Give up flying dreams, monitor the person old cell phones into family

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cloud network hunting note: when you are in when buying a new phone line at the entrance to the mobile phone shops, you can think about how to deal with the old cell phone? Their small screen, plate thickness, perhaps even card to death, but the screen pixels high, good quality, strong, durable, is not content to be small. Waved her magic wand, Mindhelix company will old smartphone into a new intelligent home security devices.

we usually every 18 months in a mobile phone, this means that we will every year hundreds of millions of old cell phones to throw in the corner of the wardrobe or landfill. Young entrepreneurs from India carrara bond backwater Kallidil Kalidasan argues that a better treatment method can make the old cell phone die a natural death. After all, they are not useless. Mobile phone camera, microphone, processor, touch screen and wireless connector can be recycled. Last year, Kallidil Kalidasan startup Mindhelix waved in the hands of a magic wand, old smartphone into a smart home security equipment, just like the fairy the magic spell, unkempt appearance wearing slipper Cinderella became a gorgeous princess.

this smart home security equipment is called Rico, has a special card slot to put old cell phones. A put in, Rico will convert it to a movement and sensor noise, can send a security alert when necessary. It also can detect excessive smoke and carbon monoxide.

Mindhelix for Rico on Kickstarter to raise $119000, and is expected to be formally shipment in November.

as carrara gentiles

I’m in a hotbed of student entrepreneurs – see Kalidasan “entrepreneurial village”. He started to study a project since entrepreneurship, has been four years, he is one of the first to enter a startup village of entrepreneurs, is the first to eat crab. Kalidasan office is located in the first room business village, there are also other team at work.

Kalidasan walking out of the office, I talk to the tortuous long corridor. The corridor is like silk around the building, is a place where entrepreneurs “walk”, is full of electronic device, and robot broken limbs.

these limbs is scary, but when Kalidasan told me when he grew up in carrara bond Payyanur, I more shocked, because carrara bond happens to be my home. He Kendriya Vidyalaya reading, the school is behind my house, I was in kindergarten. Like my father, Kalidasan father was also a soldier, after Kalidasan as he moved to another part of India.

now, we are all in the valley of entrepreneurship, while engaged in the industry is different, but both deal with startups. When I was groping to become a writer, Kalidasan but became an entrepreneur, though he wanted to be a pilot. He does not like many boys want to be a pilot is just dreaming, but seriously this dream, efforts to eliminate obstacles. Graduated from high school to have passed the Indian defence college difficult exam and declare the flight.

“chicken” fly

Kalidasan didn’t mention when germination of entrepreneurial ideas, but his body emits a rebellion of institute of defense. He recalls: “the military culture is too heavy to me, people are trained to be synchronised broilers, the same session of the 250 students all do the same thing, I can’t stand it.”

so he quit.

Kalidasan next goal is to become an astronaut. His mind thinking, applied for kochi university of science and technology (CUSAT) study in mechanical engineering. There, he made a classmate of common interest, Thomas Antony, he also wants to be an astronaut. Soon, they both outside the boring class played the “game” of science and technology.

they use Arduino created a microprocessor for easy operation. Kalidasan said: “we want to make something cool with it.”

two have made it, in the madras Indian institute of technology in the Boeing company to undertake an aerobatics contest, they use the Arduino made a four axis aircraft model, they can play.

but the Arduino began to make their economy. Kalidasan said: “we rely too much on the Arduino, a lot of things are using it. Every creation needs a motherboard, it is very expensive in 2008, so we want to build a motherboard. We went to see the “PCB” Matthews. Because in the college of engineering, as long as the students need to be printed circuit board (PCB) are used to find Matthews, so we gave him the nickname, called ‘PCB Matthews.”

“PCB” Matthews, help the two student entrepreneurs built the first Arduino board (100). He said: “we bought the parts from suppliers in mumbai, kochi Chembakara accommodation facilities near the female in fishing to help us sell out.”

they purchased from the United States or China similar PCB now, much cheaper price. Soon, the college of engineering students also came to buy. Kalidasan and Matthews started training they use Arduino board. The road to their entrepreneurial set sail.

Kalidasan said: “these boards greatly liberated the us. We can code, to rewrite the program, and make cool things. We can use a very basic programming and the mechanical engineering principle in the circuit to make very complicated ideas. We’ve even developed a robot, he can run behind a yellow ball. We also for other college students to open training session robots, robot selling equipment, by the way. Our sale price is 1000 Indian rupees ($16), is the cheapest robot equipment on the market, so we’re a high-volume, low-margin business.”

when he said this was in 2009, in the next 2010 years, their interest and turned to the nascent Android applications. The HTC G1 smartphone development process, including TukTuk Meter, it is a for the application of rickshaws calculation cost, it was launched in January 2011 a will cause people’s attention. Another popular application is the Sentinel, it when you encounter difficulties can send an alert to your friend. Until a young woman on a bus in Delhi was gang-raped before, it has gained widespread high praise, and the case of public buses, caused a public protests, the Delhi and therefore has given rise to more security applications.

to the roller

TukTuk Meter and Sentinel didn’t monetized, but it is a Kalidasan Mindhelix company on the map. Kalidasan in university’s friend and joint founder of Antony leave the company to purdue university research of aerospace engineering, Neil Armstrong had to study there. And stay scaled company Kalidasan said: “I think he is struggle for the astronaut dream, and I hate academic.” Both aim at the sky, but go their separate ways.

is probably at the beginning of 2010 Mindhelix create, Kalidasan meet the founder of Innoz Deepak Ravindran and founder of Mobme Sanjay Vijayakumar. “As far as we know, they are carrara bond only two start-ups.” They consider their CARDS lala bond turf establish entrepreneurial hotbed to nourish form a startup ecosystem. So village built in the second year of business, Mindhelix naturally became one of the first to settle there.

entrepreneurial village to help locate Mindhelix development, but more important is The accelerator Mindhelix joined The silicon valley companies products Alchemist.

Kalidasan join Alchemist suffered painful lessons for six months, that is the development of useful security applications such as Sentinel does not mean that we can do big business make a lot of money. He said: “we understand how people feel secure, security is not only is a kind of need, but also a kind of vanity. People don’t worry too much about personal safety; In fact, they are more worried about the safety of your car. They will spend 10000 Indian rupees ($10000) in the car with a burglar alarm, but it won’t take less money to install personal security applications. We dream wake up, for we have been trying to do is all nonsense.”

is this period of days, the Alchemist Kalidasan abandoned Sentinel, a research and development, to focus on the more great products in the field of security technology. The present situation is smart phones become fashion, but the old version of the mobile phone for technical upgrading and eliminated by mass. He playing with another idea, until finally decided to rely on the Arduino. Rico arises at the historic moment, make furniture across the security technology, intelligent and smart phone three nodes.

after return to India, Kalidasan reduced the number of Mindhelix team, focus on the development of Rico. He said: “in October 2014, we put Rico on Kickstarter financing platform, target of $100000. Finally, we raised $119000, received 400 orders.” Rico priced at $99. Kalidasan have seed money, are now busy to improve and validate the product in November will be products on the market. The present mass smartphone to be eliminated, they have quite a lot of the mobile phone function, Kalidasan understood that he was finally time to take off, although is not as entrepreneurs.

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