Good hairstyle: sole 】 【 self-built salon team O2O + door for offline merchants diversion, angel investment, have been obtained

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good hairstyle founder Wang Binghe told cloud network exclusive hunting, good hair at 14 years completed in October by xiamen love love angel investment fund, now in contact with A round of funding, plan 20 million.

as ye the door the rapid rise of the nail art, nail beauty industry led O2O are gradually open the market, especially hairdressing services of this kind of high frequency and large user base, more absorbing many entrepreneurs to come to test the waters, such as fashion, bobo net, rest assured the cats and etc.

recently, hunting for a cloud network a called “good hair style in China” the application of its founder Wang Binghe have global high-end artist and the stylist ICD association, deputy secretary-general of China, Korean wave fall in love with the hair brand founder, such as multiple identities, at the age of 16 into the hairdressing industry, experience the entire industrial chain, has a wealth of industry experience. After 85 CEO Zhong Fuxiang, entrepreneurs, has a large electrical contractor project experience. Technical director YanShiEn has nine years of Internet product development experience.

a good hairstyle App in 14 years, launched in May, the scope of services in xiamen area, good hair in 14 years in August began to cut into the O2O mode, development for the stylist of CRM application.

good hairstyle O2O door

in home services, good hair self-built team, the stylist to cultivate students into the training institutions, the large set of a set of training courses, standardization of service. In order to improve order quantity, the user habits and hairdresser, loyalty, good hair at home services have not profit, now the transaction costs for all the stylist, stylist the door cost and product cost borne by yourself.

the hairdresser door-to-door service will bring a full set of equipment, before a haircut will be covered with a layer of thin film mat, after a haircut, stylist will organize the health situation, ensure the quality of service.

Wang Binghe told hunting cloud network: “after a good hairstyle home plate, will come through the trading with the stylist is divided into profit. Good hair style home plate include door-to-door beauty makeup service (Korea dinner makeup, makeup, wu mei niang, makeup, etc.), these services to the professional requirements of the stylist is very strict, cultivate the stylist of specialization and standardization, good hair so far were recorded 35 hairstylist.”

good hairstyle to offline merchants drainage

in order to meet the requirements of hairdressing business, good hair another plate adopt crowdsourcing model. Launch deals content, for consumers to enjoy high service at a low price. Good hair style with the hairdresser commission for profit model. Up to 14 years in August, 300 hair salon line cooperation, in order to guarantee quality and service of the cooperation and good hair style does not have not big range expansion.

homemade hair video

in order to meet the needs of people’s hair modelling, good hair style will be homemade hair video, share beauty makeup modelling. Wang Binghe tell hunting on the issue of video source cloud network: “early is a good hairstyle self-control, now is a good resource in reference to other online directly, if there are involved in the copyright problem, will directly off the platform.” Video plate to insert advertisements in the form of a profit in the future.

good hairstyle experience store

in May this year, good hair style will be in xiamen software park phase ii love cafes, shimao building and vanke golden field in Washington to open three stores, for consumers to shop experience, not only provides the stylist of the training work site, also solved the problem of some consumers do not accept the door hair. According to understand, good hair style in the future will be in xiamen area expansion to eight experience store, bring convenience to consumers of various areas.

these services, users can be done online, from book to pay all of the links, create a trading closed loop. Good hair style App 110000 active users and is expected to soon can realize the daily order quantity is 300.

Wang Binghe told hunting cloud network: “more than four service mode, the emphasis of the good hairstyle choices are home services, but good hair team has been cautious, conservative view of the market, believe that part of the demand does not represent the mainstream.” In addition, good hair style will be held in good fashion contest, through a series of screening high quality hair as a good hairstyle team members. Both its professional stylist, also spread by word of mouth to attract customers.