From the trash to the mobile phone film, seven of smart devices than you think

hunting cloud network (compile: circle) on June 2

when the trash can is intelligent trash can, so what things can’t be a smart? Now life, almost daily products can all through wireless connections and other equipment used together. Let’s take a look at all the raise website platform on Kickstarter these smart devices:

Bruno intelligent ashbin

Bruno intelligent ashbin can work without a broom and dustpan. Bruno intelligent trash can with vacuum function, users only need to put the rubbish sent to the edge of Bruno, located at the bottom of tuyere will automatically inhale the trash bins; In addition, when need to carry out processing were piling up garbage in the garbage bag or bags there is not much the number of bags in storage tank, it will pass the form a complete set of mobile applications to alert users. It is the price of $169.

Smart Smart — Rope jumping Rope

this rope skipping a built-in LED lights, and the sensor of fitness, it can track the user’s rope skipping movement. Smart Rope in LED light by shining the statistics show that in front of the jumpers. And match the data synchronization to smartphone applications, allows users to analyze his rope skipping data. It is the price of $70.

smart frying pan SmartyPans

smart SmartyPan fry pan with built-in sensors, temperature, humidity, weight can reasonable control of temperature, the time needed for cooking and cooking cooking ingredients needed. The mobile applications can also implement the monitoring, ensure that it is according to each step of the recipe. It is the price of $169.

Phree smart pen

Phree smart pen point is that it can carry on the text input on the surface of anything, even in his own hands.

it can be connected to the smart phone via bluetooth and other devices. It is the price of $169.

Halo Back smartphone sticker

iPhone6 and iPhone6PLUS screen is too big, return button on the top left corner of the screen, not very convenient to operate. IPhone accessories business HaloBack launched a smart iPhone6/iPhone6Plus sticker, attached with a screen at the same time also can increase a virtual back button for the iPhone, then you can directly click the lower left corner of the virtual button to return to the original interface. It is the price of $14.

SafeWallet intelligent security wallet

if the thief in the tao your purse, there will be alarm, because the smart wallet has the industry’s best acceleration sensor and the function is the most stable light sensors. If you smart wallet is lost, you also need not worry, your smartphone will tell you when and where did you lost it. It is the price of $99.

Taylor intelligent desk

this smart desk can understand your habit of standing and sitting, when you want to adjust your position it will automatically adjust according to your habits. It also has scheduled food and set to remind function, planning meeting. It is the price of $299.


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