Gates to 15 predicted that in 1999, now it has come true

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cloud network hunting Note: Bill Gates in his 1999 book, had been made for the future prediction of 15 “unreliable”. After 16 years, the 15 predictions have come true!

in 1999, Bill Gates has published a book “future Speed – digital systems and Business thinking”, “Business @ the Speed of Thought”. In the book, Bill Gates has made a 15 bold prediction to the future. These predictions on that seems to be bold and funny, but, as business students Markus Kirjonen in a blog post, Mr Gates seems to have foresight “astonishing”.

No. 1: price comparison website

gates predicted: “automatic price than service will be derived and development. People can see through the service to a multiple site product quotation, effortlessly find the cheapest goods in all industries.”

status: the amazon or Google, search what you want, you can see different manufacturers offer for the same product. Comparison shopping emerged in the Internet search engine, such as NexTag, PriceGrabber and so on.

No. 2: mobile equipment

gates predicted: “people will carry a smaller, more convenient. No matter where they can keep in touch with others at any time, and engage in business activities. They can also browse news through this kind of equipment, make sure they order the flight ticket and get the latest news of the financial markets. Of course this kind of mobile devices will have more functions, people almost can use it to do all things. “

status: smart phones have spread, we even have a smart watch.

No. 3: instant payment, online financing and more advanced medical services online

gates predicted: “people can online payment, financial affairs, and online communication and doctors.”

status: the network medical facilities also seems to have no too much progress, but there has been a network sites, can let a person easily find and arrange doctor visits. As for the online payment and financing, you can be in Lending Club such loans, pay by PayPal or Venmo complete online.

No. 4: personal butler and iot

gates predicted: “‘ personal butler will have evolved more intelligent. In the near future, whether you are at home or in the office, ‘they can connect and synchronize all of your equipment, and freely exchanging data between devices. ‘personal butler can also check your email or notice, according to the information you need. When you go shopping, you can tell your ‘housekeeper’ recipes you want, it will automatically generate the ingredients list and your shopping list. It can inform you of other equipment your shopping plan and schedule, so that your equipment can make corresponding adjustment.”

status: one can run on mobile devices of intelligent assistant already developed in the direction of the gates predicted; It’s called: Google Now. At the same time, like a Nest the intelligent devices can be according to the arrangement of your daily life, automatically adjust the indoor temperature. Beacons can be according to your shopping habits, to send you store coupons.

No. 5: family monitoring online

gates predicted: “family real-time video surveillance will be popular. If the visitor while you were out, the system will inform you in time.”


Dropcam sell CCTV cameras, can easily achieve real-time monitoring family. Google has been in the high price of 2014 in 555 million to buy the company.

No. 6: social media

gates predicted: “do you have all your friends and family will have their own personal web site, you can private chat or planning activities.”

status: Facebook, sets has achieved social media sites, etc.

No. 7: automatic discount promotion

gates predicted: “as long as you make travel plans, there will be a special software through these information, to provide you with advice on arrival activities. It can be proposed activities, notify your offers and promotional information, as well as all the goods or service at the lowest price you want to use.

status: “and Kayak travel website can according to your purchase records to provide advice to you. Google and Facebook’s advertising can also through the user’s location and interests, to push their promotional advertising.

No. 8: sports live BBS

gates predicted: “when you watch sports on TV at the same time, you can live on this BBS discussion in the game, even can vote to discuss who will be the winner.”

status: there are many social media sites have the function of this, Twitter is apparently the most famous of these. In addition, you can also leave real-time comments on ESPN sports sites, such as.

No. 9: intelligent advertising

gates predicted: “a lot of devices will appear intelligent advertising. They can be through your propensity to buy, the be fond of according to you, to show you you might be interested in advertising.

status: most of the online advertising already have this feature. Advertising will be based on people’s browsing history, personal preferences and buying patterns target customer base.

No. 10: live TV will provide links to sites

gates predicted: “live TV will provide links to sites, can you visit here, you can watch the contents of the related websites.

status: almost all the live sporting events has function of advertising, can be connected to a particular site. Sometimes, the advertisement also displays’s Twitter account.

No. 11: online public discussion space

gates predicted: “city and even the national citizens will be able to discuss topics they are interested on the Internet, local politics, for example, urban planning, or security issues, and so on.”

status: almost all of the news websites have the comments section, the user can be online discussion there. There are many sites also set up a BBS, available for users to ask questions or to solve a particular problem. Twitter and Facebook are in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia and other countries occupies a place of political reform.

No. 12: based on user interest website

gates predicted: “can influence the online community will not only is your home, your interests.”

situation: today, there are all kinds of online news websites and online communities are focused on a topic. There are many news websites also based on the vertical development, provide more in-depth analysis and interpretation on the topic.

No. 13: project management software

gates predicted: “operator will be able to set the whole team of the project, the project and the instructions on the Internet, and find their talent.”

status: the industry now has hundreds of thousands of workflow software, and called the players, the team has also completely change and distribution of work.

No. 14: online recruitment

gates predicted: “similar to this, job seekers can indicate their interest on the net, requirements, and professional skills, so as to seek employment opportunities.

status: the user can in Linkedin, this kind of website to upload their resume, according to their personal interest and needs to find a job. Employers can search the corresponding job seekers according to professional skills.

No. 15: enterprise community software

gates predicted: “companies will be bidding work, whether they are looking for construction project, movie or advertising, etc. Whether outsourcing work to a big company, looking for a new customer of enterprise, or does not provide the service of the company, this method is very effective.”

status: enterprise software is very valued social, in order to let the customer contact to other enterprises, dialogue, and may even directly by software in a big project.


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