Gather the optimal loan: a focus feminine product staging site

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

get the optimal loan is a P2P make feminine products mall in stages, with the target customers are female college students group: users borrow to buy standard, investors choose the borrower will lend money to each other. When the loan scale is cast, after the expiration of the students use the money to buy product in stages, after to repay the principal and interest to the lender by the month. In addition, gather the optimal loan will give customers with its surrounding the school part-time information, students can do part-time, to reduce the part of the month, and increase credit score.

get together the best credit and the best is what relation? Poly (the founder of the optimal loan JiWeiKang convective cloud network said, “have the optimal loan is currently gathering the best product of a distributor, our online products are mainly from gather beauty is superior.”

JiWeiKang after 90 is a serial entrepreneur, founded in the optimal loan before, he had to do the gym O2O boring fitness APP experience, from that time began to set up the online and offline promotion united team; At present, the team to do the best loan APP, the team a total of six people, core members have learned in love to borrow, entrepreneurial magic school of experience.

at present, the major electrical manufacturers are introducing installment, several specialises in P2P installment site (e.g., interest in installment, staging superman) also gradually rise and expansion. When it comes to competitive advantage of the optimal loan, JiWeiKang said, “in the future, in installment shopping financial market there will always be more giant to participate in market competition, how to fight in the red sea market, I think only in niche markets have a chance, to abandon the front of the 3 c products, looking for the niche market of guerrilla warfare.”

why to female college students this group cut into the market segment?

11.3215 million female college students in school of our country, the college students is the main consumers of online shopping, female college students consumer groups are easy to accept new things and media dependence degree is high, they accepted the new type of consumption patterns are very high. But due to the limitation of income of student, they will be more and more to the electronic on the installment plan to meet their desire to consume. In addition, gather the best credit team in the process of investigation found that female college students had a lower risk group credit guarantee, bad debts (because the parents have economic power as a repayment guarantee, and don’t want to because of credit problems affecting employment) and YuQiLv to 20% lower than boys.

therefore, gather the optimal loan seize this has given rise to large differentiation capacity market opportunity, from the perspective of the universities and colleges in chengdu, facing the whole country female college students in school, prepared from beauty products as the breakthrough point, facial mask, skin cream, cosmetics and other goods and beauty care, micro plastic, such as service, will be around the female college students’ way of life for each category. According to hunt other cloud network understanding, gather the optimal loan is in angel rounds of financing.