Give up good job, only to realize the beauty entrepreneurs alternative programming education mode

hunting cloud network (note: if you can single-handedly workplace play a day, that you are a successful person; If you can give up personally benefit to others, that you are a great person. First Code is a founder of the Academy’s abandoned the ideal work, creation of open learning model, to teach children to learn the goddess of the coding. This article take you understand the smashing entrepreneurs entrepreneurship.

a ideal job, ease of people daily. Its rarity and find an ideal job, they value of it. The beauty of this was precisely Michelle Sun, this is a growth of Buffer hackers she resolutely leave work, established the First Code coding Academy teenagers in Hong Kong schools.

it is not hard to imagine that the decision of the Sun requires a great deal of determination. She said: “I like the culture atmosphere of Buffer and team relationship, founder of Joel and Leo’s leadership also let a person admire. Hackers and growth that fit my business background and coding technology clever union, to me, this is a rare chance.”

on the other hand, once the failure of entrepreneurial experience, already make the dispirited and discouraged, but I can’t according to the resistance of technology of passion and love for the child’s finally she decisively on the entrepreneurial path again.

encounter passion

the Sun is not always fascinated with science. In the age of the students, she is interested in math and science, majoring in economics at university, and then as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs. Incredibly, she didn’t really met in the technology industry at this time.

she recalled: “at Goldman Sachs, my work involves the technology industry, and companies like alibaba and tencent are often contact, at that time I really found his passion for science and technology. The failure prompted me to learn coding for the first time, because of the curiosity I hope to learn more about science and technology products, even hope to design.”

in after learning the coding, Sun in promising silicon valley startups (such as Bump, Buffer). In addition, she also took part in the Stanford university – a community project in coding the weekend to teach high school students.

Sun’s part-time experience influence to her is her business plan of the enlightenment. She said: “in a community project, my students in science and technology, extraordinary creativity. I wish I had you in Asian middle and primary schools can have such a chance.”

inspired, in 2013, Sun back to Hong Kong, and Google’s “Women Entrepreneur Online cooperation has opened a girls only encoding experimental classes all day. As the course was spread, Sun’s team had to work hard to meet demand, is also brewing First Code Academy.

she recalled: “let the children learn technology like mission let me unable to shirk… With me I’ve seen a quote: “there is always a dream, let’s toss and turn, if you refuse to pine for it, it is a lifelong regret. And my dream is First Code.”

alternative education

founded the First Code, the supply and demand issues highlighted immediately in front of the Sun. She explained: “our instructors are like Cambridge, first-class Stanford and Cornell university graduates, or has a wealth of startup or software engineering experience. That is to say, the threshold is very high.”

the First Code Academy also try to maintain a low proportion of students and teachers, only in this way can give students close, strong operability of the learning process. Sun said: “this means that we can only for extremely limited student services.”

for her, an increase in the number of students is far more important than the school scale. So far, her instructor has through the experimental classes, camping, and speed up regular term project education more than 1500 students. Sun said: “more than the development of the company to our delight the students through learning program for significant growth.”

not surprisingly, when asked about the achievements of primary school, she becomes active. She told a student named Euan: “he likes to play online games, and his family are all love sports. He said he constantly looking for their own passion, and coding will allow him to express themselves, just like music and sports talent friends pursue music and sports.”

at the end of the day, the young Euan passion for the code to make he cut a figure in TEDxYouth activity. He is not the only talent and interest of students is limited by the existing social structure. Sun gives another example:

Sun gave another example: “another student in our week activities, he ask questions actively and actively solve the challenging tasks. Then I found that his talent is not suitable for regular school system. That is breaking the purpose of our education system, let the student learning in the alternative model, found his passion.”

in addition, the First Code Academy and some young talent. One of the students intend to for his 5-year-old brother make a mobile phone games, and finished it in 6 weeks from scratch coding. He used to shine on the world stage, then become the first landing at the Massachusetts institute of technology last year annual summit application inventors a member of the Hong Kong team.

it is interesting to note that Sun will traditional school curriculum as a First Code Academy’s biggest rival. Her explanation is: “with a week of extracurricular activities have already let our students is very busy.”
Thankfully, most of the students attending the activity is very active. She said: “on their activities have a strong curiosity, like development of intelligence activities. And very perseverance, we are not homework, but often have students in extracurricular research projects of their own.”

in Singapore

the First Code Academy there are many projects for students, ranging from grade 2 to grade 7 above. Each class has four to eight students, their learning costs including the right to the use of a year-long online learning platform.

school in Singapore will soon be camping for 2 weeks during the spring and summer vacation. Sun explained: “in fact, we in cooperation with the UN” Women Committee in Singapore 2 weeks ago to set up a community experimental classes. One of the students from their Girls2Pioneer project as well as local schools and international schools, obtained fairly good response.”

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