Google I/O shows the results of one year, Android M new product release, etc

as Google’s top developers, I/O for each session is to show the research results and to the future to explore new products, this year is no exception, Google have launched many products, highly anticipated new mobile platform Android M finally appeared, the Internet of things platform Brillo, new Android Wear, payment platform, Android Pay, completely free photo application Google Photos, and Google Now, Chrome, Google Maps, etc.

can be seen from these products, Google is using android system powerful layout to notify the software and hardware, and based on the transverse and longitudinal extension. New idea is not much, but overall, the conference feel not to orgasm, several major products are many media revealed that the plot before the conference. Let’s look at the product details:

new Android M system:

Google is only a developer preview of the release, showing new features in the system, and the SDK to the developers, let them study and development on the new system.

for Android M, Google engineers have solved a lot of bugs, improve the overall quality of the open platform. Both in equipment manufacturers and individual developers can use, development on ecosystem level Android M also made more improvement. New Android M compared with the current Android Lollipop (5.0) there are six major improvement:

1. The App Permissions (software rights management) : Android M hints you can customize the application of license. It allows the user to the permissions of the application level management, such as the application can use location, camera, microphone, contacts, etc., these can be open to developers and users.

2. Chrome Custom Tabs (Web experience ascension) : allows us to achieve viewing experience on the client and Web App seamless docking, main stay for the two user platform, we hope that the Web with the client App can more perfect together.

3. The App Links (App) : Android M to strengthen the association between the software, identify Links to content. Jump straight to the App client, improve the user experience. This improvement helps the user experience better App client complete more operations.

4. Android Pay Pay (Android) : finally! Android Pay unified standards, and is an open platform, users can choose Google services or use bank’s APP to use it, the Android Pay after 4.4 support system equipment, and support the fingerprint.

5. Fingerprint Support (Fingerprint) : Android M added to Fingerprint identification of the API, Google began to self-built official Fingerprint identification in M Support, at present all the Android product Fingerprint identification technology and the interface is to use the Google certification.

6. Power & amp; Change (energy management) : a new power management module will be more intelligent, such as Android tablet does not move for a long time, the M system will automatically shut down some of the App. At the same time the Android M device will support the USB Type – C interface, a new power management will better support Type – C interface.

iot system Brillo

about the news, hunting cloud has been published in some time ago, now it is come.

Brillo is a based on Android platform of the Internet of the underlying operating system, such as bluetooth, Wifi, such as technology, and low energy consumption, high security, any equipment manufacturers can be used directly, is a complete end-to-end application.

in the configuration 32 MB or 64 MB of memory devices, such as smart locks and other small equipment.

release as well as a new communication language Weave at the same time, it can be a cloud, mobile phones and the Internet of things Brillo link between the three. Brillo will launch a developer preview in the third quarter of this year, WEAVE in the fourth quarter.

Android Wear:

on the basis of product last year, Google for smart wearable device platform Android update Wear. New Android Wear have more perfect operation mode, such as user wrist can switch between the different applications of intelligent watch, automatic identification of graffiti and translating expressions, etc. At the same time the Android Wear will have a more comprehensive and more perfect application support, users can choose normally on application, fully open multiple sensor interfaces, and so on.

in addition, the new Android Wear support a series of new gesture, such as bobbing up and down the arms, watch can automatically turn pages.

payment system Android Pay

the year before Google launched Google wallet, the back. The time released Android Pay is an open platform, support Android version 4.4 or newer equipment, Google will build in the latest Android M official fingerprint recognition support.

free photo used Google Photos

this is a photo of a new application, it can be user photo after photo of automatic classification and generalization, by time or image recognition characters relation close degree of classifying photo preservation.

this is a cross-platform application at the same time, in addition to the Android version, and have the iOS version and web version. Different from apple is up to the service, Google Photos have unlimited free cloud storage space, more than the apple 5 gb free and easy.

new voice services Google Now

Google Now added a new feature – Now on Tap, the user through the point for a quick way to get the content you need. This function supports text recognition, if you want to know the location of the dinner with your friends, you only need to press the Home key, Google Now can automatically pop up the restaurant’s specific location and details of the restaurant. It enriches the Google Now usage scenarios.

Cell phone

Chrome save you flow

Google by special algorithm, Chrome in Android mobile web browsing function optimization, automatic infer browsing roughly the required data traffic, and will slow the web region automatically reduce the loading pictures, so as to improve web surfing speed and reduce the purpose of the data traffic.

Google Maps offline services

Google announced it is maximum in the IO convention of Google Maps offline map the experience of ascension. New offline maps will support completely offline search, offline review and detailed information query and completely offline voice navigation.

new Cardboard and Jump tool

Google in IO conference revealed new Cardboard information, it has a bigger volume can accommodate 6 inch screen mobile phone, the new SDK except for Android, also support the iOS system.

Google in Cardboard Expedition expeditionary plan at the same time, introduced a new tool – Jump, use this tool to capture the VR images.

Jump consists of three parts, including camera parts, assembly equipment, as well as broadcasting platform. In fact it is a camera in a circle, with 360 ° of tools, and to support the global color correction on algorithm, the global 3 d recognition to create realistic depth of field effects and photosynthetic efficiency, etc. GoPro now has been introduced to Jump in to help shoot VR images.