Future is not just India, the world’s fourth largest smartphone market in Indonesia and not into the!

hunting cloud network note: Indonesia’s wonderful work bill recently released: all locally sold 4 g smartphones and tablet manufacturers, products must be in Indonesia, 20% in domestic manufacturing; If not up to standard, the manufacturer will be ejected from the Indonesian market. At present, the only thing that can only TSM seemed to standard company; Even in Indonesia local brands are slim. TSM will dominate the Indonesian market? Other brands and how to deal with?

a new regulations which took effect in later this year the Indonesian smartphone market. Bill of this provision was dubbed “made in Indonesia, the requirement of all sales in Indonesia 4 g smartphone and tablet makers must be 20% this year in Indonesia local production of products, the proportion must reach 30% by 2017.

those who want to rapid development in Indonesia and huge potential in the mobile market share of international brands will face the challenge and change.

if you don’t obey the rules, that they will pay a heavy price: they risk losing the Indonesian market – and Indonesia is predicted to become the world’s fourth largest smartphone market in 2018.

race start

phone makers are stepping up efforts to catch up with the new regulations in the index. Samsung has announced on many occasions is going to open a factory in Indonesia, but not yet have a follow up message. The south Korean manufacturer’s products currently in Indonesia are popular in China. Indonesian consumers most mid-range price of smartphone, the price to $230. In this price range, there are nine is samsung every ten mobile phones.

millet, the model in September 2014, with its cheap red rice 1 s into the Indonesian company, it also like the face the fate of a blur. It may speak cannot be released later this year in Indonesia its 4 g smartphones. Hugo Barra, millet’s vice President of the international business will maintain wait-and-see attitude, because he thought that the Indonesian government has not yet been fully explain its 4 g planning for the future.

even Indonesia local smartphone brand standard in the new regulations also face difficulties. Them most of the products made in China. Local brands such as Polytron, Evercoss, Himax, Mito, heavily dependent on imported products.

it seems only one company has been able to meet the requirements of new situation production: the TSM technology. In August 2014, TSM issued the first Indonesian manufacturing 4 g phones. This kind of mobile phone brand named IVO V – 5, in the 4 g network provider Bolt launched.

foxconn in Indonesia?

TSM are ready to become a giant Indonesian mobile equipment manufacturing. According to co-founder Benson Kawengian, TSM to see themselves as an engineering company. It is positioning itself to any desired profit of local and international brands in Indonesia market the ideal partner. “We offer cooperation brand scheme is very flexible. Customers can buy from us have finished products, can also be cooperation in local production of products, and is the use of their existing design and approved suppliers.” Kawengian said in a interview.

now foxconn plans to set up factories in Indonesia, there is no substantial progress, TSM in and its advantageous position to fill the gap, although it did not consider himself and founder of TSM, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant belong to the similar enterprises.

TSM behind the decision maker is Kawengian Riswanto and Sam Ali and his partners. Start the company in early 2014, quickly, and Kawengian Riswanto took a fancy to mobile hardware huge potential market in Indonesia. They then with Ali partnership, before he was imported from China to Indonesia function machine with smart traders. Ali is the ideal partner for Kawengian, because he was understanding of engineering knowledge and contact the smartphone production supply chain has been widely. Ali now is chairman of TSM and CTO.

TSM with IVO V – 5 4 g phones proved that Indonesia’s future. Kawengian for TSM optimistically about the future in this field. “In a very short period of time, the TSM already set up millions of dollars of sales record. We believe that within three to five years, TSM will reach more than $100 million in profit. We have a very simple business model, clear profitable routes. We plan to become a regional mobile technology strong competitors.”

Kawengian don’t agree with “made in Indonesia act” will increase cost, restrict access by science and technology. This view began in the article published in the Reuters moon, citing a “influential American business group” this view.

Kawengian think the market is further diversification, this will eventually benefit the terminal consumer. “I believe the iPhone, samsung and millet mobile phone will still exist in the local market, they cannot ignore the Indonesian market. Overall speaking, consumers have more choices, more benefits.”

Kawengian said TSM has yet to receive any outside funding, but the team is preparing for investment by the end of the year.

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