Good car bole: second-hand car quality testing O2O platform mobile third-party service station

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

as domestic car ownership and buy population increase rapidly, our country’s used car market scale expands unceasingly, but the good faith problem is still the important factor to the healthy development of the industry: as the used-car market information asymmetry, consumers are difficult to obtain necessary to purchase second-hand vehicle related information, including the legitimacy of the maintenance of the vehicle information, vehicle information and so on.

good car bole is trying to solve the problem of quality of used cars, it is a consumer provide used car purchase before detection of independent third party web site. Li Mingming founder resigned in 2014 before starting a business, has worked at general motors for 10 years, including eight years of new cars and parts of quality management and product strategic planning work experience, 2 years has also served as director of gm’s factories in China supplier quality. Good car bole detection in make up a large proportion of the whole team members, play an important role, they judged by quality engineer, r&d engineer, vehicle for vehicle maintenance technicians, engineers and senior the inspection team from the new car manufacturing, research and development to the quality control, as well as after-sales fault diagnosis has a wealth of experience.

owners can usually think of technician to check the picture is: repair shops, heavy lifting machine to lift the car 4 s shop, the master wearing helmets and carrying working lamp, examine the situation of the automobile chassis. Such service in detail, but there are often not timely maintenance and repairs. Good bole do is used car O2O on-site testing services, combined with the national standard (GB/T30323), domestic electrical business and foreign certification test method used car testing standard, demand for used car buyers and the owners.

“we always thought that consumers buy a used car at the core of the pain is not the price, nor channels, but the quality of shape. Because of many businessmen used car guarantee service standard is not unified, consumer is difficult to determine the wheat from the chaff. Prosperity of the used car market future, it will need a don’t participate in trading, objective and neutral, provide consumers with services of independent third party quality inspection, the second-hand vehicle transaction “alipay”, and thus formed a set of widely accepted industry standards.” Good car bole Li Mingming founder of convective cloud network said.

from the middle of march this year in the face of the market to provide services, good car bole has accumulated for nearly a century before consumer provides a used car to buy car testing service and maintain a safety inspection service. Team pilot project in Shanghai this year, and gradually cover several major cities and regions. Business model, from to individual consumers and second-hand car trading platform to provide testing services up to make a profit. In addition, the company completed hundreds of millions of yuan in early February 2015 angel rounds of financing, has officially launched the Pre – A financing.

we think hunting, used car purchase before testing plus good car bole O2O model will undoubtedly provide owners with a great convenience; In addition, as an independent third party testing platform, good car bole to second-hand car trading information transparency may play an important role. However, in how to build a high technical content, responsible inspection division team, set up its own platform credibility and long-term cuts after the car market, etc, young good car bole team still have much to do next.