Google Play to launch new features: the new application of pre-registration

recently, Google Play Store has added a new feature: the application of the new registration in advance.

focus on Android Police (American technology blog) of Internet users must have noticed: Glu games company’s upcoming new game “the terminator: genesis” will prove to be the first to open to the user application of pre-registration. (tencent recently invested in Glu company. “Pre-registration” icon in the usually download bar position, if the user is interested in the game, simply click on the icon.

pre-registered function is a free and open to Android users, users after complete the pre-registration also has no obligation to download or purchase the application after the application is launched, will only be released in the application for the first time after receiving a notification. If the user changed his mind after the pre-registration, he (she) can also be cancelled.

for the developer of the ordinary, the pre-registration function is not much use. But for the terminator and film synchronous launch this kind of game, before the application of a sequel or massive investment products, pre-registration function can well capture the appetite of people, in the application before release to the hype.

this is also one of the difference between Apple’s app store and Google Play. Google has been added to Google Play the unique functions, such as application developers will be able to in the comments section in response to users’ comments. But Google in review the new application and application update this on the one hand, has always been relatively lax, some speculate that this is the Android users are more likely to encounter one of the reasons for malicious software.

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