“Gourmet jianghu” development help restaurant dishes, you buy my ingredients dry tune

(text/Wu Liya)

cloud network hunting note: for version, every time go to the restaurant, over and over about the same, the heart want to ridicule the but again can’t help it. But for the restaurant, how don’t want to push more new dish? Just want to push the new product cost is not low, many small and medium-sized restaurant also said powerless. Based on this, a food emerges.

food river’s lake, founder of the founder of special love to laugh, as a senior version, founder of lead the team to develop a tutorial for merchants to provide new dish innovation and ingredients to purchase channel micro letter platform, B2B model.

at present there are 20 people team. Manfred wong, food founder, graduated from nanyang technological university in Singapore, a former Siemens project programming development of Singapore, a senior engineer. Et al, co-founder, graduated from Washington university, investment, and investment in the restaurant. Zhong Yu, co-founder, graduated from nanyang technological university in Singapore, a senior software engineer. Also responsible for e-commerce operations 闫洁, etc.

new food development and launch is time-consuming and money for restaurants. Food jianghu new dish innovation as the breakthrough point, to help small and medium-sized restaurant lower development costs, mainly through release WeChat end, has not yet been launched the APP in the short term, considering some catering industry practitioners cultural degree is lower, compared to the simpler WeChat, download APP is not easy to use, WeChat more adapted to the fragmentation of their time.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting food jianghu integrates a chef team, now has a special plate for chef is introduced and the new food is introduced, including the new dishes pictures and video tutorials, tutorial needed raw materials, formula, tutorial by food, make your own team. Merchants can learn tutorial to launch new product as soon as possible. Manfred wong stressed, food will also provide some exclusive secret recipe, secret spice merchants can directly purchase.
Food river’s main straight for the “country of origin”, in order to ensure food quality and speed of delivery. For merchants have special requirements, such as the need to purchase a different ingredients, special ingredients, team will contact the local vendor or provider, with fast delivery.

when asked about why don’t you do the whole product supply chain, founder of convective cloud network, according to the needs of the conventional ingredients is very big, but fresh ingredients, such as difficult control, especially as fresh vegetables, to ensure the high quality ingredients, that it is difficult to do. Optionally provide spices, dry goods and other supplies, but also to ensure that a word of mouth.

catering market is large enough, there is no lack of industry competitors. Hunting cloud network understand chain to agriculture, chefs net, small-scale peasant women, such as frozen frozen food, have recently won the investment in, chain farmers get $8 million, chefs net $15 million, small-scale peasant women get angel investment 10 million RMB. Food jianghu competitive pressure is quite large, so to speak.

but the founder of more confident, although these electricity do food supply, but they didn’t do a whole new food chain. Because the new dish innovation model, from January 2015 WeChat public online until now, in food businesses have more than 3000. The latest dynamic food jianghu also provide catering, help people get news of the catering industry, catering industry to let them get the direction.

when it comes to business model, Manfred wong said, at present mainly through online sales to dry ingredients to make profit. Future food river’s lake will expand “chef industry zhaopin” this piece, mainly for catering the teacher recruitment. Product line will be further expanded, such as selling tableware, merchants if you want to do some special food, such as molecular cuisine, Japanese cuisine, etc., if deserve to go up some special dishes will be able to give new dishes.

cloud network hunting, food processing of this year’s goal is to achieve 50000 tenants, are now officially launched the pre – A round of funding plan.