Good App for figure capital of $5 million. A round of investment

domestic leading mobile the private investment and financing platform “good project” APP ( today announced, figure Capital (Mandra Capital) $5 million in A round of funding.

“good project” App for the origin of capital within the depth of incubation program, launched in 2013, just released millions yuan angel investment in more than 40 days. The hope is that the mobile Internet technology to better product just needs to solve at the ends of the entrepreneurs and investors, improve docking for early-stage venture project and transaction success rate. In addition to support iOS and Android system, the product and PC.

“good project” platform are covering many fields such as the Internet and mobile Internet, including: intelligent hardware, O2O, mobile medical treatment, online education, online travel, finance, enterprise services, social networking, games, such as risk investment active entrepreneurship. , according to the “good project” APP angel investors in investment institutions and has exceeded 2000 people, activity of more than 20%, platform has more than 1000 stores project, clinch a deal the project more than 100, has become a domestic venture capital industry preferred online investment and financing platform. Platform some successful cases include: cloud son/sen if zhe (Sensoro), small heat media, can technology (Ntalker), ya microphones, etc.

according to the “good project” team will also be in “good project” platform on a regular basis – according to the venture cafe Not Coffee (Coffee) slanting floor “good project” afternoon tea/dinner docking, private investment and financing, investment and equity the raise and a series of activities, through many effective means, to greatly contribute to entrepreneurs, angel investors and institutional investors docking and questioning, to assist in the process to provide various aspects, makes every effort to achieve rapid financing transactions. “Good project” team of service is not limited to, the subsequent will provide continuous investment and financing services for start-up companies.
The origin of capital founding partner RanLi stressed: “good projects APP is an open platform. We hope that all the service providers on the ecology and the entire venture investment (including incubator, angel investors and financial advisers, etc.), common for the entrepreneurs and investors to provide convenient and efficient vc services.”