Google how to develop and merger and acquisition has the founding team

note: hunting cloud Google over the past few years bought more than 180 various types of companies, cost tens of billions of dollars, from 2006 to 2014 in Google company accept work 221 startup founder, about two-thirds of the founder still work at Google. Google how project selection process, after how keep m&a enterprise talent? Business Insider recently on Google company since January 2013 has been competent for mergers and acquisitions, corporate vice President of Business development Don Harrison (Don Harrison), interviewed to talk about Google how to consider matters of mergers and acquisitions, but also to talk about why Google’s founder of such value these start-ups. From tencent technology translation:

here is the key content of harrison to Business Insider tells:

Google is widely considered the business mergers and acquisitions. If there is any technology company engaged in can improve people’s life and business that can be used every day, then the company can be the object of acquisition of Google – whether the company is to create a robot, satellite or advertising products.

this is harrison’s job value reason: he has been to break a comfortable environment, efforts to learn new technology.

Google business merger and acquisition process is a unique, attaches great importance to the founding team of acquisitions and whether these people can well adapt to Google. Google hopes to get academic talent and willing to work from idea in foundation of talent.

it means that the team need to experience a very strict examination and approval procedures. Google may purchase the company’s founder always with Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) and products vice President Mr Da leather (Sundar Pichai), in this way can the two sides finally made a decision.

although Google company initially consider mergers and acquisitions will be able to help the overall product strategy implementation, however, Google will still because the company team problem and refused to some possible deal.

talk page and skin by timing is critical, the founder of this object of m&a and Google, etc. Because of the high valuations recently always of silicon valley, and science and technology start-ups public marketing is also very hot, therefore, Google is also attracting other very successfully by providing resources and potential of the company. Google’s $3.2 billion takeover of Nest is one of the typical example.

Google will be mergers and acquisitions to all routine for 90 days of follow-up focus on action, whether large or small enterprises. Google will put forward this problem, such as “how do we according to the original target to carry out the action”, “how we act according to the number of employee retention”, “how do we move resources so that you get you need to succeed”, etc.

overall, Google very pleased with the company’s employees keep measures. In Google, there are a large number of employees is through business and join after mergers and acquisitions, and the employees in the business mergers and acquisitions after stay at Google as a new role.

although harrison did not reveal exactly what Google is going to buy in the field of the company, but he still said that the company is focused on mobile business, and claims that he is also very interested in artificial intelligence.

so, you want start-ups into harrison reconnaissance vision? You should first focus on the product. Eventually, of course, depends on the results from the two contact and consultation.

the important content of the following is a Business Insider to interview harry transcript:

BI: Google is how to find potential acquisition targets?

harrison: Google is a network of the company, there is also a process of network. We’d better start mainly from focus on the product of mergers and acquisitions. Normally, we have an internal team engaged in the project, their product for the target object and help product or platform has a very clear understanding of the correlation of success.

these people understand the technology, the concept of clear product, understand the market, their main rivals through mergers and acquisitions object to master the information.

after, both sides will negotiate. We will either directly to their point of view, either by their suggestion to us. Then there is some strategic measures, and we will hear rumors related, such as what company with our target.

BI: once found the thought of you very appropriate company, then you will carry out what measures?

harrison: our team, sponsors and Google executives will long conversation, really determine whether the acquisition of the business. First of all, let us consider the product strategy, once established the strategy of our product, we will study whether the company is suitable for such product strategy and is considered as the best products will enrich our strategy. The third thing need to do is to consider the business team, we will examine the enterprise software engineers and key talent.

then, we will to deeply understand the business, Google executives will depth of communication with the executives of the enterprise, to finally determine the business is not really suitable for Google.

BI: what makes Google value most entrepreneurs?

harrison: we will focus first on whether they judge things according to the principle of first importance. Larry page and sergey brin is also think so. We like those who judge things according to the first principle of entrepreneurs and technical personnel of the entrepreneur.

BI: talk to larry page and Google for considering m&a “toothbrush test”.

harrison: we would be very widely consider mergers and acquisitions. We believe that there will be other company we don’t have much attention. We are in the same year bought satellite company, artificial intelligence and the core advertising products company. We live if we find the improved technology companies, at least we will control within the scope of the technology.

BI: Google how to assess whether the m&a success together?

harrison: business merger and acquisition success or not mainly depends on the integration, in particular, we try to do some subtle timing of things, such as to ensure that the team willing to stay, and is with Google’s resources integration, and maintain their independent status, etc., of course it is a very complicated process. We will launch a routine for each deal together as long as 90 days of follow-up action. We will hold the meeting, clear the team of buy-out firms and real value of the technology of our company, I believe that the meeting will be to understand mergers and acquisitions is one of the measures of success.

BI: whether there will be some start-ups to take some measures to attract your attention?

harrison: start-up founders should first pay attention to their products. They should strive to run his own company. For them, it is not necessary to communicate with people like me, but to pay more attention to their products and figure out what kind of product concept can help them succeed. However, once they got our attention, so negotiations opportunity also came. I think, the best is that they should not be too much distraction to consider this matter, but to start thinking about the larger the size of the clients as well as how to communicate with more customers. They need to make full use of the network. And, of course, if the fund their vc firms or people they met at Google introduced, it might be better, more is better than to call us directly.

BI: on Twitter released last quarter profit results, the proposed said that Google ought to buy Twitter. What you think?

harrison: no comment, but, I appreciate such a problem.