Google pushed the Chromebit, Chrome OS in the latest “usb computer”

(/horse relief yi wen)

Google joint asus officially launched Chromebit today, this is a similar to U disk the size of the Chrome OS host devices. And Chromecast similar, the user simply insert the Chromebit monitors with HDMI interface, you can experience the Chrome OS.

this product that sells for less than $100, lets users without buying this can experience the experience of Google notebook. Obviously, Google’s intention is to make Chrome OS as much as possible of those who wish to upgrade or buy computers for the first time ordinary users.

although this has been such as Microsoft irony as “not connected to the Internet becomes brick” product, but the Chrome OS devices in the market share of computer education has achieved good results. According to IDC, the market share of Chrome OS devices in the field of education and the gap between the Windows is not big, the former is 29.9%, which is 39%.

the Chromebit will be coming on the market this summer.

Google Project Loon, Android One, Chromebit (Chrome OS), the trinity of Google’s strategy, the purpose behind already evident: let every corner in the world connected to the network, and for the first time, let the region is not rich, access to the Internet crowd, using Google services. Of course, Google advertising cash machine, will be perpetual.

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