Google search new evolution: towards a “session”

tencent inquiry on January 18, science and technology, for a long time, Google’s flagship product has become a part of our life used to. But Google don’t slack off, its search service is quietly transformation.

Google search for 17 years, have been become

a: why is the sky blue?” The children will often ask this question, but a few parents can give an answer right away. In the past, people may be in an encyclopedia or go to the library to find the answer. In recent years, parents can be rushed to the computer, input the problem in the Google search, and then open the various links, reading all kinds of explanation, finally the answer to the child.

but by 2015, even though seemingly very fast computer queries and few do. Because compared with mobile devices, the input on the computer search answer is more complicated. You should not only choose the most relevant links in the many links, sometimes even can’t immediately get a clear answer, people disappointed, even angry. And Android phones voice search function, less than 1 second is understandable given the answer.

team director, Amit Singhal, Google search engine (Amit Singhal) using the example helped to prove: over the past few years, Google that so far the world’s most popular search engine is quietly changing yourself. In an interview, singhal count Google search over the years to make changes, including its changed the ranking algorithms, add a new database (such as pictures, books and travel, etc.), in front of the user input problem began to search for answers, and so on.

in the past few years, Google has not only changed its search engine, its “cockpit” also had the very big change. In 2015, as the rise of a cell phone is unstoppable, people on the phone or tablet computer to search activity for the first time more than on the desktop search, this will force the entire search industry occurred earth-shaking changes. Singh said: “in the world is moving towards direction, we have to think deeply on behalf of the meaning of the search engine. And every time think of this question, we head to explode.

in the past 17 years history, has been in a Google search evolution, Google is often celebrated with a blog entry and accidental news events this process. Because the search engine still is Google’s flagship product, the support of advertising platform is still Google’s main source of income. For the more than 1 billion people every day use it to find information service, Google never ceased to improve it. But in a few years, this kind of improvement pace is accelerating. Both long-term and short-term efforts to ensure that Google ahead of the competition.

users not forget some of the changes Google search. Search speed is faster and faster, as a result, more and more fresh, more and more social. Google search even looks different. Joshua is responsible for the Google search experience executive tower mal (Tamar Yehoshua) said: “early, we only have less function, including the home page and search results. But today, our search results page can show many different features and products.”

the Internet is becoming a Google’s biggest rivals

in the future, Google has been a pioneer to promote the development of artificial intelligence, hopes to create a huge “brain” to better understand the user and the world, provide human thought and exports has yet to ask accurate answer. However, many critics believe that Google search is going downhill. They complained that there are too many garbage information in the search results, or too much emphasis on the previous results of new information. When you enter a topic, often feel confusion arose as a result, even there are a lot of people Shouting “Google search more useless!”

singhal fiercely rejected the allegations, he said: “the opposite is true, we have carefully studied those who complain, I found a lot of people are nostalgic. In fact, our search has become better.” Singhal comment was full of pride and confidence, it is also a Google search team key members of the collective attitude today. A few years ago, although Google believes that its search quality is unmatched, but in fact, the company is very worried about weakening market dominance. Google also experienced Facebook’s pain, and even has been likened to failure of the pan American airways.

but now, almost no one in this analogy. Facebook’s Graph Search is a new product, still had a little effects on Google position. Look from the search quality, Microsoft’s bing is a respectable opponent, but its progress 1/5 search market share. Although Google Plus failed to meet the company tried to eventually create blockbuster social networking products target, but it does succeed, and attract more users.

on the contrary, Google has always been connected to the Internet is becoming the biggest competitors, the threat to Google search is to attract users from the website to colorful mottled applications. Google applications that increasing trend in the information can be overcome, after all, such as webmasters mobile developers need their information was found. Since the fall of 2013, Google has set up a App Indexing, trying to bypass into the general index of data in mobile applications. Right now, 50% from Android subscribers search results show that the information within the application. App Indexing not including iOS applications, this is a serious defect. Apps Indexing product manager Lawrence (Lawrence zhang Chang), said: “although still have a long way to go, but we are set up base module.”

now, and application of diffusion are not affect Google in the search market dominant position. Statistics show that Google accept the search request up to 3 billion times a day. In the United States, two-thirds of using Google search. From a global perspective, Google also to dominate the similar advantage. More impressive is that Google also occupies the mobile search more than 80% of the share. In 2013, when Google confronted with 5 minutes “blackout” incident, the global network traffic is down by 40%.

no competitors in the field of search can threaten Google infrastructure, it has a strong talent strength and rich experience. In addition, there are few competitors with Google’s ambitions. So when Google had to deal with regulatory issues, Google glasses after-sales, Google’s video sharing site YouTube and search services have undergone a stable and competitive innovation.

biggest challenge from desktop to mobile

to some extent, this kind of innovation just for Google since its establishment has been evolving way of searching. At the micro level, Google has carried on the fine adjustment to its algorithm. In fact, in the start search quality meeting every week, there will be similar to fine adjustment. Then every 2 to 3 years, Google will to overhaul its search ranking system, based on highly relevant keywords with the enterprise named winners and losers. Singhal top aide this grumman moss (Ben Gomes), said in the past three years, Google ranking system for the adjustment of more than the previous 13 years combined.

in various ways, Google search is the biggest challenge is to search from the desktop to mobile devices. Like many Internet companies, Google search to take “mobile center” strategy, explore how to interact with the user. Google search engine designers, Jon Wiley (Jon Wiley) said: “the mobile has enormous influence on the way we design.” Waley as a search engine, the main designer, he will do first thing in the mobile and desktop team integration. At first, this method is only used in the design of mobile phone, now the search engine also need more equipment experience.

single correct answer to the question of finding

when it comes to major change, there is no doubt that Google search team become a top priority. Singh said: “first of all, Knowledge map (Knowledge Graph) is particularly important, as long as you build it, you’re basically can understand all of the real world. Speech is the second important thing, because I can’t enter here samsung smart watches (wrist). Then, we realized that need scientific support behind, so that people don’t have to keep asking. At the end of the day, we set up a Google Now.”

knowledge map will gather in to huge database of information about the world. Voice search including oral language search. Google can Now before they can tell people to ask questions they want to know the answer. All three are helping Google focus on mobile search. Even though they wouldn’t have been all of Google search, but these elements in the past three years to help Google search make the transition, it is no longer as clumsy as computers, but has a lot of intelligence, can provide you with clear explanations, and meet your information needs. And all this don’t need you to look at.

in 2010, when Google announced to buy company named MetaWeb, did not cause too much attention. But the purchase was a major change of Google search key. MetaWeb is a famous computer experts, entrepreneurs, Danny Hillis (Danny Hillis) was founded in 2005, he produced a series of innovative projects, but he believes the project is too big, just by his MetaWeb cannot be achieved. Hillis said: “we are trying to create the database, information from all over the world.”

because MetaWeb by scanning the Internet to answer the question, so it is widely seen as Google’s rivals. But several years later, the company received $50 million in financing, hillis realized only to become a part of a larger company, his desire to achieve. At that time, Google has begun to accept problems provide some direct answers. Barack Obama’s birthday, you input, for example, it will be on August 14, 1961, placed at the top of search results. But announced in July 2010 when Metaweb, Google, explains its search engine can’t answer this question “west coast university under $30000 tuition” or “won at least one Oscar under 40 actors”. Google promised, Metaweb will help Google to answer such questions.

Metaweb product manager in Emily’s Banks (Emily Moxley) said: “when Google acquisition Metaweb, it knows that the concept of things, this will be a very important part in the search. We think this is a quick summary of things that people care about the great way of facts and information.” In 2012, Google introduced Metaweb service, called the knowledge map. This product can complement the answer to the original search results, including the search object key facts, etc.

in the past more than two years, Google search and knowledge map integration gradually, Google is continuing to develop this product. Initially, knowledge map is static, but it gradually through the Google search evolved the ability to learn, to analyze the user behavior. Knowledge map is also into another – fresh in key areas. Because Google focus on providing a single correct answer to the question of a, its information must be the latest update. Otherwise it may provide false information, that is not for the user query.

Google has an ambitious plan to improve its search engine, constantly adding new elements. Recently, Google has added cars, video games and Hugo award winner. But Mr Cox says, Google is also trying to how to give the result of more complex. These results are no longer limited to provide the facts quickly, also can’t give more subjective and fuzzy. She said: “people are not only interested in facts, they also to take an interest in subjective, it all helps the knowledge map plan.” Google doesn’t want to let you feel is the query on the machine, but in consult an omniscient pundits.

but Google to achieve this goal needs more efforts, and from the knowledge map expect, with some frustration, for more help. Even in the silent, recently all the anger, she found that knowledge map to understand a lot of drama, but the lack of information about new plot and their playing time. In addition, knowledge map is one of the biggest mistakes it still failed to help Google answer its 2010 acquisition of Metaweb when put forward two problems, namely the “west coast university under $30000 tuition” or “won at least one Oscar under 40 actors”. But Mr Hicks believes that in the Google eventually can span the “transition”, finally achieve their goals.

create conversational search engine

once realized that mobile technology becomes ubiquitous, Google decided to its search engine is subtle and profound changes. Google no longer will inquire as submitted to the computer system’s instructions, but all input is regarded as “a session. Singer, a senior aide, moss said: “obviously, when you have a cell phone, language has become more important. When people talk, obviously more natural than typing.”

this reversal means not only search engine query processing ways need to change, at the same time means that we also want to change myself. Joshua executives responsible for Google search experience (Tamar Yehoshua) said: “before Google, people seldom to think in the query. People have been taught for many years, we get them at query time to think. But it is not easy, people usually in the normal session, also not be so.”

if you want to make this change, need two premises. A Google search engines need to listen more carefully, and have a parsing half garbled video input skills; Second, Google must be able to ensure that, when someone talk to microphone or by oral communication in the field of search, the system is able to know what these people are talking about.

to be sure, Google has been involved in speech recognition field for a long time. Joshua said, “many years ago, we have already foreseen the voice, natural language processing technology is very important. We know that need investment to solve the technical problem, but it takes years to get in return.”

as early as 2000 years or so, Google will develop famous for Google’s 411 service, it and telecommunications company’s customer call pay similar query system. Google USES millions of free calls to understand how to use the same kind of speakers correct different language and speech. This is useful, Google search now has 159 languages, voice search can identify 58 languages. Google announced that its application in the word error rate fell to 8%. Moss proudly points out, this is a big milestone in progress of Google, he even made a speech in person query demonstration.

but Google has had to rethink: Google search should be given like Siri quasi personality? Or the use of identifiable robot voice users maintain human consciousness, in order to let them know they are dialogue and machine system, the other party not to copy. Google chose the latter.

but the speed of scientific development is very fast, can provide a high level of speech interactive support for Google. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull