Google has to pay for the patent ideas and avoid falling into patent trolls

hunting cloud network reported on May 5. The original intention is very simple, it is to make selling patents to Google easier than sold to people who don’t have all ten thousand times, in this case, we would choose is obvious.

choose to believe Google , rather than a patent trolls

Google’s general counsel about patent agent Allen Lo, points out that the patent owner because of various reasons to choose to sell the patent of the bell, (such as to the need of financing or change the direction of the company’s business needs, etc.), unfortunately, is often the case in the patent market is good and evil people mixed up, especially to people who have lost their jobs due to patent trolls. The final tragedy occurs, like litigation, futile efforts and karma are likely to happen. And the original patent owner has not been any substantial reward.

we regard this as a great attempt to

like Google have done a lot of things, this project is still in the stage of open test. “We see it as a great attempt” Google wrote in its project FAQ disambiguation. We try to seek methods to improve the current situation of patent holders. And to reduce the patent trade in the secondary market, hope to compete with the current market, the project can give the patent owner when compete with those who owed nothing to get more favorable results directly.

Allen Lo in the announcement did not say anything about Google will use these patents to legal guarantee. And this project is not to develop other like-minded technology company to make a little effort, which is positive and beneficial impact on the ecosystem. In general, Google just crying for patent holders to believe in it. It has now been completely brutal possession for patent way to say goodbye with the past, before someone Sue it, it will be on the court. , of course, when a company constantly have fresh blood into, and attempt to change some deep-rooted old tradition, it’s attitude toward the patent will change as time goes on. I believe that 2015 will be the Google action on behalf of a year, or wit a representative for one year.