Get help maintain a sole 】 【 led by onion fund 4 million yuan angel round


today, founder and CEO to help maintain a freight yu told cloud network exclusive hunting, last December, the team was established only a week, which obtain 4 million yuan angel round, led by the onion fund, Infinity Venture Partners to vote. At present, the android to help maintain A new version has been launched, IOS version will also be released within A week, at the same time, the company has embarked on A round of funding.

after the car market because of its huge car ownership, it contains great value, with the blossoming of door-to-door service, car market after the O2O also popular. Door-to-door car wash strictly technical content is low, but as maintenance and repair these big projects, a high technical level requirements, second car value, the corresponding cost is higher also. Choose help maintain the trust and transparency, help the owner with a lower price to offline maintenance shop to enjoy the high quality service.

team to help maintain a car, they aspire to let the users to maintain a more simple

founder and CEO of freight yu, worked at 51 cars, car reviews. To be responsible for the dealer operations management work, experience of gift electric ShangChengGong entrepreneurship was acquired, this belongs to the second startup. Co-founder and COO liu jie, has 10 years experience in auto media and 4 s shop experience, the group has worked at easy car, car reviews, group of, etc.

freight yu convective cloud network, said that if an analogy, repair and maintenance is similar to the health care industry, highly complex, professional degrees. Car maintenance industry development for decades, but still closed, belong to the traditional industry, there is no standard, information opaque. Maintenance, for example, when users don’t know what to spend how many money, and where specific flowers, and every shop, price and service content is not the same. Maintain versa, even after the repair problems don’t know who the find.

freight yu said, because of their work in the car of the Internet, time is long, the friends will always be kept asking, maintain a car go, please help introduce acquaintances, it is similar to the healthcare industry, grasping, pulling the acquaintances to find relations. Once had a friend drove a audi A4, 60000 kilometers to the big maintenance, most of the store to his offer basic it is around 12000, I give he recommend a shop in the past, finally have to only 8000 yuan. He convective cloud network said, this is also why want to do to help maintain a reason. Right there is a group of like-minded friends, so quickly formed a team, committed to give everyone confused for a long time of car ownership problems to solve.

specific what to do to help maintain a

Hope that through the Internet +

to help maintain a way to access to the industry, the car subsidy, cost is high to break the bottleneck, forming a virtuous circle of the new situation.

first of all, will help maintain a provides a standard data maintenance, users can easily go to the query what the car how many kilometres need maintenance project, cost, factory maintenance program is what, how much is the price, what is the price of each business, what you need to use the accessories. In order to facilitate the user to select, do these help maintain the packaging, can be divided into the original type, economical type and performance, such as in view of the user to drive in city for a long time, can choose economical product first, if the user is asked for power, can choose the type of performance products.

second, through the platform to help maintain a reservation, can enjoy similar to a bulk discount. The discount is combined to help maintain a businessman a launch, to master a lot of the demand side, specifically to help maintain a so have bargaining power, it is impossible to separate the user. After the other users on the platform to help maintain a reservation, can accept service to store, without waiting for.

the third, in view of the maintenance, set up the owner directly with technicians to help maintain a communication platform. Owners who choose to fix first, then choose where to go. At the same time, the technician is also a level difference between the two, according to the national recognition of technician’s qualification certificate and field experience, divided into different levels. Owners can need according to oneself, choose suitable technician for consultation, and complete vehicle maintenance, at the same time, we will provide the process regulation, to ensure the quality of maintenance.

to establish standards and data collection

to help maintain a car to do such a reciprocal platform to all users, so the establishment of standard is the premise, to provide users with similar to self-service. This standard is not our unilateral created by myself, but is a combination of more than 100 have been added to our platform line maintenance for more than 10 years experience of technicians, and combined with the standard of each brand manufacturers launched after a lot of editing and translating, formed the 300000 now to help maintain a standard overhead price of detailed data.

through these data, the user can check how many kilometres to should do; Second, the user can see the price of each business, there are 4 s shop, and the garage, the user can according to the distance, to choose its own price.

like drops quickly, improve service quality is fundamental

like drops a taxi, to help maintain a real hard and skilled master, at the same time the user service really good technicians make more money.

after the car problems, is the old way, take out the phone to call the 4 s shop or repair shop, the other side of the first reaction is to drive you come over, after coming to check what the problem. In fact, this time the user is a burden in his heart, everyone unified idea is: what problem? Severe not serious? If it is a little trouble, can not repair? I find who take best? About how much will it cost? How long can fix? Insurance you could walk no…

by platform to help maintain a car, the user can communicate directly with the technician. First, the user can get at least three tips, can know what his car problem, the seriousness of the problem and the urgency to what degree? Second, if the phone cannot be solved, to find what kind of store, find what person.

help car ownership and car ownership, the difference between a door and views on the future

freight yu convective cloud network, said the main is the service form, is responsible for selecting help maintain a more businesses, joint the business service to users. Relative to door-to-door service, users are more likely to accept, are more likely to win the trust.

and for the future of the industry, freight yu told cloud network: hunting reminded when the owner’s car maintenance, car owners can directly order in the mobile phone, can go directly to the store and can also look for a person to take the car door and then send back, is it also a door-to-door service. Vehicle encounters any problem, can be found directly has been providing services, trusted technicians, form the housekeeper type service. But now the most fundamental, still want the overall service industry will be more and more standard, information is more and more symmetrical, the price is completely transparent. Let users enjoy the high quality service, from passive to active choice. Implements these, can also be on the basis of considering breeds of other services.