capital problem team members mostly choose to leave, Zou Guanghua start hiring again, this is the third time Zou Guanghua venture. The team now is 12 80 + 90 combinations, Yang technology partners (from buy mall, worked to suny tesco, companies such as huawei, are responsible for the development of the O2O backend system) was Zou Guanghua to as well, you can find in e-town Yang after the two sides talked most sure resign immediately to join.

after Zou Guanghua visited dalian, guangzhou, wuhan, changsha, Shanghai several universities, business investigation, understand the business situation, the management cost and service platform of Internet life cognition, chat with students project, students’ needs. will eventually V (Vgool) positioning for enough – campus life artifact, a dedicated to college students’ social consumer app.

V enough (Vgool) can provide users with all kinds of merchants member discount privilege, merchants, discount information, intelligent recommended lowest discount and according to the customer’s site, recent or popular merchants, V (Vgool) instead of all the membership card, with V (Vgool) enough on campus surrounding businesses enjoy the member discount privilege, don’t need a bulk booking in advance. Users can also through the V (Vgool) released a variety of gather together enough “alumni” activities, such as gather together to eat together, gather together to sing K, billiards together, gather together together fitness, travel, cycling, etc., all users can sign up to participate in the activities of whip-round, meet the needs of college students’ social security. Using vgool alumni, users can see the school all the students living conditions, activities, information released. In addition the user can get points, can also be used V (Vgool) enough charge to an account, go to a consumption, because each with V (Vgool) can give you a discount, after verification will need to record the amount of consumption.

Zou Guanghua tell hunting cloud network, the original team of the company, product positioning is based on B2C electronic business mode of mobile Internet platform, found in the operating merchants enthusiasm is not high, the user experience is difficult to control, the team thought appear such problem because no real to merchants benefit, the team decided to product positioning for C2B model, with a user base move merchant, focus areas covered less than the coupon, adding products to the community social function, the cumulative users do belong to college students’ social consumer app.

group-buying is covered within the campus merchants, on the one hand, the campus surrounding businesses generally smaller, generally can’t meet in the threshold of the group-buying, V (Vgool) enough platform for merchants had no such requirements; , campus merchants users are students, basic turnover will swings with the school holidays or the school, merchants can also be closed for holiday, this is not acceptable to the group, only focus on the campus market platform can meet the needs of campus surrounding businesses. At the same time, the demand of the college students play offline dinner party is very strong, whether it’s between boys and girls or roommate or a class society, V (Vgool) hope to have a dedicated enough to undergraduates about activities of the platform, and the most consumption can also according to the number of people about get bigger discount, with the social consumption. And businesses no longer need to printing and production entity membership card, and membership marketing can also be on the platform.

Zou Guanghua tell hunting cloud network V (Vgool) has enough to cover the north China electric power university, China university of political science and law, Beijing geely university such as colleges and universities, the future will have the store for the center to the periphery of three universities in colleges and universities expand operations, team is the angel round. Is expected in the second half began to expand to the whole Beijing university.

the V (Vgool) platform in enough merchants is about 200, merchants, completely free platform for merchants with background management system and a mobile Internet member management and marketing platform, Zou Guanghua tell hunting cloud network merchants, entertainment, catering class is less compared with housing, learning and training. Strong platform for merchants have no standard requirement, merchants such as violation of rules three times (such as user to store, does not accept the discount information), will be offline immediately.

Zou Guanghua tell hunting cloud network the next version of the application will get “ whip-round” instead of “about” , V (Vgool) will be enough within universities recruitment V (Vgool) enough university partners , is responsible for the operation of the user, and recruiting campus ambassador, event planning is responsible for the cooperation with merchants preferential activities.