Fu Cheng: working with entrepreneurial mindset, otherwise waste themselves

cloud network hunting note: the difference between person and person on earth? Why are there differences between person and person? Why do some successful some failure? Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng wrote to share “pull down thinking of the fence.” Fu Cheng thought is not we imagine the big differences between people, rather than differences in IQ, rather the difference of thinking. Fu Cheng authorization release hunting cloud network.

the following is the full text:

at the end of last year, I was alone, driving from Beijing to guangzhou, more than three thousand kilometers, all the way are thinking about a problem: the difference between person and person on earth? Why are there differences between person and person? I thought of a word: tear down thinking of the fence.

later, I saw at the airport “tear down the wall of the thinking” this book, the frustrations. I usually look at the success in books, in fact I don’t think this is a book of success. The author thought gave me a lot of inspiration.

I found that sometimes the limit is to limit itself. what do you think can’t do that, you really can’t do. Do you think you can be more powerful, you will really become stronger.

have you ever thought, the real limit our, is an invisible wall in our thinking? While the wall is a large part comes from the inner sense of insecurity.

I think the essence of security, not you really safe, but you are not afraid of danger, dare to face the difficulty. Remember someone asked me “what is the biggest harvest after listed?” I said, the biggest harvest is likely to be the heart of the so-called sense of security, face the world, inner thoughts without so many restrictions.

everyone heart in pursuit of security. this is normal. But many people become the slaves of security. What is a slave to security? Is the fear of change and the status quo, listen to others. The pursuit of a sense of security is the instinct of a man, but must go through security acquired heart really strong. Security is giving, not taking. The more you fear, the more you ask for, increasing insecurity instead.

because a lot of people in the world is full of fear, also has a lot of difficulties in life, we have a lot of people don’t consciously become a victim, this is called “victim mentality”. this kind of fear and insecurity, nourish a victim mentality. When in trouble, you will always feel the world is unfair, full of all sorts of problems. The authors attribute this kind of mode for victims to heaven.

what victims paradise? Is the most willing to place a victim. Everyone gathered in the, comfort each other, and then feel life is so. the author summarizes the victim several laws of heaven.

victims heaven first law called shirk responsibility, to save face.

all questions no matter my, it’s not my fault.

if a child to learn, parents asked, the victim would have said, is not my bad studious, is the teacher speak well; If a task is not completed, but by the boss, the victim would have said, is not my problem, this is a customer is too abnormal condition.

the victim of a set of logic. Is not my problem, is bad people; Is not my problem, is when I was a little boy, I didn’t this condition; Is not my problem, is the society is so impetuous. victims in heaven, we have never made any mistake. Virtue is his, and errors are all others and society.

of course, they also haven’t made any thing. The author mentioned in the book, the victim also don’t need to do, they just talk and make up the story. But the problem is that the story is true at the beginning, then slowly began to exaggerate, then slowly believe myself – he lives in a boss metamorphosis, the wife not lovely, the teacher is bad in the world.

many colleagues complained to me about how hard it is. In fact, the so-called “difficult”, was not in front of me. Our business how? At that time, because of work to catch up, I didn’t even see grandpa last time. After got off the car, I can’t go back, sitting on the side of the road crying for a long time. In that case, I will call urged everyone to work every day.

however, whenever I said here, they have a recruit. They would say, you are the boss, so you should. This is the question about which eggs and chickens. Don’t I from the first day is the boss? It is a universal method of crack.

all in all, in the paradise of the victim, one to do bad things, absolutely is not a personal power, but this thing has a problem.

victims of heaven the second law further, set his mind at to do bad things.

in the workplace, many people don’t work hard every day, also can feel at ease, why? Because he felt that the company is too bad, the boss is too abnormal condition, too not understand us, so I like with respect to OK.

a study in the United States, in the 30 prison, almost no criminals would be to admit that you are bad. They defended their actions, they are firmly believed that he should not be thrown in jail. a lot of people who do bad things have a perfect victims’ stories.

once, when I was a manager of the department, I will tell the person in the group, follow me very bitter, if only to feel uncomfortable in a chance. But as long as you stay here one day, will live up to their own every day. Don’t live up to the company, live up to their first. What is more valuable than your time? The so-called dry for the company, not for his efforts? If this all think impassability, also feel at ease, don’t do together. Otherwise, is to find a more comfortable environment.

in fact, this world there is no will make you comfortable in a big mess in the environment. Must become strong, to face the world bravely.

victims heaven’s third law called: share the sad story.

victims have a common hobby, is better than bad. Together to share all kinds of sad stories, turned into a sad story.

this sad story, not only exists in people in dinner conversation, the whole society has become so. For example, each station has a show or several show, are about who is who. In this program, the wife must be derailed, her boyfriend must infidelity, certainly not filial son. Rating is quite high. Because the people watched these programs, and will find comfort, the original so miserable thing in the world.

everyone victims in other people’s stories, a number of cheap nihilistic comfort and joy.

the author in the book is also a lot of vivid examples. Victims in the heaven, if you brokenhearted, you of female the companion collective gathered to accompany you to drink, said the man have no a good thing (are they all tried?) ; If you have been scolded by the boss in the morning, you will soon be absorbed into the company of vulnerable group, the main task of their meals at noon is to discuss his boss how abnormal condition (I don’t know how much he was discussed back); If a child accidentally fell on the ground, crying, parents didn’t go well, don’t blame the child said would hit the floor, floor wrong wrong wrong, a child happy smiled.

we in such a paradise, incredibly soak, slowly habit, then immersed, began to share.

heaven help victims “victims” easily get sympathy and help, like a personal illness, just think maybe someone would see him. Their victims from the comfort of the heaven, into the endless emotional hole.

however, how to do? In fact, the core is to handle myself. Be the first to admit that a harsh reality, the society is not so fair. But this does not affect your happy work in society.

so, how to from a victim into a master?

please enter a honest thinking: no matter what happens, you can take full responsibility. As long as you are willing, you can do better, can even do a psychological assumptions – if all experienced things back again again, all conditions don’t change, only change yourself, you can do a better result? If the answer is Yes, then you begin to go into the role of control; If your answer is No, then you are think they have done good enough before, all the bad is other people’s problems.

back with Xu Ming business, the two of us often locked himself in his office review each other, constantly reflect on what thing didn’t do, what things can be better, will there be a better choice. I used to think this is a good simple question, then to communicate with a lot of people, found that the problem is not easy. Because few people are willing to face the negative themselves, the process is very painful, need to continue to abandon the past.

before someone will ask me, people often attack you, what would you do? I said is very good, it doesn’t matter. This is zhou gave me the greatest gift. Most can call names, I scold over, still have what good afraid of? Despite the painful scold, scold, after looking back again, any thing on this, is not a problem.

everything you experience, it is your wealth.

, it reminds me of the letter written to Mr Yang liu, when you are a Turkey, others don’t think you is greater than he. At that time, you can reflect on, I really do good enough?

the world is so unfair. You do is a little bit better, people is not recognized. You have to do an ostrich, ostrich is much bigger than the chicken, by that time, all people will say hello.

if you think the world is unfair, could essentially or you are not very strong, you haven’t done good enough.

actually, didn’t we imagine the big differences between people, rather than differences in IQ, rather the difference of thinking. we live in a world is not fair, we can’t change the rules of the world, can’t change your past, but at least they face the world can change our attitude, change your perception of the past, with a new mode of thinking, face the world again.

if you are willing, you can always control something. Whoever no pain, no struggle? Unless you are a victim of pattern let you deep into complaints and self-pity. As long as you are willing to use a control point of view, to face their own work and life. You will feel happy.

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