Google wants to get more money in the high-end watch market, perhaps really depends on the iPhone

cloud network hunting note: Android system has a wide range of hardware partners, apple’s iOS system has profound rich user base. Both have the preemption luxury smart watch market conditions, but both are not mature. If you want to open the real luxury goods and market situation of the intelligent system cooperation between apple and Google need to work together.

Swiss luxury watchmaker tag heuer announced it is working with Google and Intel to develop a luxury smart watches. The price of this watch has not been officially announced, but can be expected it would be by far the most expensive Android wearable devices. This luxury watches and the combination of intelligent device to transcend itself and succeed must learn new skills, or to get the support of the iPhone.

apple’s iOS and Google Android keep the close position in the smartphone market share (and profit). The distribution of their user groups, however, there’s a significant difference.

in particular, iPhone users more rich more willing to spend money on electronic equipment. This is an embarrassing fact, but a lot of market research data shows that the characteristic of iPhone users. For example, the study of Twitter positioning data confirmed released by Android devices tweets positioning in poor areas, mostly by apple equipment release tweets mostly in high-income areas.

this is not to prove that the Android system is beyond dispute the system of the poor. But the consumption data to prove the iPhone consumers have more disposable income and more willing to spend money for electronic devices.

this is the first condition of luxury consumption crowd, the tiger elegant smart watch consumer orientation as well. If no prior connection Android mobile phone, this watch is not normal boot, no Android mobile phone, this kind of tag heuer watch is the decoration of a gorgeous appearance is expensive.

once associated with Android phones, it will be the first smart tag heuer watches products. Is different from the company before the sale of any product, this smart watch will be the uniqueness of the high prices and software to locate the consumers. After all, except for a few Vertu owners, who else is looking forward to the elegant with intelligent system?

carry the LG Android smart watch for less than $300. Elegant whether can do better because of its reputation?

as long as the tag heuer watches were trapped in the Android ecosystem, is likely to face the bottleneck of low-end consumer crowd. Tag heuer watches fans would be interested in the smart watches, because it is a famous brand for the combination of traditional and new breakthrough and exploration. But the rich fruit are only the news again shrugged their shoulders and then check their beloved apple smart watch release date.

Google hardware partners earlier in the sales of Android Wear watches when they suffered enough. For LG, LG to buy the latest G flex2 users free watch it smart watch G R, gives the Vodafone in the UK.

a company to give up the most obvious sign of a product is free to send out the products. Higher prices and using manufacturers accumulated reputation is a comparatively good method, but if this product is equipped with Android mobile phone use, these two methods may not work.

we have seen a developer trying to combine Android Wear and iPhone. But Google still didn’t sell a can be loaded on the iOS Android Wear, the application of the single biggest reason, however, may not be technical limit but internal policy restrictions.

I would like to bold guess, elegant, Intel and Google (Android Wear) cooperation seemed to herald the iOS will be compatible with Android Wear equipment. This information may be in the I/O (Google web developers conference) announced.

tag heuer may not be Google into high-end smart watch market the only luxury brand partners. Many luxury brands are exhibiting urgently want to attract the young customers. GUCCI has announced and hip-hop group the black eyed peas singer will launch can be called smart wristband. The nature of science and technology is the key problems of the cooperation.

with Android Wear more and more luxury watch brand, attract consumption ability stronger iPhone users become more and more important. So there are industry analysts predict Google may soon be cooperate with apple to eliminate growth obstacles.

there are suggested that the cooperation will be held in the summer of Google I/O (Google web developers conference) announced. At that time there may be more high-end brand running Android Wear smart products.

no matter what software smart watch loading, no matter what brand, are they still in the use of smart watch value has some doubts. Apple watches on the main performance of daxing showing capabilities, make part of the fruit are on their distrust. Apple is pushing and Google similar product strategy, which limit its new applications can only be used for connection to the iPhone. But because apple ultra high credibility and rich customer support, apple really may make such a policy change.

with the international well-known like tiger tag heuer watch brand cooperation, Google is preparing to eat the apple in luxury brand advantage. In order to truly fair competition, Google and the iPhone will give their best performance. Into the luxury smart key will be the iPhone wrist watch. Cooperation, for Apple with tag heuer Watch Android Wear Watch will be a win-win situation.

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