Good asked the lawyer: drops of operating mode and the spring rain doctors charge concept O2O perfect legal service

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to arouse the enthusiasm of the lawyers, the conversion of diabetes mellitus is a threshold. The PC service site also stay with the same standard service to look forward to consulting events into diabetes mellitus. From the mobile end into the legal service products are caught users with different characteristics. Good asked the lawyer, reported today, with the operation mode of the drops a taxi to service users.

good asked the lawyer’s current version is relatively coarse, founder li told hunting cloud network, product version has been accelerated iteration. Better ask a lawyer is still in the online state, a small scale at present, the platform has come audit lawyers to exceed 300, the average daily problems in 30 to 50.

the lawyer in standard and other platform actually do not have too big difference, need to have the working experience, the need to upload the qualification certification. reject all forms of law, there are specializing in, each lawyer can’t more than three areas. Field may change, but the limit of time, at the same time also need to submit data origin ask lawyers to review .

now to ask lawyer main feature is on the operation mode, li told cloud network hunting, in good asked the lawyer, users do not need to choose to ask questions in advance of industry (the majority of legal products are needed), their development background, which identifies the user data algorithm , the user to enter question, question box or backstage after a template based on user input keyword matching problem, the system will be pushed to the question in the field of 15 professional lawyer. The last two to three lawyers can first to answer this question to the user, if you also want to further communication users shall choose a lawyer he thinks “good service” further consultation.

on good asked the lawyer, the lawyer can be seen between the lawyer response between problem, li said, to the problem between lawyers also need to learn from each other, so they think twice, or choose to open, but only to answer the question of a lawyer.

there is a kind of situation is: list, if no lawyers after 15 minutes to snatch good q will send push expanded again, to ensure that the problem is as soon as possible answer . The first paragraph said lawyers in the platform of incentive from high frequency transformation of diabetes mellitus. So lawyers use of fragmented time then use the high quality service will be more likely to get diabetes mellitus.

li told cloud network hunting, they recently in and provide cloud phone service company to negotiate, the spring rain doctors pay q&a concept grafting on arrival asked the lawyer. Such a legal service users in addition to text q&a, cloud telephone communication also can complete a higher legal service experience, to ask also further extend their own profit model.

we don’t cut, all supplies a lawyer. Li told cloud network hunting, she always remember to ask the first legal help users. Female designer, she is a car company rent by the mediation pit 8000 yuan deposit, good lawyer ask platform through his lawyer help finally take the money back to be pit. We do is the public version of efficient legal services and future cloud phone pricing will be more populist, low price + quality service features is to ask a lawyer in the future.

in addition to the low price and high quality, the frequency of the problem is that most people talk about legal services O2O can think of. Intuitive impression, legal services of high frequency, so the user opens the low frequency. But li good actually frequency problems found by operation or as the case may be, 60% are women to ask on the questioner, so marriage, emotional problem is one of the major problems of consulting, marriage, emotional problem is over time, so a lot of women every day open the frequency is very high. There are a lot of people there is no legal problems at present stage, but she needs to advance prevention, so platform to ask questions at the meeting. Even that in the case of a good to ask the lawyer had to increase the involvement of the service. Because many users are complaining of the nature of the problem, is more a psychological problem, just need someone to listen.

li very not hope this part of the user to take up too much law resources, it is a waste in disguised forms, and so the platform using artificial customer service intervention, to alleviate the pressure of the lawyer.

team, founder li served treasure island network exchange, is also a “mother help baby group” parenting communication circle founder, co-founder Liu Zhangyin did partner’s deheng law group, a lawyer’s practice for eight years. Responsible for technology, co-founder of XingJian served zhongke red flag more than 10 years, has extensive experience in product development. Responsible for operating the co-founder of jin-jun li, a former hc360, 3158 operations director, had also had entrepreneurial experience. Currently team is also in contact with angel investment, expect the financing amount 3 million.