Goose window, start-ups video sharing platform

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

goose window net is a video sharing site, to help entrepreneurs to share their ideas and projects. Founder Peter before starting a business in Shanghai film group work for nearly three years, be responsible for investment and mergers and acquisitions, project operation, also exposed the raise field, in the investment and financing, and film and television culture gained some insight and inspiration. He thinks the video itself as a kind of media, but was now a big part of the case as an entertaining tool, in fact, there are a lot of application scenario has yet to be developed better. With the advent of the era of 4 g and the further development of the mobile Internet, combined with modern more and fragmentation, the concept of time strengthen, time video (including real-time mode and streaming media) can be applied to some of the more business, more practical. He hopes to create a show in the form of video media entrepreneur idea platform, practice their own ideas.

actually now remote video conference overseas this kind of form is more common, but also domestic relative lag, entrepreneurship activities, more in the form of offline roadshow, symposia, subject salons, etc. For some type start-up companies, such activities consume resources, we hope that we can open a new train of thought, by using line roadshow in the form of services for entrepreneurs. Goose online roadshow window mesh will do once a week, now is WeChat group as a vehicle for online roadshow, through the form of video + audio in the roadshow. Upload video in advance, showing the basic situation of project, after the entrepreneurs via voice + graphic project, participants can also use voice interaction answer. This is just the initial stage, in the form of Peter hope technologies and platforms, such as to be more perfect, the user can directly enter the studio involved in road shows or other online activities. Core purpose is to bring better service to the user experience, can participate in anytime and anywhere, and save resources.

goose window network video as the breakthrough point, can have two, one is streaming media, the second is the live system. Live and streaming media complement each other. The defects of live is not suitable for the complex, and through the streaming video clips are easy to find after watching. From the perspective of experience, each have each point can meet the demand.

but since the technology in the development, operation is not perfect, so now the main content is the first website. Video can be used as product specifications, actually in the first place in the form of video to show this product to you, show the concept of entrepreneurs. And video about the website, there are two sources, one is the PGC content, namely the goose window helping entrepreneurs production network video, regarding this part, there are basic version and customised version, base webmaster if you introduce the basic elements of the project, given the general startup capital is limited, is completely free for entrepreneurial projects, and customised version may use scene play or micro film form, is the need to charge. The second is user-generated content, that is, independent entrepreneurs to provide video. Peter said they hope finally can help entrepreneurs the goose network make it a window to the spread of the platform, rather than a media production company. UGC, while quality is uneven, can ensure that the content and the diversity of sources; And the standard requirement of PGC will have a website, can guarantee the quality of the project and the quality of content, both eclecticism, convenient entrepreneurs need to content, learn from each other.

goose window just started two months, has not been too much publicity, and initial stage is given priority to with homemade video, the content is less. Number and 25 projects cooperation at present, the public has not yet been launched, but has been formed in WeChat online activities regularly, WeChat public after launch and PC synchronization, increasing selection pressure, some good projects development. Peter thinks that the advantaged position of WeChat currently there is no denying the fact that in terms of strong flow import, develop their own app effect would not necessarily have WeChat good, so hope to push the app to the next stage. And Peter also told hunting cloud network, reserve team in editing technology, hope to be able to develop low cost, high efficiency of the template, is applied to the startup project video production, it also belongs to the one of the advantages of team. Goose window nets team every day there are about 70 IP, visits to several hundred, entrepreneurs enrollment situation and further development space, is now in the financing.