Giants are all touting big data, Snapchat scoff at the

on May 29, hunting cloud network

recently, bloomberg reported Snapchat (burn after reading photo sharing application), chief executive of (and founder) elvin, skin, history, and points out that to promote the maturity of such a start-up efforts behind the interesting place. In simple terms, the story is worth reading, but I think in this article, please pay more attention to this point:,, pioneering move is not a complete data control.

analysis and intuition are two different words. In terms of product development, the former suggests that there is his view of what you want, while the latter for you to guess what kind of product is what customers really want big open convenient way. However, still have in common, both opposed to negate the data and the means to rely on intuition. In fact, many enterprises are more bullish on the former.

technology companies tend to be based on user use the product approach to develop a series of information products. Marketers are, they will make full use of the personal data collected, elaborate products. Advertising company also unwilling to lag behind, based on their data analysis and display products, to launch all kinds of banner ads, commercial advertisement is like a piece of paper on around.

and the practice of Snapchat overturns the conventional. According to bloomberg reported that in the product design, editing and advertising platform, etc., the company seems to be trying to avoid using (or ignored) type of this kind of data-driven methods. Now take a look at the campaign for Snapchat criticized some views of the software design:

skins, some users also criticized, said he provide this service is difficult to use, born before 1985, the public and feel a bit mystifying. (the New York times, wrote, “the design of the user interface looks like a weird anime and intersection of sitcom” prevailed in the 80 s), for example, there are no visualizations on the interface button, there is only hidden icon and slide gestures can trigger a variety of functions. And find other users is unlikely, unless you know their username or mobile phone number. He says, ‘I want to make it look different, but the difference between it embodies in its novelty. Company is can simplify the service, ‘he says, to join the function such as user directory, but he was more interested in innovation, and Snapchat70 % engineer is sweating on the new product.

the next paragraph explained Snapchat so act:

when Facebook and Google to vigorously develop science and technology, the development of the popular or use a wide range of advanced materials,,, think he has the responsibility for Snapchat those sensitive and remarkable new generation product () is not only a popular endorsement. He gave up to cater to the user’s preferences (through the analysis of the retrieval words, amount of clicks and share the user interest), betting on the editing of traditional media and is not up to date. Earlier this year, he announced a Snapchat signed with 11 media brands, including CNN, the United States on comedy central, professional sports channels and cable TV characters weekly, and invited them to open channel video and articles published on Snapchat, these articles will only exist in Snapchat video and a day. , he explained, “today, the data can solve all the comments, but I don’t see its compared with excellent editors published flash.”

that is the company’s advertising concepts below:

, very exclusive, most of online advertising. He felt that targeted advertising can let a person has the feeling of horror, especially when you have bought a particular product on a website, only to find the relevant ads appear on other web sites. He vividly shows that “it’s like a vacuum cleaner when you get to the Internet have been followed, will no doubt be the fine upright”. To this, he stressed that Snapchat ads will not carry private one-on-one information between users, given its invasion of privacy caused impression to the person.

on the contrary, Snapchat began in media channels and city (and the university campus) inserted into some brand story (for example, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and samsung electronics) full screen video ads. These ads about 10 seconds long, with traditional TV trailers are similar, with the new network format in different ways.

I believe the above excerpt shows the Snapchat design mobile applications, research and development to edit products and introduce more centered on advertising tools (because it is trying to get rid of the feeding of vc, independent operation) of idealized manner. However, this idea is a good thing, even if it’s just think about it, perhaps this is just a way to Snapchat operation.

but there is no denying the fact that a lot of things is determination by data analysis. Google has the effect of the search results page in order to create the best test of 41 kinds of different shades of blue. Facebook also to show the user that it only think the latter will be interested in things. In short, the algorithm, at least when they executed correctly, can show the information in our world view.

but that is too boring. No than give people what they thought was more boring things they want. You know how made-up Henry Ford proof? “If I were asked what people want, they would say a fast horse?” So it can be said that companies now ask everyone what they want, we can say we want a fast horse.

that is to say, Snapchat seemingly in reverse current. Almost give up even if it didn’t work, I also understand the application, even if I happens to be one of its target customers, and bloomberg reports suggest that the current application research and development and advertising platform development is sick), but at least let us know Snapchat trying to change it.


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