Google glasses died also nothing, SONY will launch a better successor

cloud network hunting note: Sony managed to break the concept of the new type intelligent glasses since Google Glass after launch for a long time not see action of head-up display market. So this concept in terms of Google Glass what has made the improvement and what’s the new luminescent spot? Please listen to hunt cloud network editor jun to be for you.

one day someone will successfully create computer with head-up display (HUD). After Google launched Google Glass (Google glasses) success became the industry leader. But in addition to the product, rarely hear from any new activity in this field. However, shortly before the Sony finally introduced a display components, mechanical components department intends to sell to original equipment manufacturers, the move also calculate Sony officially on the HUD.

although Sony manufacture and sell a lot with the signs of their own products, most people don’t know is that it is the most outstanding in the parts suppliers. One machine with outside manufacturer’s trademark, doesn’t mean the machine parts in all the odds and ends are all products of the manufacturers. Sony actually made a lot of application in the smart phone or other consumer electronics parts. And contractors to purchase these parts applied to produce their own equipment. Sony battery series and camera sensors are outsourcers snap up products.

so we today introduced the product of the last isn’t really going to enter the consumer market. But this concept machine is to demonstrate a new concept of display, its name is encouraging, “SmartEyeglass Attach!” (with smart glasses).

Google glasses have a glasses frame, computer systems and display, use when need to install the lens to the framework has been configured. But Sony products have the concept, in turn, use the: Sony with the computer and the display device, the user can set the equipment to any ordinary glasses.

this with a new concept is followed to solve several problems in the Google glasses. Google glasses used type silver belt is an organic whole, that is to say, it must ensure that the world record type in one of the biggest can also take on it, but it also makes the any normal head type of person or feel headband size doesn’t fit or had to endure wearing extra a long after the adjustment.

Google began to produce different size of the corresponding frame this product only became human, and then to choose the size of a handful. At the same time, if consumers want to buy a pair of Google glasses have to through a series of very complicated formalities. First from Google to buy without the lens frame, then framed to customers own eye doctor relocation of the lens according to your each person eyes situation.

the Sony lenses with the new way to solve is followed all of the above problems. We like we just casually took out a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, on the picture frame on the clip SmartEyeglass Attach! Device, a smart head-up display equipment assembly completed!

but this product also has a shortage of places: although the adaptability of the whole equipment for Google glasses greatly improved, but it takes up the space is not small. SmartEyeglass Attach! In the user on either side of the head is installed with the two is not a small control box, the viewfinder is directly in the user’s face.

two control box of carrying an unspecified architecture (A7 models processor, a 400 mah battery, bluetooth devices, as well as wi-fi connection system. Control box are connected by cable, when they wear hanging at the back of the user’s head. The device of the biggest highlights of the single lens is invented to Sony study OLED displays. Google glasses using prism is a complex technology, need a thicker piece of lens and a mirror at the back. And Sony used this time are relatively more concise design to reach the same technical level and the Google glasses.

but the real breakthrough is worth mentioning is that it displays the Sony devices. Himax manufacture the parts can pass a length of less than 0.22 inches of LCOS projection put out 640 mini x360 size design. End users see the image effect reached 3337 pixels per inch, than it is now the best intelligence is six times on the phone’s display even better. If study plan well, two years later, Sony and Himax can produce about 640 x 400 size OLED patterns show that diagonal length is about 0.23 inches, the imaging effect is 3430 pixels per inch.

but because lack of the prism is used to enlarge, Sony generated images will be smaller than Google glasses. Google glasses of the generated image slightly to the right, and partial vision of ordinary people. Sony’s image is completely is not in the face of sight, and I try to look on the right to see the images. At the same time still have some trouble to this pair of glasses to wear. You have to put it on the face one of the most suitable position to see the screen.

if a smaller image, there are some wear up very exquisite, but overall Sony or display than Google glasses in some specific aspects of a lot of progress. Google glasses thick prism can make a reflection of the fuzzy or other objects to appear on the screen. In poor light condition, the beam will be diffused into a prism, and lead to generate images on a large number of reflection. While Sony lenses after replacing the prism technology, at least at that time under the CES exhibition hall lighting, glasses before greatly reduces the light problem.

Google glasses and head type screen (Face computer) is facing the biggest problem is, in fact, the application of matching. Google glasses is the intelligent application has failed to give a person shine at the moment of feeling, not many people try to wear Google glasses all day. Although outsourcers last may use Sony glasses in a variety of other purposes, but Sony company what you consider some of the best USES include used in sports such as golf and running.

head-up display if you want to truly become a great product, the design of the equipment must be worn more convenient, convenient to store when not needed, also want to cooperate with the theme of sports products, make corresponding improvements. So users can be when they want to wear glasses to wear, not forced to users around the clock like Google glasses wearing glasses, feel very uncomfortable.

the application on the Google glasses Himax display technology, Google and even in Himax company bought the shares. In the past two years almost no competitors in the market, Google glasses topped the situation to Google company brought in big profits. Today, Sony launched the market oriented head-up display components, it is easy to detect a head-up display is no longer the patent of Google, and will gradually become the new trend in the market. Sony officials say this year started the display component is about to enter mass production.