Gradually get rid of bureaucracy and arrogance of EA, is on the road to revival

cloud network hunting note: since EA shares rose to a peak in 2005, the company has been trapped in their arrogance complacent and bureaucratic corporate culture, EA former President John Riccitiello’s departure is a heavy blow to the company. In September 2013, Andrew Wilson accepted the CEO, led the EA on the road to revival.

Mr Buffett in Berkshire Hathaway annual report, the company shareholders of ABC business decline a warning, he thinks that the cause of all this is ABC its arrogance, and bureaucracy. (note: cloud network editor king hunting ABC for ABC, 1986 metropolitan communications company in warren buffett bought ABC under the help of a lot of money.) Due to such abuse can take several years to dodge, so they will gradually put into recession ABC company.

every once in a while, we will see so-and-so on business news due to improper operation need to find another company to confront the chief executive’s report. In 2013 that a 33 years old is the American companies suffered a blow, Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts, referred to as “EA, even by the standards of silicon valley, the name in the beginning of creation and fashionable). But the EA to find a can grasp the opportunities in the rapidly changing market, the CEO of – Andrew Wilson.

Wilson, 41, is one of the several big distributors in the youngest President of game. Him in 2000 in the FIFA series executive producer joined EA, EA sports’s President in 2009, responsible for FIFA, “madden football” and so on the development of popular sports games. In September 2013, Wilson was appointed the new CEO of EA, at a time when the development conditions of the EA is very bad, so to speak. EA’s stock rose to $2005 in 67 after a coffin, in 2012 fell to its lowest at $11 a share. Even in the face of the mobile phone games become more and more popular, EA is still hoping to profit from the existing game, this policy for a lot of players gradually lose the passion for EA.

this situation deteriorating, and lead to the player finally broke out. Consumers, according to a survey by the Consumerist EA for two consecutive years harvest “America’s worst company” title, in 2014, though not win, but unfortunately the candidate list. This let Wilson realized before efforts to quell the players discontent or not enough, he vowed to let the company follow the “player first” credo. To that end, he began to provide a more free games, preview the game began in the early development stage, and publish the beta for user feedback. And according to the requirement of the Wilson, EA games to develop fully mature rear can release, even if it means to miss the launch date.

for players to encounter a bad game as long as removed from the hard disk. But Wilson has spent more than a year of time to get over the EA insolence clear off, last year, EA is no longer “the nation’s worst company” finally. But companies seem to have another thing need to be solved. In the process of development, before EA acquisition swallowed a lot of studio, accumulated a lot of work team, but EA has not properly solve these work team, this rigid problems brought EA department functions.

in order to solve the bureaucracy, Wilson, choose to continue the former CEO John Riccitiello transformation measures, constantly create players first development goals. Last year, Wilson on a game show, said: “if we don’t begin the rigid system, the development and sales will not develop, it will bring to the company’s financial problems. In fact, we have to cooperation. Now, have started to develop independent studio game such as FIFA, Madden, communicate with each other to share expertise and technology, rather than working in an isolated environment.

but for EA, they also need to solve the third aspect of business buffett warned: complacency. Although the EA is still in the development of the Xbox and PlayStation version or the old version of the game, but it will also be its reach to mobile phone games, free games and gaming PC micro transactions. More important, more and more popular games began to appear in the wraps.

last year, Wilson told fortune magazine in an interview: “a good game can be used on any platform, can use any business model.” EA games the most significant change is on the package, from the original only in the store to buy CD type packing to can on the network, mobile network to buy now. Last quarter, EA digital revenue grew by 34%, to $693 million, accounts for about half of its revenue.

EA is still mainly for the Xbox and PlayStation game development, its two-thirds of revenues are from these platforms, and EA in 2014 host game is ranked first in the field of the publishers. Income from in the field of mobile games in the past nine months grew by 29%, and with the smart phone screen more clearly more wide, EA master of technology in the field of host game will become its development in the field of mobile capital.

at present, the console version of the game contributed most of the growth. Through the analysis, an analyst at EA data in fiscal year of the end of last month, expect full-year EA earnings per share will be increased by 41% to $2.38, all because of the company from the properly solved the battlefield 4 “start-up failure problem. According to Wilson, these problems has become the indispensable to the company’s experience and lessons.

the EA released by showgirls Hardline tested after consolidation of the company. Although after the release of received the report server problem and DDoS attacks, but most are running smoothly, more positive reviews.

last year, EA for user test was delayed to launch, this was some user complaints, so this time it into a lot of energy to protect the issue smoothly. This year, EA also plans to release more games, including a few new cell phone game about Star Wars, Star Wars movie is expected in December and release.

in the field of video games, has never been a company to make his success, but in Wilson take over 18 months, EA company has solved the question plagued his decades of culture. At present, the EA’s share price has risen to $55 a, although have not reached a decade ago, but at least is on the road to revival.

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