Golden O2O rise of Internet + photography

author: Liu Kuang, in zen way put in Internet, micro letter no. : public liukuang110

from the current situation of domestic traditional photography industry, the overall situation is not ideal, a lot of studio, studio collapse phenomenon. Traditional studio, overall recession has both internal cause and external cause, now let’s look at exactly what causes the studio failures today.

first of all, almost all of the studio’s operating costs are higher and higher, on the one hand, artificial cost increase step by step, on the other hand store rents and other costs are rising, and greater cost increase, from studio gain customer costs.

second, the whole line for traditional photography industry is very chaotic phenomenon, many businesses in order to profit by all means, a lot of false advertising, let a lot of consumer behavior such as bundling and sonic.

third, for many studio, most of the business from the wedding photography, and for most people, life is only a marriage, that is to say, the frequency of wedding photography is very low. At present domestic most of the families are only children, growth is very slow, every year a couple that is in a certain extent, affected the studio business.

its 4, the competition between studio is very fierce. Every year the married men so much, and it is a Wolf much less meat industry, many outweighs the competition studio nature is difficult to support.

but the rise of the Internet + photography, let originally inanimate photography industry and send out a new life. Online and offline business model continuously rise, a new type of photography will bring traditional studio, photography studio, what chance?

taobao photography, the requirements of taobao shop has given rise to its prosperity

as people more and more high to the requirement of online image visual effect, a growing number of taobao shop owner to start looking for models for their shooting clothing stores, which makes the traditional studio, photo studio to see the new market opportunities. From the very beginning of clothing taobao shop active posed an appointment, then a lot of shopkeepers simply give some photography service outsourcing work freelance or studio specializing in photography. After the taobao photography market began to flourish, not only is the clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, food, health care and other taobao shop also more and more demand for goods shot, and he was born with a myriad of photography taobao shop.

compared to other Internet + photography mode, taobao photography has several obvious advantages:

the first, photography of taobao has other Internet platform does not have unique, is a powerful taobao shop owner requirements. A lot of taobao shop owner to make their products more beautiful, can choose some photo studio, agency for their goods and image processing, and because the habit, pay is convenient wait for a reason, most of them will choose directly on taobao single up and down.

second, taobao, as the nation’s largest e-commerce platform, powerful online entry means a very big advantage for taobao photography shop. Many Internet platform of photography is doesn’t work, is one of the key factors because of the lack of traffic, have no customers in browsing, how to realize the clinch a deal?

third, pay treasure to guarantee deal to a certain extent, ensure the quality of the photography services. Many Internet platform of photography is customer first payment or pay a deposit first to merchants, and photography services provided by the merchant, this actually relatively unfair for clients, one thousand service not satisfied and want to refund will appear a lot of trouble. And guarantee transaction is different, as long as the services are not satisfied, the customer is completely can choose to ask for a refund, so many businesses also will try our best to service well.

so, for some photo studio, personal model, agency, taobao photography has very many opportunities for them, as long as the service earnestly, believe in taobao photography can find their own place. At the same time as the market positioning of the main service in taobao sellers taobao photography, many families personal film, the demand such as wedding photography also won’t go to taobao selection service, it is the birth of photography with other Internet platform.

O2O rise, the individual photographer’s paradise

the housekeeping, beauty manicure, community service, the traditional service industry started the subversion of the road, the photographic industry also began to change people’s consumption habits. Since last year, a lot of photography O2O startup flooded into the field, capital, it began to fall in love with this area. Into the beginning of this year, first invite invite received angel investment 10 million, then about pat announced a complete 20 million financing, recently a fledgling photography O2O platform to marry also won the 3 million investment. So, photography O2O by capital why this is so popular? Liu Kuang thought mainly include the following:

one, for many has the individuality demand of consumers, they all want to be able to to some scenic outdoor shoot or door-to-door service, and provide the service of studio fee is generally on the high side, but for some personal photographer to shoot, the price will be lower. From the point of the demand side, photography O2O platform market space is very large.

2, for some personal photographer, most of them are engaged in some other industries, shooting is just a hobby. The emergence of O2O platform, personal photographer can find a part-time job, if one day the part-time income more than the salary of his work, personal photographer will use a full-time photography O2O platform. From the supply side, O2O platform can bring more amateur photographer an additional income, they are naturally willing to join.

3, compared to many traditional studio, photography O2O platform saves a lot of intermediate link, the photographer with consumers directly, more transparent. The emergence of this model for information opaque traditional photography industry is a kind of subversion, is also a kind of trend.

as a result, for personal photographer, O2O platform will be able to bring them more business opportunities. O2O platform for traditional studio, would be a nightmare, but for personal photographer is heaven.

photography group purchase, the most effective tools for offline studio

the rise of group-buying, let a lot of life service providers have found a new promotion platform, it was the same as for traditional studio. With America, public comments, baidu glutinous rice, such as group cooperation, a lot of common languid studio is a thriving business. Liu Kuang that can not be replaced by other photography group also has a camera platform of several big advantage:

one of, group purchase has obvious price advantage. A lot of people think that photography is a service price is quite high, it is this high price many popularity and stopped filming requirements. Coming of group purchase, the original several thousand yuan, photography services are now as long as hundreds of yuan price can be achieved. Although for traditional studio, the profit space is reduced, but increase in the number of tourists to the group-buying, even can bring us some long-term stable loyal users.

second, coupon for offline studio, is a very good brand publicity platform. Many studio set up, but there is no one know of this place, through with the help of a group show, can greatly increase the visibility of the store. Can not only such, offline studio with the aid of group-buying service and brand promotion very well.

third, as the deals melee situation disappear, has now formed a Meituan, public review, baidu glutinous rice three tripartite confrontation pattern. On bulk consumption, were presented by the three are not satisfied with single free, not spending backed off, outdated and other services at any time, if the user is not satisfied with the studio services, can be in group-buying platform for complaints, bad review, it is very likely the three platforms to immediately terminate the cooperation with the studio, this loss for studio, the user has the good service.

its 4, the rise of mobile Internet, near the group-buying stimulated more local service consumption. Three group-buying platform also has a powerful entrance traffic advantage, with the help of group purchase, offline studio can radiation to surrounding areas well all residents, this than through baidu search, and other Internet promotion has advantage of regional marketing.

five, a lot of wedding photography shop each year to pay baidu search promotion costs more than millions, some even as high as tens of millions. And this way transaction, to a certain extent to ensure the publicity of studio. This really are bound together, group-buying platform and merchants if studio not sell list, group-buying platform will earn commission.

so, coupon for engaged in personal photo, parent-child photography, wedding photography studio, etc for the main business line, is a chance for a lot of the platform.

studio independent online platform, through online closed-loop

the rise of the Internet and mobile Internet, a lot of studio have opened his own online website, the official weibo, public official micro letter number, etc., it also bring more opportunities to the studio, studio.

first of all, to open your own online platform, can combine with offline better, bring more revenue to the studio. Especially with the aid of weibo, WeChat, many studio has trained a large number of loyal fans, the fans will be their potential customers.

second, for a lot of offline studio, especially for those studio chain operation, the establishment of the online platform enables users to studio has a more comprehensive understanding and the understanding, through online and offline closed loop, is of very important significance for brand promotion.

in the end, weibo, micro letter public platform have a common characteristic is social. With the aid of this characteristic, the traditional studio can carry on the good interaction with their customers, and always know their new requirements, feedback, etc., myself as to better service for the customer.

the place on put together is narrated, Liu Kuang think the combination of the Internet and photography industry will be the original single disruptive impact on the traditional off-line photography industry, at the same time it also will bring more opportunities. For the photography industry, information will be more and more transparent, service quality will be improved, both for amateur photographer, studio, or for offline studio, Internet + photography are paved with gold.