Giant after offline shopping O2O, retail Internet + how to fly?

(/xiao-miao li wen)

under the impact of the O2O and electronic business, traditional offline shopping center began to work with Internet companies, for the user to create a new shopping experience, mobile payment is make the entry of the new shopping experience, before flying wanda and ali meow street, business circle, is committed to build wisdom helps traditional shopping center in the mobile Internet transformation, offline mobile products on the line. Help shopping center with mobile, social, convenient experience, improve the business ability and service ability of the business circle.

the (message) on May 13, payment, tencent tencent micro letter map and wisdom figure also O2O shopping center series product “Beacon flies” wisdom, have also been in xidan big city to the ground. Products are: fly fly pay + street + games.


“fly” by the wisdom of Beacon + WeChat pay users through shake into interactive marketing platform, to realize positioning, bring new payment for shopping center, reduce user lines, improving shopping experience; Composed of wisdom Beacon + tencent street “flies street view function, through the cable on street view and vertical mall in the high-end field, promote the shopping behavior in the free conversion between virtual and reality, open the new mode of virtual shopping combined with offline shopping; “Fly”, based on HTML 5, combined with wisdom Beacon and interactive games, shopping and entertainment, mining offline shopping fun; For stores to raise the transformation rate of customers resident time, shopping stores and rich interaction between consumers and shopping when trying on clothes boy can waiting for a girl is playing games.

this cooperation xidan big yue city services, increase the “360 ° shopping” navigation. In going shopping at 360 °, the user can see all of xidan Joy City stores, shops can click to view and the history, brand culture, and price of a commodity, etc. Also have the opportunity to collect coupons, into the shop, pay by WeChat consumption coupons, enjoy one-stop service.

yesterday (May 13), wal-mart announced to reach a cooperation with alipay, its stores all over the country will have access to pay treasure payment system. This is the end of April “carrefour” and “vanguard” declared access to pay treasure, after another chain giants into the mobile payment.

mobile payment as one of the most important aspects of the forge O2O retail experience, all the big can’t miss it. Using mobile payment big data analytics, businesses can according to the different behavior of the crowd, and preferences, radius of life, consumption credit rating, etc., and to make business decisions. The future of mobile payments may into all aspects of the offline consumption, such as medical, food, entertainment, etc.