Google search temporarily defuse mobile crisis: now fetching 30 billion APP page

note: hunting cloud in the PC Internet age, with Google search engine grab external content of content distribution channels, and on this basis, the establishment of a large search advertising business model, but in front of the mobile APP island, advertising with Google content are put forward severe challenges. Through two years of efforts, Google by cooperation with external App services has grabbed a lot of content, temporary relief from the predicament of the content of the mobile search, but it is far from over, mobile search business model is a problem in front of Google. The following content from tencent technology translation:

search engine is the second major technical content gateway after the Internet revolution. Along with the popularity of smart phones, however, application (APP) instead of web pages, become a mainstream technology. Due to the content of the APP cannot be search engine crawl to, once people exclaimed, mobile Internet will lead to a search engine’s survival crisis.

however, through cooperation with application software developers, Google has to some extent to resolve the crisis. A few days ago, Google has announced that has grabbed huge APP page content of more than 300 pages. Mobile client search information, will also be more rich.

Google search team on April 16th of an official post, announced the news.

Google an engineer patel (RajanPatel) to the media disclosure, from two years ago, Google began to external, internal links and contents of the App are done at present has grabbed more than $300.

in the traditional WEB page, Google can access and grab automatically by the software “spider”, need not approved by the webmaster.

in the App content capture, Google needs and application software developers to build cooperation. Google provides the corresponding software development interface (API), developers by these interfaces, can open to Google search data, so as to realize the content of the search engine crawl.

it is understood that there has been a large number of mobile phone software has and the Google cooperation, including micro-blogging Twitter, short-term rental tools reality, consumer comments on Yelp, mobile phone reservation tool OpenTable, image collection network Pinterest Trulia, real estate search tools and so on.

of course, a large number of mobile phone media APP, has also been Google crawl news reports.

the content of the more than $300 a link, and Google compared to grab web database, is dwarfed. Previous reports that Google web spiders, the number of up to tens of billions of copies.

but in the smartphone era, people use search purpose more, have more scene information, therefore the main APP and more than 300 links, is enough to provide the needed information.

it is reported that in the previous cell phone search, Google the client will be observing users of smart phones, which have been installed App, Google will only return to the installed App search results.

a few days ago, Google team also announced that the search results of APP modified, even if the user does not have to install an APP, its contents as long as the related, will appear in search results.

, for example, if the user is not installed in the cell phone reservation tool OpenTable, but at a restaurant in search, Google may still be present information from OpenTable consumers comments.

but for Google, can grab the content of the massive amounts of APP, doesn’t mean have completely away from the crisis of the “search”.

it is thought that in the smart phone, mobile phone ownership to the search results to get the most accurate fast, so all kinds of professional APP, gradually replaced the traditional web search. For example, people may be in a hot coupon APP search in local restaurants and movies, not in the Google keyword, and then see the vast web results.

phone search the change of consumer behavior, also give casts a shadow over the prospect of development of Google. Google ninety percent of its revenue from search ads on the right side of the search results, if people are away from the computer, away from the traditional search engine, Google will become a very dangerous company without substantial alternative revenue.