Fu Cheng remind entrepreneurs: abandon the grindstone, going global era

note: hunting cloud cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng in GMIC yesterday in a speech in the conference, with the cheetah, nearly two years practice and experience to remind the domestic entrepreneurs to actively move overseas, rethinking, don’t want to win or lose, find opportunities in new markets.

hello! Actually you yesterday also saw the thunder always joke in English, he told me that millet to globalization, waiting for the day for two years. Actually, cheetah mobile spare no efforts in the globalization time two years ago, no one believe that we can get amazing results in this era. Today, the Chinese Internet evolution of the next 50 years, I think this is too far-fetched.

think that year, my business partner, please eat a meat clip buns, he ate, after I told him that it’s expensive, he think I am very stingy, but really very poor at that time. We could move the cheetah not so understand, we look at the cheetah mobile achievement:

the past two years, our global mobile users more than $10. today’s Internet is very impetuous, if the phone downloads, we have more than 10 billions of total users, and 70% from overseas, of which 20% of the overall user from Europe and the United States developed countries, so that’s the cheetah move in the past two years the astonishing achievements.

two years ago, we move the entire month live number is 40 million, now has more than $4, we are behind Google and Facebook, or Facebook top partners around the world.

my speech today, the organizers let me about why to go overseas, why have this achievement. I speak today cheetah move and my own entrepreneurial story.

I go to Spain this year, there was a feeling this is the place of the thief too much, my friend, it is on my side, had lost his wallet, passport, we at the time of hotel check-in, don’t think the country special efficiency. But when I went to the street and saw the streets have the head of Columbus, I think may be it is unreliable achievement in this country the Columbus. Because the unreliable big sailing trip, finally back, he saw a piece of land, then changed the whole world, changed the world species and change people’s fate. I think, I should also be a unreliable person, because only the breakthrough the limitation of themselves, to do is not the same.

a cheetah move again, my business five years ago, may we all know, my teacher in this industry has two: one is called Zhou Hongyi, a name is lei jun. The first teacher, let I learned the methodology of the Internet, I do a point can be successful, strong competitiveness and competitive consciousness. I uphold this belief from online assistant to become China’s first generation of Internet product managers, tens of millions of users, I do understand their differences , when I do 360, several people develop products do hundreds of millions of downloads, I still firmly believe that at that time defeat opponent must be able to win. But my business, there are many stories among them, there are at least a strong opponent, stare at us every day, what our products, they also out the products within one week, is almost the same function, can do it better, because I started when he was a big company, there are some entrepreneurs have an illusion, feel oneself is very strong, but the theory of resources, large companies are more powerful than you. So you do not necessarily on the execution than he can, but you agree with him on methodology, you live in a complete set of rules by his collapse, he was stronger than your personal ability, he is also very will call names, you can’t find the breach. In cheetah move was founded two years, the biggest problem we face, the company will have no future, he can’t be a line manufacturers, you to our question, and even personality, “iron trousers” “pawn” knife inserted into my chest, like handfuls of but I am not willing to do a revenue profit of the company, I want to be a company that can change the world , but where is the point?

we want to for a long time and that time vaguely aware of competition law is not applicable. “From 0 to 1” I attended a year ago, are not YiZhiZhe’s opponents, his sentence is think marketers, is what kind of thing he is about, but really few people agree with, is that you can find a make you the whole competition is different (things).

so, at that time I was very painful, because as a result of the war of 360 and QQ the security of the whole country competition is extremely intense, we actually had sent a lot of team to impact the domestic mobile strategy, it is hard to the eldest brother, the second battle of breakthroughs in competition, but industry tend to be the boss and the second war, old, so we want to don’t marginalized at that time.

of course, it is said, how do you beat 360? Try it but I think you play, the strongest opponents in front of you, your heart will be full of fear, because you may fail, you may become the laughing stock of the industry, is the person’s self-esteem fear pressure is incomparable to the person.

the fence down thinking of this article, is I just send, grove in this company do not come down, we don’t do it, that another new CPO to do chip, after that we can do this directly, so I don’t think must do the same thing, can you find a new market, without a recognized by most people, but he is a real opportunity to market, it back to us at that time to go to the United States, see a lot of company, analyzes the Google Play, more than 100 ranking, the ranking in front of the software in the United States, or a programmer in Harbin, or other, I think that globalization may be unparalleled opportunities in China, it’s just all education tell us that only you to defeat the enemy you can win, you under the condition of the blood flow to kill the people may be a hero, I sometimes think, this world is Mongolian cavalry forward, forward or Columbus that boat, I felt it was Columbus advance than Mongolian cavalry propulsion of the boat.

so I want to put the first generation of the teacher to my experience, the to think, don’t want to win, how to find opportunities in new markets , lei jun did millet, from the first day he started, there was a time to call me, how to do with the way of the Internet phone, how to make a new type of mobile phone how to realize the hot style in the industry, how to use Internet traffic zero margin, may impact the point electric commercial mall, a vertical and a horizontal play a completely new type of market, starting from millet that day, I have been as teaching materials, because of the growth of millet, at least to prove this model the path of this kind of thinking is very effective.

there is a thinking, 45, lei jun is more intelligent, or 35 years old when he is more intelligent, more energy is 45 or more energized 35 years old, I think the answer is yes, affirmation is to young people than older people have more energy, more intelligent, but the the world really is true thinking to the ultimate law more success , this case is a thinking mode of successful cases, not marketing model, and the price of case, is a very clear case to think of ideas, so the external pressure and external model, I’m sure I can find the chance. He told me that you have to find a point, take the cheetah move out, then my heart a bit defy spirit, I don’t think I can reduce the price, but when we study the list of the United States, we see overseas, globalization is not value, we don’t have to work in a foreign company senior management team, without studying background, we have a lot of a lot of wonky, but I know a point, is the mobile Internet brings big opportunities for global companies.

“Mobile Internet +”

later, may be to expand areas such as cars, mobile phones, job taken over by made in China, he is not essentially pure creative activities, he is the activity of production operation and business model. In this case, the Chinese companies will have ample opportunity, and the mobile Internet makes the world into a unified big market, in huawei s regionalization and globalization, only when you set up the local channel, in every place the office, can only be in the local merchants, to the user, but the mobile Internet, may let us in common users around the world, 2 in 1 billion downloads, because we did use the unification of the global mobile Internet market, before anyone reaction go all out to do research and development of all the resources to do this.

if globalisation can set high, we can look for top partners around the world, and localization. We in the bay area has many office today, we also acquired advertising network company in France, he has five or six offices around the world, through our self-built buy 10 a few office, we have been in the world have begun the localization of the cooperation, we are yahoo! ‘s a very important global partners, we have made yahoo’s global content distribution of authorization, our company with many large development our global map, globalization and localization first, to establish a high dive again, we adhere to the European and American developed countries give priority to, not from the beginning of the southeast Asia, India, we set up the commanding heights, swooped down, to those routes, these efforts make today cheetah move important global mobile advertising network.

of course, of course, Chinese companies have very strong competitive edge, is too hard, strong executive, when do you think of competition in China is very painful, you see in the world, a lot of the competitiveness of the competitors is not an order of magnitude of poor with you, you find that China’s industry will become a very important category.

cheetah move may not all people know the beginning and end of the story, is called perfect global mobile advertising network is what mean? Global mobile you want to do but you can find a cheetah, is to know the distribution of traffic in China, Chinese companies know how to acquire overseas to liquidate the user, this is our efforts over the past two years the formation of the results. So in a very short period of time simply describe the story of the cheetah move, everyone know that today’s mobile Internet, today’s topic is called (move) gave birth to all things, he was happened to discover new areas and finding new creation, humans go now to an era of material abundance, shortages will become a thing of the past, everyone’s life not because of food and clothing, to survive.

so I want to say, this era changes very fast, we should abandon the idea of competition is sharpening stone, should be the real stare at a new field, create new value, together with more partners to do more market, globalisation is a huge market, cheetah, can in the waves of globalization, like that a few boats and become a banner is a great privilege to discover new lands, the dream of the cheetah is the connection between China and the world, make the international information gap, make people around the world enjoy the usual information , as high-tech product, convenient mobile Internet services, I really hope that Chinese Internet companies, and even the globalization of Chinese companies since the beginning of the year with the cheetah, thank you!