Google is developing an Internet operating system

hunting cloud network May 22

according to, Google is developing an Internet operating system, for low power consumption, small memory of all kinds of intelligent device. The operating system is called “Brillo”. Development team belongs to Google Android department, so it is likely to be based on Android.

it is clear that the company hopes to any electronic devices connected to the network can use to develop software by oneself, including those not electronic equipment of the screen. Google’s ultimate aim is to want to develop a low power oriented, technology of small memory device. Existing Android clearly can’t do this, because it is for those who have at least 512 MB of memory of the smart phone.

whether smart refrigerator, intelligent, smart door locks, bulb or intelligent courtyard monitoring equipment, the operating system can give the intelligent hardware manufacturers more possibilities. Imagine everything at home through the network connected to an Android device. Through the mobile phone voice input (Google Now), you can check the thermostat setting, sound box for the family in broadcast band for more information, or have a look at how much electricity will be this month. This is a very attractive prospect.

Google had tried to enter Home automation market with Android @ Home, but after the project was cancelled, Google said there was “not yet”. But now, there is news that Google is likely in the next week’s Google I/O developers conference announced the news. Issues have been established in the field of mobile operating in wearable computing device (Android) (Android TV) and car field of television (Android Auto) also made a breakthrough. Perhaps Google’s next move in smart Home market (Android Home).

a lot of people think that the future of Google will go beyond search, for the development of an advanced artificial intelligence, real time, accurate to provide information for the people. In your home, is the first step.

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