Gluttony snake game disputes, the wafer edge technology “delicious gluttony snake” what is the different?

(text/Tian Jinyang)

in chengdu huge game developers, edge chip technology is a new team, although the company was founded in November 2013, but its first game “delicious gluttony Snake” (English name: Flavor Snake) last year to overseas markets, and achieved good results.

to see the product before, it is necessary to understand the company’s founding team, Chen and Song Kaizheng and Yang ling, three more crystal in 2013 to the edge of science and technology, among them, Chen CEO is responsible for game production, Song Kaizheng COO productive operation, Yang ling as a game of the main program, it is their dominant product design, development and even the whole operating process. Like other game startups, team is a young generation, are around 30. Before this, have experienced a lot of experience in famous game company.

Song Kaizheng tell hunting cloud network, he originally in the grand, Chen from the related team on dungeons and dragons OL, then two people together into a grand in chengdu branch kam day science and technology, germination ideas later. Like many entrepreneurs, they are a group of youth with dreams, because of the same interests together, set up their own mobile game company.

Flavor Snake is leng crystal science and technology research and development, a RPG casual game, the Chinese called “delicious gluttony Snake, Snake game similar to, but favored American comic style, which is directly related with the main overseas market.

set easy to understand, a group of evil chef, use dark magic stole all town delicious essence, the protagonist is a young cook, need to lead your food hero, defeat the evil chef. “Delicious” word main right here. Why do you want to call the “snake”? Because it is a snake type of RPG, we need to lead his team of heroes of coil array to attack. The core of the game’s operation, hero training and recruit.

mobile game market has a vast Snake type of RPG, Flavor Snake and how to ensure that they can stand out from? In my opinion, this game is associated with snake game has not much, the main attract players point in the cultivation of the hero team and recruit model, namely its core operations.

first of all, each hero has its own unique skills and trick, in the process of cultivating hero team, players will have a feeling of operation. Second, the level set has the characteristics of the characteristic and the style, when you challenge different evil chef, BOSS of different design elements, attack in a different way, experience so that different players.

it is a distinctive design and style, the delicious gluttony snake in chengdu last year at the third session of the global mobile game developers conference won easily.

when it comes to business model, Song Kaizheng tell hunting cloud network, this is a weak network game, business is mainly hero and equipment purchase. Different hero image and skills, will attract a lot of players to buy and upgrade equipment, for both pay attention to the game experience, and have already paid habit of foreign mobile game market, obviously have the feasibility. Networking is divided into several parts, each level will have a record with the achievement of ranking, also can share their highest video player; The second is to Face Book social, like to share with friends, with friends for strength. To enhance the adhesion of the game and promotion.

the current Flavor Snake for overseas markets, the game has been in Australia, Singapore, Canada, Britain and other overseas markets, the next step to consider entering the domestic market, to cooperate with domestic distributors.

Song Kaizheng thinks, hand travel abroad market more casual games, and pay attention to the gaming experience; Domestic mobile game market, pay more attention to business model, so the selection test more reliable foreign markets. When it comes to looking for issuing, Song Kaizheng frankly, because the team is partial to study, to do not get a commercial part, so we need to cooperate with distributors.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, crystal edge technology has launched A round of funding scheme, Flavor Snake has been basically completed, the second paragraph of the combination of AR RPG is in the making.