Geometry of life: in addition to playing a personalized boutique hotel recommended booking, also can play unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

(text/Tang Yaqin)

“we don’t travel industry.” Geometric life CEO Chen Gongping said he doesn’t like their products to return for the tourism industry, they are more focused on quality of life, to give users a warm, stylish, enjoy the sweet feeling of life. Tell us the truth also is such, Chen Gongping, earlier when ali work often on a business trip, during the choice of hotel cost a lot of energy, their own love experience hotel, do you want to be out of ali after he had a hotel products, today they resort hotel brand positioning, brand favorable to the implementation of the save user screening cost at the same time, the future will also continuously grope for the other direction, focus on quality of life, to be near a Michelin star hotel.

geometry, life, and timeless

life geometry, geometry, the general mathematical geometry, the first thought is the art of geometry, gypsum, and Chen Gongping said, their inspiration comes from the name “shenzhen, life geometry” in the poetry, short life short runs passed quickly, hope to be able to do such a product, to choose, effective information classification, can not let users, saving the cost of user selection. With the traditional tourism capacity are unavoidable plus “tourism” 2 words, and they choose “life” is more inclined to let users enjoy life. So, geometric life now introduced a quality hotel, the brand is favorable, holiday + unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), also have to meet the requirements of style, quality of life.

brand resort hotel

Chen Gongping to hunt cloud network, said they do not like other travel sites, platform walk low-priced. In fact of life is the pursuit of quality people, more is to want to find a can meet the demand of quality of travel products. Compared on the crowd positioning, business people, they tend to be on vacation, although the holiday people less high frequency, but they are more pursuit and family together of the time can be comfortable, good service, good quality. And geometric life, from the perspective of the product, in turn, to screen the crowds, mainly in view of the lower class people, not and income level, but the difference between consumption frequency, frequency may be higher income of high consumption, income lower consumption frequency may be lower, as a result, for the wider population, not only for the high-end crowd.

Chen Gongping tell hunting cloud network, they also have a special fun, “holiday + unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)” . Especially like to play with it yourself drones, every hotel will use aerial drones. At present, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in domestic is fire, but in addition to the aerial can also do other anything, without a good scenario. How to combine drones and holiday, as a breakthrough point, mainly to the geek, leisure, high-end crowd. Chen Gongping said, an accidental opportunity, geometric life and sanya shangri-la joint did an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) club, as a kind of recreational facilities, users can rent or buy package directly, and the big boot camp of xinjiang cooperation can let users enjoy holiday and the joy of the game of high-tech products at the same time. But the future will be in the hotel, for point, for traffic entrance, first to solve the problem of living, and then to a finer process, the surrounding supporting service to follow up, screening of a large number of service providers, these are the users to choose .

brand reputation, quality service, hotel itself does not need to go to dozen brands, to find cost-effective brand discount for you. Chen Gongping to hunt cloud network said they only do a third party, and the hotel and no cooperation, the price is not himself, but from the Internet to find prices. Them than naked, without door market, compared with the package, option value, the ratio of the geometric life launched three brand is favorable, helping users to identify the discount is really good, to filter out invalid information. In addition to branding is favorable, it also will introduce value meals, according to the different needs of users by user action.

Michelin star hotel of

weakening domestic hotel star standard view, and now a lot of home stay facility, which also hides a lot of high quality home stay facility, how to let the user know the stand or fall or not, a lot of vacation class hotel a home stay facility, need a standard , and such a standard from stress to establish a trust relationship is inseparable, Chen Gongping tell hunting cloud network, they will experience personally, in the hotel down without knowing which items and set up their own standards. To improve user trust, and then according to the needs of users, the standard, in turn, to influence the traditional hotel.

0 to 1, first from start point

Chen Gongping said, from small start point, the market is really big, whether in tuyere, he don’t really care. Sexual boutique hotel recommended and booking platform the size of the market and the width now don’t want too much, do ability range can do first.

about financing, Chen Gongping, according to geometric life has completed the angel financing.