Global women entrepreneurs convention: “her age” of entrepreneurs, a lot of time can’t and children together.

“age” : alibaba global women entrepreneurs conference 520

we sorting out some valuable content: (this is not a normal way of news, but we want to try)

female taobao sellers to win 50.1% of male seller, seller store credit rate is also female than for male. At the same time, compared with male, the female sellers because qualification is better, more cautious, more accessible network of microfinance, they also pay more timely – from ant gold take micro credit platform, according to data from the women’s default rate is lower than male users a quarter of the clients.

jack ma said: more and more women are on the stage of traditional male-dominated, hope ten years later, we may really age for women. “Girls, enjoy yourself!

arianna huffington, founder of the huffington post to share: the huffington post for female employees are: tai chi classes, yoga classes, etc. Live a life they want, rather than the default of life. Women like a cat. Before cat jump higher, need to take it back.

ant gold CEO; Peng Lei; With his army, from the university teacher position to leave, and the husband join venture, ali surrounding existing guy call her aunt. Peng Lei slightly KuQiang. At the same time share five years experience

1, female sex dream, love to do a beautiful dream, it is the characteristic of women
2, women are unreasonable, can’t give up on intuition and you want to do; But also want to dare to admit, sincere, real, don’t shy away from problems. – capricious
3, the female narrow-minded “, paranoia, but must get things done, to 200% of the effort to create greater value.

3 years experience of new

1, need not too hold, process and result is more important, extended life width. Metamorphosis ability, restore to the color, better use of keen intuition.
2, well-intentioned, hold more, put down more and more patience.

you have secret weapon:

1, the invisible ladders, readily available it build a bridge, to overcome difficulties; When facing too much praise can also be, down the ladder smoothly back the id, the gateway to the real you.
2, the mind of the garden, travel, quiet, soft music, the flowers and plants, TV series and so on, bold to find the things that make you relax, let oneself face yourself.

a suggestion:

in the face of the past, we want to objective and rational, (already in the past no longer struggle, no longer sensibility, not to care about the cost of silence, take a good look in the mirror reflection, calm analysis)
For the future, to be very perceptual, very curious, be full of hope for tomorrow, be sure to stimulate the imagination, to look forward to tomorrow.
Back to the present, to true, calm, enjoy, earnest thorough observation, emptying himself, really into the environment.
Entrepreneurial mindset about?

smart, build your own intelligence system, build in scope.
Optimistic, stand high and see far
Mr Abhisit,’t retreat in the face of setbacks, tenacity.
Introspection, self assured.

the ending: ma dream: 16 years ago in Athens as a cloud, the beauty like grass!


the British ambassador to China, wu baina lates to share “her age,” enlightenment and inspiration to

1, 1793 set up the British embassy in China, several hundred year after year to the first woman ambassador to China, must in work hard, make women’s century.
2, the impact of the global economy over the next 10 years women, like China’s impact on the global economy, to exert the power of women, if you don’t play, may pay a heavy price.

women important events:

1500 years ago, hua mulan for the father banishment
1400 years ago, wu zetian, toward the right peak, performance success.
400 years ago, Elizabeth women, individual glamour queen, Elizabeth age
200 years ago, Ralph les women, digital and concepts, for now.
More than 100 years ago, Madame Curie, Nobel
Difficulties along the way, women, in the 20th century is the century of women.
1995 years after the United Nations conference on women, women made great achievements, women’s position, the female sexual violence, also welcome the participation of men, a balance of Yin and Yang.

but don’t implement any country in the world men and women in the economic and political equality. And has the right women, women of the century, by trying to cross the threshold.

the foreign policy of equality between men and women:

1, ambassador role before hiring women very late, women marry to resign, in 1976 the first ambassador to married women, the century to catch up. At present the board 35% are women, ambassador group also has a lot of women, a couple ambassador job rotation policy.

2, before a lot of resources to the male tilt, interview now care and training for women. At present China have also made very good achievements.


1, women are career gold period how to juggle career and children?

the mother of success and boss? Human

2. In the process of female entrepreneurship which have more advantages than men?

women diversity and polymerized, not gender, women are more agile.

3, her age how to better prepared to deal with and the relationship between men and women in the show beautiful?

the rise of women is a win-win game, is a balance of Yin and Yang. The rise of women have larger space, help men to build a bigger society, men and women work together to create a better world.

4, perception of women’s marriage is the most important perception with a woman?

Chinese culture society attaches great importance to the family, marriage is not a bar, have a good partner is the best. To break the shackles, the development of The Times there are a lot of definition of success.

zhao sharing: my happiness

1, the ability of independent living, independent choice and independent judgment.
2, low water solution: time and psychological.
3, happy happy life, the characteristics of heart, do not do the walking dead.
4, regardless of type, both male and female, to do every thing,
5, don’t abandon the female charm and characteristics.
6, meet the challenge, more Internet change your life.
7, return home after the movie.


1, on children, take the time to understand and accept
2, about marriage, do your best, respect yourself, respect others.
3, about the favorite, the most heart into his favorite characters.
4, about female employment and entrepreneurship, about the order of marriage and career, do what you are most interested in things, and choose the most like, listen to the voice of his heart.
5, about the reasons for the success of women, in addition to the women themselves, thinking about the meaning of growing up, a lot more armor, numb, and boring, and many feel have changed, ask their beginner’s mind, without purpose, heartfelt desire to find their true attitude as a child.
6, role transformation, and the next plan about life, it’s hard to say, a long way to go, few people involved in leukemia funds difficult but he is willing to participate in.
7, please fasten your seat belt, there are storms may happen at any time.

star Jessica alba, the could company founder

theme: be yourself, play crossover Her age, clap for yourself!

1, about the reasons for selecting the business from the actors. Hope to construct a safer living environment for the child, needs to have a better product, healthy and beautiful. Women entrepreneurs are great. 2, the most important is the cooperation, aware of their vision, have very good cooperation partner, complementary and progress. Established a feasible way of cooperation, do their job. Have their own brand and grade.
3, about the most difficult decision, mainly manage their time, to have time to think and precipitation. Tired is a typical life entrepreneurs.
4, about the role transformation from actors to entrepreneurs the most difficult is a lot of time can’t and children together.
5, the company’s mission is to make everyone a healthy life, need to common development.

willow blue, drops the company President, theme: fast and furious, ten thousand meters high in the sky free fall

1, drops in the past year obligations: taxi, car, bus, helicopters, unit to multiple business.
2, find faith, put down ego. The Find, your conviction, free yourself.
3, known as the goddess just into the company, a lot of pressure, must get driver, but the struggle. Title of the goddess and business conflict, team after infection, find business sense. “On the road”, open communication culture, need not care about the gain and loss of a city pool. Hardworking, quick decisions and speakers. Put down the burden of, every day goes to zero.
4, call upon god of war, sportswomanship. 2 and a half years cut more than 30, the faster the product iteration, the faster the sublimation. Met with setbacks incentives, competition is excited, the in the mind of the ares waiting for the call.
7, companies use a lot of talent across borders, I believe everyone’s potential. Inspire to every part of the industrial chain, including the driver’s service for the government’s cooperation, etc.


1, about the team management and incentives, in addition to inspire?
Culture and product architecture is the most important
2, about the traffic in addition to data there is also the question of road?
Grasp the big data, may work with local governments. Information flow, capital flow. Each region can generate national product.
3, how about cross-border workers into the business?
Hiring is very difficult, enterprise cultural adaptation: smart, sun, Mr Abhisit, introspection.
At Goldman sachs before 4, about the experience of work and the company culture?
Respect the point of view, searching the end point of view, diversified culture, inclusive, very wide field of vision.

Sue mans, fashion group President. Theme: fashionable runescape

1, Sue mans in their daily life and the Sue mans in the movie, in the life more real, forthright and sincere, not to bring a mask.
The quality of the fashion industry: beauty is your professional quality; Strong ability and the ability to think, especially keen ability to capture, temporary strain capacity; Physical ability, travel a lot; Insist on, the pursuit of perfect is more important than the pursuit of success, will give up more.
2, life is a practice alone, loved the media industry, the process of choice is difficult, to find out the solution, only choose their favorite.
3, highly self-sacrifice is the most happy, for their own obsession.
4, about the biggest sacrifice, without sacrificing the word, don’t need to do sacrifice, their choice, there is no sacrifice.
5, the pressure to resolve difficult, sets up the bigger goal, set a larger dream, can see the things might never see.
6, find beauty in life, happy life.
7, achievements, recognized for their own society. The media, enterprises, star together in an atmosphere, always insist on.
8, fashion, and the collision of the Internet, make science and technology, in fashion appearance, let fashion have wings of science and technology. Fashion is not something ugly.

the release of the new growth opportunity, women entrepreneurs spirit

mark Schwartz, vice chairman and Goldman sachs Asia Pacific chairman
In 50% of women in the labor force, to undertake many responsibilities, said we should not only encourage women, there should be more practical. Hope women among the enterprises have more opportunity, Goldman sachs to allow women to get more help achieve real results in the future, the more chances to investment and business opportunities. Will be launched more than 40 countries around the world than female entrepreneurship program, women can learn about financial and management aspects of knowledge.

Phumzile Mlambo – Ngcuka executive director of the u.n. agency for women
Pays much attention to education project
How to provide more technical service for women, with many places, such as in Africa will network coverage, at the same time to get the support of the government, the UN women’s agency also has support for help, to eliminate legal obstacles, to achieve gender equality, including legal and economic, the more power to women. Participate in these projects also has a lot of men, but women will also provide help to the project schedule. 306381 men around the world, in China, there are 4887 men involved in this project. In helping women education is the basic in the interpreta dream, power is very important also, eliminate the bias of the female, the next step will be to pay more attention to this aspect.

Sheila Marcelo founder and chief executive,
Give up perfect
Hide yourself from the beginning of the interview is more than 20 years old young mothers to care, this process is an insight about yourself.
When you close your eyes and hear care, there are a lot of resources into nursing in the United States in this industry, by a lot of attention, it also provides social product with big power. In Japan, 50% of households to provide nursing is women, now about 16% of women with children the old man’s family care. After 15 years, many old people will live independently. In the nursing industry has great potential.

theme: to teach to fish
Host: eyee hsu Central television show host
Guests: cold sunny tao brand “praise of love” founder “campaign” with female entrepreneurs plan student representative, cyl ma jin Southwestern university of finance and economics professor
Shawn Covell, vice President of qualcomm
Carol Yost, senior director for the Asia foundation

cold weather: brand name is love, from 800 yuan salary start a business, starting from scratch, never, entrepreneurship is difficult, the current sales also have pride. Due to the business model of a single, encounter bottleneck, after take part in the campaign, have a clear plan, understand their goals and how to work hard, science, architecture, grounding gas. Into the core business, development and production, research and development parent-child outfit, lose non-core business spending, outsourcing to reduce manpower. Size fits.

cyl ma jin: China’s entrepreneurial training in bud and asymmetry of entrepreneurship theory and practice, the western female entrepreneurship, adjust teaching entrepreneurship around the female perspective and practice, in addition to strategic management, marketing, traditional training and personality leadership training for women, women think strategic planning and ideas. Entrepreneurship education is not only the growth of entrepreneur, and entrepreneurial education is a kind of growth to the school, mutual learning and growth.

a graduate story, she was married two children, her husband left her, after opened the cake shop, there is a tablet, through its study and training and development is very high.